7 Chief Concerns for the 2017 Offseason

7 Chief Concerns for the 2017 Offseason

My how times have changed. A couple of years ago I wrote a similar Piece called, 7 Chiefs Concerns for the 2015 Offseasonand the concerns were as follows:

2015 Concern One– because Eric Fisher was viewed as a possible mistake at that point, the concern was, “whether or not Chiefs fans will all have to sit back and watch as another GM learns “his on-the-job lessons” the hard way.

2015 Concern Two– Dorsey had spent all of Clark Hunt’s cap money in his first year and had no cap space to sign free agents in year two.

2015 Concern Three– previous-player nepotism… meaning, how many players were Reid and Dorsey going to bring in that played for them before?


2015 Concern Four“it appears appropriate to lay more responsibility for the Chiefs 2014 offensive inabilities at the feet of the GM, than to do so, the OC, simply because you can’t build castles out of cow pies.”

2015Concern Five– is John Dorsey is a player in the kinds of trade-talks and conversations that could land the Chiefs a star like the Buffalo Bills got in LeSean McCoy? And, is the game trending towards phasing out RBs by devaluing them?

2015 Concern Sixwill each of the Chiefs roster cuts… to get under the cap… create a position of need?

2015 Concern SevenJohn Dorsey’s position on Dwayne Bowe, because of recent comments he’d made about him.


Not even one of those 2015 offseason concerns is what concerns me about the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2017 offseason. Back then several of those concerns were based on whether or not John Dorsey knew how to do his job and now… I probably fall into the “Trust In Dorsey” camp. Consequently, the concerns I have, are likely John Dorsey’s concerns as well.

Concern One

Re-signing Eric Berry AND Dontari Poe

Bert mentioned recently that a Bronco fan site wants Dontari Poe to sign in Denver? What a nightmare that would be for Dorsey and the Chiefs. Berry has had such a great year that I’ve been leaning towards thinking Dorsey would sign Berry this offseason and place the franchise tag on Poe if he can afford to do that. If he can sign Poe to reasonable money then 2017 won’t be such a big hit but a couple of years down the line something will have to give. I can see John Dorsey re-working a deal with Justin Houston to make room for all his buddies on the D so that’s a possibility. However, signing both will be his biggest challenge by far this offseason.

A league source is estimating that the 2017 NFL Salary cap will be between 163M and 165M. The Chiefs currently have 5.6M to carry over to 2017. Even if the league goes high and sets the cap at 165M, that would give John Dorsey approximately 12M to use towards signing Berry and Poe. With no other releases or changes to the roster that projects to signing one of those two. So, something else will have to be done with the players on the roster to allow him to bring both players back in. If you mosey on over to →  “OTC,” Overthecap.com you can see the Chiefs are already projected to be nearly 2.9M in the red for 2017, which means they will have to cut or renegotiate with their existing players.


Concern Two

Inside Linebacker

Even if star ILB Derrick Johnson is somehow able to return in 2017, the Chiefs have issues at middle linebacker. Currently, all of the players the Chiefs are playing Chinese Fire Drill with at ILB… are similar to Derrick Johnson. If they were “capable” of Derrick Johnson type output then there might be less of a problem here but since many teams are still set on running on first down, the Chiefs need a thumper who can come in on downs when the other team is expecting to run.

From AdvancedFootballAnalytics.com comes a piece called, “Offenses Run Too Often On First Down” in which author Brian Burke states,

“When there are two strategy options and one of them yields a much higher payoff, it tells us two things. In this case, passing is more lucrative than running on 1st down, and this tells us: 1) offenses should be passing more often, and 2) for now, defenses should continue to be more biased toward stopping the run.”

So, do the Chiefs need a Hulkster or a Brick Wall of an ILB in their line-up? I’d say yes to that. The Chiefs are 26th in the league at stopping the run and any team like… say… the Tennessee Titans, who can run on the Chiefs, can beat them.

There’s an obvious concern, and hole, at ILB and the Chiefs must address it this offseason.

Concern Three

IR – ETA (Injured Reserve players Estimated Time of Arrival or Return)

One of the real stories of the 2016 season for the Chiefs has been the “Next-Man-Up” story and how those players who John Dorsey has signed off the street or re-signed to the practice squad have stepped up and performed well in their system. However, I’m not convinced a team can do that year in and year out so the Chiefs will need to know who they can get back off of the Injured Reserve List and how soon they can get them back to 100%. Players who can play a huge, if not starting, role in 2017 who are currently on the IR List include:

LG Parker Ehinger

DT Allen Bailey

DT Jaye Howard

RB Jamaal Charles

ILB Derrick Johnson

ILB Justin March-Lillard

ILB Josh Mauga

It’s not lost on me that 5 out of 7 of those players on IR are on Defense and at least 4 of them are starters. It’s hard to know how to approach Free Agency… and in part, the draft… without knowing who you’ll be able to count on in 2017.


Concern Four


2017 is the first year that is would be possible, financially, to think about cutting QB Alex Smith. Yes, I know there are those who would love that but I’m not one of them and I also don’t believe that’s about to happen. However, if he was cut it would only cost the Chiefs 7.2M in dead money but save them 9.7M in the process. No, I don’t think Reid is planning on bringing Tyler Bray along that quickly, but fans should be ready and not be shocked if something along those lines does take place. I’d be surprised is Nick Foles was in their plans because why would they move a guy like Smith and then replace him with a Foles when there would likely be no savings in the long run because they’d have to pony up a number commiserate with Smith’s contract to sign Foles.

As far as drafting a QBOTF goes, you can count on John Dorsey to evaluate and sign the best QB for his position in the draft when a pick comes up and that player is available. In other words, I don’t expect him to make a move up the draft board to get a guy (a QB) he’s been targeting. Especially when every two to three years, quality QBs like… Drew Brees, Carson Palmer, Alex Smith, Sam Bradford, Kirk Cousins or Tony Romo… become available.


Concern Five

“Should I Stay or Should I Go”

Decisions, decision. One thing is for sure: both Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill are going nowhere in the foreseeable future. That may not be the case for DAT, Knile Davis, Demetrius Harris, Albert Wilson and a slew of others. In fact, I would not be at all surprised to see most of those guys gone plus many more gone so Dorsey can sign his two star defensive players mentioned in Concern One.

General Manager John Dorsey has become such a prospector of street talent he could move to Hollywood and start his own recording “Empire.” Terrance Mitchell is the latest in the long list of players which he’s brought in only to have Andy Reid and staff “coach them up” and place them in the best positions to succeed… and succeed they have!

Mitchell, Spencer Ware, Jaye Howard, Ron Parker, Daniel Sorensen, Kendall Reyes, Cairo Santos, Charcandrick West, Albert Wilson, Frank Zombo, Terrance Smith, Jah Reid, David King, Demetrius Harris and Tyler Bray.

The important point is, that with Dorsey knowing he and his staff can evaluate well, he could just let a lot of these guys go and replace them with others that he values just at much. Not saying he will… but it’s a possibility.


Concern Six

Offensive Line

Is the Offensive Line better this year? I’d say yes but it is not a top ten offensive line. The offense ranks… 21st in Passing Offense, 16th in Rushing Offense and 20th in Total Offense… so it appears there is plenty of room for improvement. With the Sunday Night Football announcers making a ton out of Alex Smith 2.5 seconds, time to get te ball out of his hands, the offensive line is still 19th in the most sacks allowed with 31.

The question I’m facing here is whether or not this current group of Fisher, Ehinger (assuming he returns to form), Morse, Duvernay-Tardif and Schwartz, can improve dramatically if they stay together? The answer seems to be… progress yes, but dramatic progress, no. Consequently, I am favoring the idea that John Dorsey not only drafts an OL stud in the first three rounds but keeps his eyes open for another Mitchell Schwartz type steal during the offseason. I’d love to see Dorsey draft a premiere LT and move Fish inside to play LG.

Currently, Mitchell Schwartz grades out as the 27th best Tackle in the league while Eric Fisher is 35th, according to ProFootballFocus.com (PFF). Now, I’ve mentioned before that I don’t take PFF to be gospel but it does give you a range to reference. Since great Left Tackles don’t grow on trees, the Chiefs will likely have to focus on upgrading their offensive Guard positions and then hope that Fisher continues to develop.


Concern Seven

Coaching Continuity

It happens every year to the Champions. I fully expect the Patriots Josh McDaniels to get another shot at head coaching a team. This the New England Patriots have won the AFC East AGAIN for the 87 time in a row… or so it seems… and if they advance to the Super Bowl again McDaniels should be a lock to get offers. If the Kansas City Chiefs end up in the Super Bowl, I expect the same kinds of offers for the staff members of the Chiefs, most notably Bob Sutton and Dave Toub. The stars could easily align for the Chiefs end up in the big dance and if that happens, it shouldn’t shock you that they lose a valued staff member in 2017. It happened last year with Doug Pederson so it should surprise no one this year.

I’m not sure there’s anything a general manager can do about losing staff members off of a championship team… but it a good problem to have.


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  • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

    Just got a glimpse of our 2017 schedule this morning…yikes!
    Dallas,New England, Miami,Philly, Buffalo,Oakland, Denver, Washington etc…..

    • Chiefly Bacon

      Which is a big part of why Chiefs need to go the distance this year.

      • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

        I think that new England is the only team that is elite enough to give us a run for our money if we play to potential, not saying we wouldn’t lose to a lesser team, because that is our MO, but talent for talent it is us and New England in my opinion.

        • PaulfromnorthMO

          I also hope we avoid a rematch with the Steelers in Pittsburgh. If we have to play them, I would rather it be in Arrowhead.

  • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

    IMHO…I thought our OL looked pretty damn stellar against Denver.

    • Chiefly Bacon

      They did a great job, but they were also going up a less than healthy front, and Smith was throwing the ball pretty quick.

  • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

    Not saying I would want Foles as our QB, but I couldn’t see him demanding too much money……with the way he exited LA and his mediocre performance this year against the Jags.
    I just don’t see what kind of leverage he would have in negotiations for a big deal.

    • Chiefly Bacon

      Exactly. I think we see Foles get a contract extension with relatively low cap hit the first year.

    • PaulfromnorthMO

      If we are going to change QB’s, I would hope we upgrade, and I don’t see Foles as an improvement over AS11. But 10 mil is way too much to have a backup ride the bench.

  • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

    Chiefs fans should probably start preparing themselves to say goodbye to Berry. The man is auditioning this year for a huge payday and the Chiefs don’t have enough big paydays to go around.

    • Chiefly Bacon

      There was word a while back that part of why Berry was playing better, is that Chiefs and Berry’s agent had a deal nailed down. Obviously they can’t sign it till after the season due to franchise tag rules, but I don’t see Chiefs letting Berry go. Every time they expect to potentially lose somebody, they draft his replacement, Chiefs didn’t do that with Berry.

      • ladner morse

        I think it’s against league rules for them to even negotiate… so I’d be surprised if that was the case… as Dorsey doesn’t want to do anything that could lose him another draft pick.

        • berttheclock

          Against the rules, you say, eh? Hmmm, perhaps, another case for Poirot, mon ami?

    • PaulfromnorthMO

      IDK, if Berry will play for a modest cap number in 2017, we will have cap dollars to absorb a pretty big salary from 2018 and beyond.

  • PaulfromnorthMO

    Now see, I’m not as concerned about ILB going forward as most. We have several young players that are doing a pretty good job, and truthfully, our run D has been weak this year even before DJ got hurt. As of right now, our biggest needs are pass rush (OLB), TE and RB, IMO.

    • freshmeat62

      I’m just the opposite, I’m very concerned about DJ’s position. When he went down, they were ripping off some big yardage when running there. What confounds me is why aren’t more teams taking advantage of it? If I was an opponent, I’d be pounding the heck out of that middle.

      • berttheclock

        Sutton said the major problem was players not playing where they were supposed to be. Much of that stems from not having the leadership of DJ on the playing field lining up players. Add DJ Alexander being exposed inside, which was really changed when Terrence Smith replaced him and the fact Ramik Wilson, finally, showed some thumper quality. However, I agree that opposing OCs not calling for more running plays puzzled me, as well.

        • tm1946

          Could be Sutton is selling out to stop the run with safeties and OC are trying to get the passing game working first?

      • ladner morse

        Titans had plenty of success once DJ went down.
        Broncos tried but because their passing attack was nil became easier to defend against the run.

        • mnelson52

          I think the score was the reason Denver threw so much. They did average 4.5 yds per rush.

  • berttheclock

    Just checked the local CBS TV station in Portland, and, it makes sense that they will have the Raiders-Broncos up this Sunday instead of showing the Chiefs at San Diego. So, with my left eye recovering from my cataract surgury at noon today, plus, the fact, our car will have to go in for major over haul and can’t be driven very far at the moment, looks as though I will be at the local bowling alley about 2 miles away from us to view the game. However, my record viewing Chiefs’ games there is two wins and no losses.

    • PaulfromnorthMO

      2 and 0 isn’t a bad record. Best of luck with your surgery, I hope all goes well.

    • ladner morse

      Please… stick to the Bowling Alley… and I hope not very many people will be bowling during the game… that racket could drive a wooden man crazy.

    • ladner morse

      Bert… I pray the cataract surgery goes as planned and that your recovery is a speedy one.

    • freshmeat62

      Good luck w/ the surgery buddy. I had both eyes done 13 years ago, and I still can see a power line draped between to poles from 1/2 mile away.

  • berttheclock

    Over at ESPN/NFL, the various team writers put together a list of the 32 teams which will have FAs available and they listed the most prominent ones. No ILBs listed, a couple of OLBs and a couple of OTs. Don’t know where Dorsey will be able to find money for any top OT coming in as a FA, but, then, Schwartz signed for far less than expected.

  • ladner morse

    Week 17 NFL Power Rankings:1. Cowboys2. Patriots3. Chiefs4. Raiders5. Steelershttps://t.co/kBFvObgcom pic.twitter.com/0QoVRrM9dJ— NFL on ESPN (@ESPNNFL) December 27, 2016

    • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

      I am just not sold on the Cowboys yet, I believe the Patriots or the Chiefs handle them on any given Sunday

      • this is a new guy QB playing post season. Everyone will now know what his tendencies are and toss a rookie into that grinder? Same is true for Carr who won’t make it this year due to someone done broke his leg. But I don’t think Dallas or the Pats are unstoppable. I am not sure that the Pats make the AFC finale without Gronk. We’ll see.

  • berttheclock

    Draft Tek’s KCBudman still has the Chiefs taking Zach Cunningham, ILB, with a late 1st round pick. Draft Tek will have their revised list out sometime today. But, there are a couple of interesting players in that area of the draft who might look very good wearing the Red and Gold. First, is the UCLA Edge rusher, Takkarist McKinley, who has a long lean body and has been compared to an early version of Chandler Jones, who has become a terror for the Cardinals. McKinley still needs to gain some weight and add a punch to his hands, but, he is very fast and explodes to the QB. Another player in that area is Sidney Jones of Washington, a CB, who would be a great book end “Dubber” to pair with Peters.

    • PaulfromnorthMO

      There seems to be quite a few good players that could be available toward the end of the 1st round in next years draft.

      • berttheclock

        Yes, and I believe Christian McCaffery could be a terror for the Chiefs, but, there appear to be more important needs. I just hope neither Denver nor the Raiders select McCaffery.

        • tm1946

          Who is he?

          • berttheclock

            He is the very fast RB from Stanford with great moves. Great catching passes out of the backfield. He is the son of Ed McCaffery, the former Broncos’ wide out who terrorized the Chiefs. Also, he is the grandson of one of the top sprinters in the nation when he ran for Duke and went to the Rome Olympics.

          • tm1946

            Sounds like a winner but unless he is 2nd or 3rd round pick, don’t we need other help with 1st?

          • berttheclock

            That is why I mentioned other needs. He won’t be around for our 2nd pick, so, my fingers are crossed that he doesn’t end up playing for any team which the Chiefs will have to face twice a year.

          • tm1946

            On the other hand, if Houston can come back and there is tons of depth at ILB and G. A great RB might be interesting.

  • berttheclock

    OK, need Dorsey to find some creative book keeping to retain both Berry and Poe (plus, he has the franchise tag available), then, swoop to pick up Poe’s former Memphis team mate, Ronald Leary, the 27 year old OG from the Cowboys. Doubt if the Cowboys will have the extra money to retain him and will try to use the fact he suffered a late concussion, plus, his groin injuries earlier in the year. But, Leary is a tough OG who has been able to stick with the Cowboys and fight off such as the LSU stud. Actually, came back to replace him for the Redskins’ game only to suffer a concussion. However, picking up Leary would give far more punch to the interior of the Chiefs’ line.

  • freshmeat62

    Concern 1 – I had heard that Denver was close to being in Cap hell. I looked at OTC and don’t know how to make heads or tails out of next years chart. Would they be able to afford Poe? That team has a lot of holes, and I don’t know that signing a DT to a huge salary would be smart. As for the Chiefs, I just don’t know if signing Poe to a huge long term deal is smart. Personally I’d probably take Berry over Poe right now. W/ Howard and Bailey coming back, and Chris Jones coming on the way he is, that d-line is in pretty good shape.

    C 2- ILB has to be a top priority. I’d try and find some 6’3″, 242# guy out of Texas that can run like the wind if I can. The Chiefs definitely need to find a run stopper.

    C 3- Counting on Ehinger, Bailey, and Howard coming back. Have to give Ehinger at least 1 more chance. He seemed to have some ability…needs to hit the weights. I think Charles and Johnson are done. March and Mauga are OK backups, but not top of the line ILB. I don’t see building a SB team w/ them as starters.

    C 4- Smith will be here 1 more year, maybe 2. Foles is a backup, period. If they don’t draft a QB early this year, I guess they see something in Bray they really like…Don’t know what that is other than a strong arm. Would be fun to be a fly on the wall when they discuss these guys. I think Dorsey would trade up if he sees a QB he really likes that slips some. He’s going to have some comp draft picks to play w/, although I don’t know how high they’ll be.

    C 5- Of that first group you mention DAT would be the only one I’d consider keeping. If for nothing else than to spell Hill at returning punts and kicks. But I wouldn’t spend a lot on him. And especially at TE. It’s time to end the Harris experiment.

    C 6- I thought the o-line was better this year. But the announcers the other nite talking
    about how fast Smith gets rid of the ball, makes me think now they’re
    not quite as good as I thought. I thought Schwartz was ok, but not the
    world beater I was hearing about. To me Fisher seemed to plateau this year. If Smith didn’t get rid of the ball so fast, we might be screaming for Fisher’s head. I agree, try to find that LT.

    C 7- Yeah it’s going to be tough if the lose Toub and/or Sutton, but it’s really out of the Chiefs control if someone else wants to sign those guys as HC’s.

    I’m going to add an 8 – Running Back. I think Charles is done. I’m not counting on him at all for next year. Ware does a good job of getting those tough 4-5-6 yards, but then it’s over. He’s a plowhorse, not a Thoroughbred. He doesn’t break those nice long runs that Charles did. I don’t know what happened to West. Last year I thought he was as good as Ware, but he didn’t show anything this year. I can see them putting Hill back there, but he’s more of a 12-15 touches a game player, and not 25-30 a game. Dorsey needs to find that nest RB.

    • tm1946

      Mentioned ILB, broncos pick ahead of us and mocks are saying ILB, are there 2 – 3 starter type ILB in this draft?

      • I think this is a good draft for linebackers in and outside. I have been looking at this question already. I am also considering in the process that the Chiefs will draft in the 29-32 slots, that they will win the AFC West with a win & the Raiders losing to Denver. Even if that doesn’t happen, the Chiefs will draft in the 25-28 range most likely. Also keep in mind, DJ says he will be back and if anyone can do it, he can but how soon in the season is a question. This is also his 2nd achilles tear. Mauga will be back so we get back a guy who can help stuff the run, something we are missing the whole season and I think it points up Mauga’s value to the Chiefs that many have missed but we sure missed Josh in 2016. I have high hopes for Ramik Wilson with a heavy year of snaps behind him. DJ Alexander is also another consideration and he is damned quick however, he is very lite inside so that is a mix and match player for me due to that.

        The newest in kind to the Roster is Terrance Smith who weighs in about 235-240. He is 6’2″ and as Bert mentioned, he has the right size and credentials for one of those mysteriously developed internal players the Chiefs have a knack for finding. He had 7 defensive snaps in the game v Denver. The last couple of weeks I see his number on the field and he is always around the ball. I like that. He appears to have very good lateral pursuit as well, which tells me he can fill to either sideline in the antiicpation of the play and get there to make a stop one side or the other. He is my pick for one of the top players for 2017 to come to the fore.

        If KC has to get one of the top 2 in the draft it is a long reach. Cunningham projects to the top 15-20 with Foster in Front of him. However, I see rankings for Zach that have him lower, maybe 20-25. I think 15 is going to be about right for him though so KC won’t get a shot at either of them without magic and giving up a lot in a trade. Which brings me to Davis, and he is my selection right now, fast, good laterals, good feet, can drop easily into coverage… he is probably ranked as the 3-5 ILB in the draft, currently projected in round 2 I think.

        When I look at ILBs in the draft, I see quite a number that are good players. How they fit the NFL though, is another story as always.

        I have them in no particular order but I like Jarrad Davis of FL, 6-2, 240. he is very quick, in 2016 had a bunch of tackles, and he does well defending the pass. He also hits downhill and messes up plays in the hole and behind the LoS. Tim Williams is one of the top talents, 6’3″, 235, Bama but slated outside. I have seen a bit of his very disruptive play but is an outside guy by experience but played a sort of hybrid role with his mitt in the dirt at times. I am thinking he may be better switched inside but that may just be me.

        Zach Cunningham, is another top talent, 6’2, 230 and will likely be a 1st round pick, Vandy.

        Jalen Reeves-Maybin, UTenn, also a good tackler. He is a 2 year starter, but for the NFL at 6’0″, he is not the ideal height.

        Skai Moore SC, 6-2, 220, a bit light. But this man has a lot of football moxy and is probably the best ILB Coverage guy in the draft.

        Raekwon mcMillan, OSU. He is a tough player, and can give basic short range pass coverage?

        Ben Boulware, Clemson is a very powerful, physical ILB and he also can cover(he had 2 Ints in 2016).

        LSU has Kendall Beckwith,

        Reuben Foster, Alabama. I think Foster is underrated out of the gate and his stock will rise to the top.

        Taylor Young – Baylor. Young is a Junior as is mcMillan.

        These are the basics I have looked at thus far. Top 5? Foster, Cunningham, Williams, Davis, Beckwith maybe? Round 1 picks they are saying right now would be Foster and Cunningham with Davis #3 in the list and the way things roll out? Davis may fit the draft slot as well.

        • Tony Parker

          I’m really sorry but you made a critical error…we will draft in the #32 slot.;) thanks for all the player info, I don’t get to see a lot of college ball up here in Canada. Any info on 34 OLB? I Think we need one. Also think we could do better than Muaga.

          • Josh played inside. Zombo backed up outside but can play inside. Terrance Smith has a lot going for him but likely we will have to wait for S/T. I’ll add a bit more on OLBs Tim Williams is slated outside btw.

          • Tony Parker

            Yes I realize Muaga played inside, I was just referring to your comment regarding getting him back. I think we have better talent on the current roster at that position.

          • think about what is missing in the ingredients for stopping the run this year as opposed to last. That is where Mauga fits. Next to DJ, they formulated a tough second level behind the front three. The Front 3 is missing Bailey and Howard and Poe has struggled with his back as well. Chris Jones was one of my picks in the draft and he is fulfilling what I had hoped he would become. Imagine: Poe, Howard, Bailey, Jones and Jenkins for example, swapping in and out and staying fresh for the game. My thoughts about Smith may or may not be valid but I think they are. When you add what Ramik Wilson is accomplishing this season and DJ Alexander mixed in, and then you consider that Mauga and DJ will be returning to play in 2017, then I think you can see that the depth is there already and adding another ILB for the future, someone who would compete for a starting role out of the gate would be a superb situation(and consider that Dorsey is drafting in the lead of the potential retirement of DJ and Hali both, something which JD does very well, so my thinking is the Chiefs continue to look for filling both positions for the future. Here? I am considering Dadi Nicolas as part of the picture. No matter what, in the NFL you have to have bookend OLBs who can rush and set the edge. When you are down one significant piece(ie, this week, Houston again), then it affects the whole front 7. I want to see Nicolas getting more snaps now. So Dee Ford only has 10 sacks thus far? Is that bad? nope. He puts pressure on the back field each play and is constantly after the QB and that is the factor that is crucially important — make the QB change what he is doing so that it is outside what the play calls for. I want Hali back but perhaps he surrenders money and takes even less snaps but his leadership, like DJ’s or Berry’s is an important factor for this Roster…

    • ladner morse

      Great post!

      Sure you don’t want to write an occasional piece for ArrowheadOne? Love your posts!

      • berttheclock

        He has a talent which he should not keep hidden away.

      • freshmeat62

        No thank you. That would be like work…and according to my last boss, I quit doing that about 5 years before I retired.

      • mnelson52

        One other concern I have that no one is talking about is the offense in this last game. Now I was impressed with the way they moved the ball and dominated time of possession. Although Alex may have been able to get us a TD on our final possession where he has failed in the past, the fact remains, an Alex lead offense still failed to get a TD after the 1st quarter of that game. It was a great win so I may be just picking at things, but 4 games in a row looks like a bad trend to me. Three quarters of not getting any TDs in a game opens the door for a good offense to come back and beat you. Like I said, I may be picking a little, but it is because it still concerns me.

        • Tony Parker

          Great point. Myself, I’m not exactly sure if it’s Smith or if it’s Reid that puts the brakes on after a lead. Alex seems to do well in a hurry up type offense when he has to, although he still misses way too many wide open receivers and once he starts running, he fully commits to it rather than throwing to the open receiver before the LOS.

    • Frank Leggio

      I was surprised by West also. He seemed better than hisnplay this year.

    • jimfromkcj

      I would love to see them go for a RB that is 6’1 or 2″ and 245 lbs with some speed. We need a guy who can pound the linebackers and make them a little weary of getting pounded on. If you can’t run up the gut, you really don’t have a running game. A big guy like this would increase our chances of Reid running on 3rd and short instead of bubble screens.

  • berttheclock

    How about Dorsey trying to free up some money to add “Super Mario” Addison, the DE for the Panthers. Addison has been known as a sack specialist, but, last week, he dropped Freeman for losses twice on first down running plays. The Panthers are going to have to shell out big bucks to retain Short and they might not have enough to retain Addision. He will surprise many with his play as he was just a big fast RB in high school. Cam Newton dubbed him “Super Mario”.

  • berttheclock

    One other point about Poe. Yes, the world loved the jump pass. But, during the game, I saw him push back double teams and he, also, hit a pass with his outstretched hand. Often, he does far more on the defensive line than numbers might indicate. For one thing, his play has helped Chris Jones get free to man handle linemen.

    • ladner morse

      And if not.. then Chris Jones would be getting doubled all the time and not Poe.

      • berttheclock

        Still love how Sutton moved Jones up and down the LOS, especially, when he placed him just off the shoulder of Donald Stephenson and Stephenson really lost it to the point of getting the 15 yard penalty called against him.

        • berttheclock

          BTW, speaking of moving players around, I noticed reading a breakdown of Dee Ford’s great game over at AP, that Sutton did move Ford to play next to Hali and the play resulted in another hurry. So, Sutton showed how he could mix and match.

    • mnelson52

      Berry has looked good this year, but I think his play and the rest of the secondary has maybe looked a little better than what they are due to the Poe and Jones combo up front. That’s not to take anything away from our secondary, but without that combo, I think the secondary could be a little less productive.

      • Frank Leggio

        I think that has worked bith ways at different points in the season. I can remember numerous plays where we had “coverage sacks” and others where the QB just kept scrambling until he threw it away after 8-10 seconds.

        • mnelson52

          I do think the secondary has looked much better with Mitchell playing in place of Gaines.

      • Laurels and limitations

        No secondary can shut down an offense indefinitely, sooner than later a player is going to find a seam, hole, etc. but good secondaries CAN afford the pass rush time to get to the QB and apply pressure. With the modern QBs getting rid of the ball quicker than ever it also requires a Secondary able to defend for 2.5 plus seconds a snap in order to field a top defense. But yeah, Poe and Jones are doin’ work.

        • Tony Parker

          Good point.

      • Tony Parker

        The D-line has stepped up to the challenge with Bailey and Howard out.

    • Andy

      Good point Bert, some players look good because another”s efforts. Will Jones be as effective without Poe? Do you sign Poe long term in spite of his back issues.?

    • Tony Parker

      Isn’t Jones a breath of fresh air? Rookie and only going to get better. Poe will be instrumental in his development. Imho.

  • tm1946

    I agree. This is why Dorsey gets the big bucks. MONEY, Dorsey’s biggest problem. Good decisions he made has a ton of cash (players) not helping game day. He has to get contracts signed but to the right guys for the right. Colquitt needs to go, a favorite player but to much money to a Punter position, happened to his brother. Also IR guys, if they can come back, great, but if a question, they move on. Love Berry and Poe, but….. but their agents need to help fit them into the cap and stay with the Chiefs…. or else.

    This off season may show other fans what my dissatisfaction with Dorsey is. Money management. Houston, one of our best but shortchanged the defense when “good” bodies needed to be added. Charles another stud, but RB is not the dominate factor on offense it was.

  • berttheclock

    Part of the current RB problems with the Chiefs is both Ware and West have suffered concussions this season. That even affected Alex Smith. No matter the release from protocol, that injury appears to affect players adversely for several games afterwards.

    • berttheclock

      One other point about Ware is he has never been a work horse type back. Even the great JC needed rests as he was not the machine. I recall the many posters at the Star decrying why he ever went out and Thomas Jones replaced him. All they could post was the difference in yards per run by both runners. They never considered the fact Charles needed time to recoup. The same is for Ware. As Chiefly Bacon has noted, the Chiefs need to find another RB somewhere in the draft to provide relief and a change of pace.

      • Tony Parker

        Good point Bert.

  • berttheclock

    Just read a breakdown at a Bolts’ Fansided blog how the Bolts really stole Casey Hayward away from the Packers. He has given the Bolts a solid future of corners as Brandon Flowers will move on. They signed Hayward about 4 days after the opening FA moves and got him for just over $15 M. But, the interesting part of his background is how Belichick wanted to add a player, so, he traded with the Packers and the result was Hayward falling to the Pack, whereas, the player Belichick wanted is no longer in the NFL. He wanted a DE/TE combo player who never really panned out for him. But, the Packers lost a quality CB in not resigning Hayward. He leads the NFL in picks and, one other thing about the Bolts’ is they are a very good team in stripping the ball away from players.

    • ladner morse

      Playing the Bolts will be no cakewalk.

      • mnelson52

        As long as they have Rivers, they have the ability to put up quick points on anyone. Also when a team has nothing to lose and just playing for pride, they can be dangerous.

        • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

          Looking forward to the day when we can trust this team to beat inferior teams. I understand they have let us down before and left a scratching our heads.
          We out class San Diego and just about every category.
          This shouldn’t even be close.

          • Laurels and limitations

            yup, but no matter what a couple of people say, Houston, Tampa, and Tennessee were ALL outclassed by what KC SHOULD have brought to the field and didn’t. This S.D. game should be an old fashioned ass-whoopin’, I’m going to hang my hat this weekend on the fact that KC is potentially playing for the 2 seed AND Reid is trying to get some momentum going offensively heading into the playoffs so hopefully we don’t see KC take the weekend off.

        • Frank Leggio

          Rivers also has the uncanny ability to do something stupid late and lose a game

          • mnelson52

            I agree, but I watched Smith do the same thing against Titans and Bucs. The last game, Smith didn’t score any TDs after the 1st quarter again. It is possible the Smith lead offense could have scored on the Chiefs last possession when Poe was QB, but he has also failed there a lot. We’ll never know what would have happened.

  • late breaking questions: Toub to ???? as HC? I think that might happen for 2017. Will he follow Chris Ballard to ???? who will be sought as a GM again this off-season? Now really, it would be a sad Day to lose either. They are keys to the success of the Kingdom. But it is a sign of the quality of the organization to have coaches and executives go to the next level.

    To be honest, I can’t see the questions that you highlighted either.

    Basic needs, in Dorsey’s view will include the OL, ILBs and Corners. Proly the front 7 on defense as a general rule of thumb. But drafting the BPA(Dorsey’s own versoin of that) remains the best methodology.

    I see the OL as a position that will continually be churned. I don’t see our OL as bad or below par. I see it’s mobility as a key but it is not a road-grader crew. Quick feet and blocking in space and to the second level are crucial to this offense. Can it be improved? I would like Dorsey to consider bringing in Lang if he hits F/A. But that’s me.

    Draft to it when the player on the board fits and the position is something that I would say he will not ignore anyway, no matter what. Where I think help is needed is at the LB core, both inside and outside. Which brings me to Smith. They brought him in and he now has snaps. He fits the profile physique of the WiL and saw time there v. Denver. Next year? Mauga will be back and that would help v the run game but the Chiefs need their own players in that mix so I see an ILB as a key position to continue to draft for. Maybe more importantly is the OLB position(because DJ said he would be back and I believe him). How long can Tamba Hali be effective? due to that and that Houston is suffering still, I cannot see the Chiefs leaving a stone un-turned here.

    The Injured? Always a problem but it is also something that is always a problem for every team. I look at the list and see no reason to presume that any but DJ are a concern for being able to return to form. IN DJs case, it is his second achilles tear. Used to be players didn’t come back from that at all or to the same level play.Now will have had both feet with the same injury.

    The rest? I see no true QBotF in this coming years crop. That doesn’t me not to draft them it means, I don’t see it. If there is one in my mind? It is Trubisky but that is me(and even he has quesiton marks).

    If Dorsey can do what Dorsey has done the past three seasons, I see no reason not to expect at least 1 and possibly 2 starters out of this draft class. Seeing that we have comp picks? I think one trade up move might be made to get what Dorsey wants. We’ll see.

    • tm1946

      Agree but do not forget RB, if we wait on Charles or have false expectations, could bit us in the rear.

    • Tony Parker

      Great post, I see OLB, a premier pass rusher as a must for this draft, the 34 depends on it. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that when ford has to play on the right side he becomes less effective and when Houston plays then ford has to play on the right, obviously. Ford was drafted to replace Hali but has difficulty playing that side. Heaven forbid that Houston doesn’t come back but if he doesn’t? The cupboards are bare at OLB.

  • I think credos to Andy Reid and Co & John Dorsey and Co. 4 winning seasons in 4 years. 3 post season appearances. This topic is looking to 2017. Maybe one of the authors ought position by position publish thoughts on each for discussion and input. At least I would welcome that. Thanks for this one Lad!

  • tm1946

    Announced today, Houston not practicing. No, it does not appear they are resting him for the playoffs. Reporting his problem is the knee that was operated on.

    Getting past the playoffs, the future has some concerns. Charles, DJ, and now Houston – folks, we are going to need so pretty good replacements. Ford seem ok but that leaves Hali uncovered. Our two RB’s have concussion issues, and we are using a safety in many of Suttons plays to cover DJ.

    • Laurels and limitations

      Dr. Andrews is on the “take” from the rest of the AFC. JC, Gaines, Houston…it’s a conspiracy I tell you.

      • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

        How smart was Dorsey to already have players in the wings to fill those players shoes even though it had fans scratching their heads at the time?

        • Laurels and limitations

          well, it was either have players waiting in the wings or don’t have them waiting and get put behind the 8-ball: See: 2016 Cornerback situation.

      • PaulfromnorthMO

        Yep, I think the Chiefs need a different knee doc. Gaines, Charles and Houston all having problems. 3 for 3 ain’t good.

        • Laurels and limitations

          depends on who you are askin’ I reckin

  • Andy

    Laddie, good job. It is nice to have player concerns vs owner/gm/coach issues…that’s a blessing.
    One minor concern I would add is Dee Ford. He has turned into a beast playing the right side, not so much on the left. Would it be smart to keep him on the right side and move Houston to the left?
    I have always believed that Toub was the best FA we signed in 2013. He IS a difference maker, probably irreplaceable, HOF special.

    • Laurels and limitations

      Houston can’t stay on the field so your wish might be granted. The main problem with moving Ford to the right side is that his run/edge contain is still suspect.

      • Andy

        Houston can’t stay on the field?!? That is not a well thought out comment. Houston is as tough as nails. Excuse him if he just got back on the field after knee surgery and almost a year of rehab. Jeeez

        • Laurels and limitations

          No, Houston can not stay on the field….10 games this year, 5 games last year and I don’t care about the cause, I care whether or not the player is on the field. Historically, JH has only completed 3 seasons out of 6, and has missed 19 games out of the last 4 years. JH might very well be tough as nails, but tough nails on the sideline ain’t hammering anything home on the field.

          • Andy

            Your numbers are correct. Up until recently, he has been a stud. My comments are looking at his whole career.

    • Tony Parker

      Doesn’t Houston take the majority of snaps on the left side of the defense? Same with Ford, where he’s more consistent, or are you referring to going against the right side of the oline? Sorry if this is a dumb question but I’m not sure what you mean.

      • Andy

        Ford, when subbing for Houston, was lined up against the RT most of the time. I notice Ford’s pressures and sack drop off when Houston came back and Ford was moved over the LT.

  • Die-hard Chiefs fan

    If i was Dorsey I’d try and weed out the weakest links. The two that instantly come to mind is Albert Wilson and Demetrius Harris. Wilson lacks top end speed and the physical attributes it takes to be a successful player. Harris has all the tools his hands are very very bad though. He’s progressing to slow for my liking and his catch to drop ratio is 2-1 at this point. TE is a deep class and WR isn’t bad. Over on the defense side Bailey and Howard underperformed this season. Mauga isn’t worth his price. Will the Chiefs keep Charles? Is Sherman worthy his Cap hit? Is Tyler Bray worth? Their is a bunch of questions and I’ve always believed the top two prioties this off season is keeping Poe and Berry. Dorsey will have to cut accordingly.

    Defense is very deep in this draft. Their is plenty of pretty good defender’s that can be landed all around the draft. Cornerback in particular is the deepest. Over on the offensive side I’d think that running back is the deepest in this class. You can always wait on inside linebackers. Those players always fall. Example last year is the Alabama LB that went to Buffalo and of course Myles jack who fell to the second.

    The line to me is fine. I see Fisher and Schwartz putting in 16 games next season. LDT won’t be a high priced resign because he unlike most players has a second career. Ehinger will get a chance to redeem himself at LG after injury if not Fulton will fill in.

    Gaines is a weak link over on the Defensive side. Sorenson has had moments to shine he is worth re-signing. White is a young prospect that’s worth a look.

    We need competitive depth at DL especially since Bailey and Howard played poorly this year. One could be cut at the expense of Poe.

    OLB is a need if we can’t retain Ford after 2017. With Nicholas not seeing much playing time I hope he’s gaining size because he really wasn’t that bad during the preseason and the limited playing time he has had in the season.

    If I was Dorsey I’d try and do as much trading as possible. Rather that’s trading up to get a QB/WR/DL/CB on the first or trading down to accumulate more picks for the 2018 draft where we have much more questions. This next year’s draft won’t be crucial unless we say goodbye to Poe. Then we have a gaping hole at NT.

    • Die-hard Chiefs fan

      As for the offensive line they are much much better in fact they are the fourth best due to Alex Smith getting the ball out of hands quickly. Let’s face it we don’t want Smith holding the ball very long. He’s taken some sacks that are completely on him. Brady does his line wonders with his quick outlet passes. Smith will not turn into Aaron Rodgers even if he has all the time in the world. He’s getting better at the deep throw but it’s still his weakest quality.

      Here is a PFF stat.
      While it helps Alex Smith is throwing the ball so quickly it was another impressive night for the Chiefs offensive line in pass protection as they only allowed 1 QB Hit and 3 QB Hurries. The 4 Total Pressures allowed were 5th fewest in week 16 among offensive lines. For the season their 83.8 Pass Block Efficiency Rating is the 4th best in the NFL behind only the Packers, Raiders and Steelers.

      That’s on the season and if you take into account that Smith had a better QBR while holding the ball for longer then 2.5 seconds (100 to 80) that’s the perfect type of mix you want. Majority of plays that are quick and then a handful that are longer developing. We live in the wild west with the best pass rushers. This is going to become a norm.

      • Bailey and Howard have been out the complete year. Poe has struggled with his back, and too many snaps. When Al Smith and the Chiefs go up tempo, the play and success dramatically increases, the types of plays called is reduced significantly. What is missing from the pass game, is “Crossing routes”. When they fold them into the plays called, they are successful. Reid pays far to much homage to the outside and the flats(screens, bubbles, etc). I go with: “Let’s matriculate the ball down field boys” type of approach.

        • Die-hard Chiefs fan

          Even when they were in they didn’t play very well at all. In fact both played poorly. Poe has actually done better then both. I think that Reid just sometimes neglects to get the ball into his best players hands. Hill and Kelce should get a minimum of 7 targets or touches per game. Same with Mac with the complimenting Conley coming as the Fourth option. What’s missing from the offense is the redzone presence. We can get the ball down field but once again Alex Smith struggles in the red zone. The losses versus Tennessee and Tampa are the prime example. We need better redzone targets. Harris isn’t cutting it he has I believe 3 redzone drops this year which is inexcusable. If your open catch it. Smith has what? 13-16 touchdowns including the ones he ran for. That’s not going to cut it against teams like New England or Pittsburgh.

          • Btw the two, they had according to this, about 30 snaps for the whole 2016 season. I think your judgement is clouded on this one. Bottom line stats, for what they had in performance: Howard: 8 18 5 1 (total tackles, solo, sack)
            , Bailey: 5 games 7 5 0

            Neither player was able to play after their injury. Bailey was out for the season the game he was injured(his 5th game). Howard was injured twice but the second knocked him out for the season in game 8. Keep in mind the Bye week preceded week 8. When you consider the effect of losing both Howard and Bailey and with Poe struggling with his back, the effect on the Chiefs run defense is significant. Then when DJ went down, the effect was more extreme to say the least. Still, Sutton figured it out.

            Are Bailey and Howard indispensable players? Nope. Chris Jones figures mightily into the picture now and we have to wait and see about Jenkins. Poe has had several games where his performance was not up to his own standard. I like a lot what Chris Jones does outside Poe. Jenkins was signed as depth but with Bailey and Howard out he has seen his playing time boosted of course(basic journeyman type player), signed by Dorsey Nov 14.

            I don’t want Poe to go anywhere. Nunez-Roches is next man up from our own draft and has appeared in 10 games.

          • Die-hard Chiefs fan

            I think I’m going to go with the PFF stats. They don’t get snap counts wrong unlike most other stats. In the picture I sent Howard had about 300 snaps with Bailey having about 180.

            While I agree that the run defense took a step back significantly I don’t think that really matters. Considering even at the beginning our run defense was very bad. Couldn’t stop Gordon week one.

            Poe hasn’t played up to par either no. What you have to take into consideration is he never gets off the field. He also has had back problems and hes also playing a tougher position.

            Bailey and Howard are expendable at the price of keeping Poe. Neither had a good game this season. Every game they played they didn’t preform up to their price tags. Jones had came in as a rookie and out preformed everyone. since week four when jones started seeing plenty of playing time only one player had created more pressure and that’s Aaron Donaldson. He has earned a starting spot over either Howard or Bailey.

            Our entire defense suffers from giving up to many yards. It’s the turnovers and redzone defense we survived off of.

          • If one guy plays in 5 games and the other doesn’t appear in game 9, he goes to the IR, then I would wager that the one guy would be having perhaps 50 snaps per game, or less. 5 games at 50 is 250. The other appeared in 8 games, did not start but 4. So I don’t know. Not 500 snaps anyway.

            I agree that Poe’s difficulty is we can’t get him off the field. I agree that neither Bailey or Howard is indispensable. Both are under contract though, so I expect the front 3 mixture will be Poe, Bailey, Howard,Jones and then?

            It appears to me that it is totally worth the value to pay Poe. With Jones, we can replace either Howard or Bailey. Since they are on the IR, I can’t see what the effect would be for a release or trade and thus what the dead money cost would be. Poe’s contract year is 2017, so no dead money. Chris Jones and RN-R are no brainers and rookie contract type money. Reyes, Jenkins are F/A signees and can be replaced so it seems to me that you release Bailey for example, gain back 5.22M(don’t know the dead money), but he does have contract through 2017 as I recall.

            Chris Jones against the cap: $1,132,953 with 3.89M dead money if released
            Poe Cap: $6.18M, dead money equal to that number.

            Bailey Cap: $5..22m — IR, so this money is all cap money
            Howard Cap: $3.5 m — IR, all cap

            Reyes Cap: $0.491k Base 760k
            Jenkins Cap: $0,312k Base 760k
            RN-R Cap: $0.339k

            KIng Cap: $0.106k Base 600k

          • Die-hard Chiefs fan

            That’s their exact snap count above. 360 and 180.

            The best bet would be to trade them. Bailey’s dead money is larger then his Cap savings in 2017. Howard I think has a large cap hit it might me half and half.

            So far this season Chiefs are 5th In the NFL in defensive snaps with 999. That’s an average of 62 plays per game. So the estimate is right but probably more above 50. Before Bailey was injured Jones played very few snaps.

            I guess I’m just debating the issue of keeping Poe. I’d love to keep all of them. We’d have an incredible DL.

            To keep Poe though someone has to go. With Dorsey having quite a few picks in the 2017 draft I see some cuts coming with replacements.

            I’ve been slacking on my scouting report but I read your comments and I hope we go for Foster or Cunningham on the inside. I know this year’s draft is absolutely loaded on RB and CB and in particular defense is very deep.

            The only rookies I’ve fallen for are Florida states Cook, Georgia Chubbs, James Connor Pitt state has beaten cancer. I like Chad Kelly for a fifth or fourth round pick.

          • Okay: from there we are speculating and that is fun. If I look at what makes the team go, then I am looking at the following factors.
            1. does the player want to be a Chief
            2. does he bring to the table more than just above average play
            3. is he a team leader and/or a full participant in the clubhouse belief that they can and will win as a team, as a roster.
            4. Do they have fun playing and build on one another?

            1. Berry is in my view, indispensable.

            2. Poe’s play does something better than most — he clogs the middle and pushes the front double team into the pocket. Poe is also a leader

            and popular among players which goes to the team persona.

            3. Howard – I like Jaye Howard a lot. When he was finally out, it showed. Once thing I notice is that his motor is always running and he does just stop if the play goes to the other side of the field. He pursues play to the whistle. Is he indispensable? No. Does he fit the mix? Yes. Ditto Bailey.

            4. Chris Jones — This guy was my pick for the 4th round and I didn’t hit it exactly but watching him made me think he was under-rated(with the knock that he took plays off). I think he has proven he belongs on the front 3 and he will come back in year 2 stronger and more violently involved. When you combine him on one side of the front 3, presuming we have a Houston and Ford rush that is well above league average, suddenly, you are pushing to the QB from 3 positions on the front 7 with Poe taking on the double teams and still pushing them back into the pocket. That is very good stuff. Let’s say that the Chiefs can “trade out” one of the front three due to Jones. They can go with a rookie who has a big upside. I am not saying here, to get rid of anyone. If our front 7 were constituted as Houston/Ford, Bailey, Poe, Howard(or Jones, etc), and DJ comes back with Mauga and our young speedier inside linebackers, I think they can move up 5-10 spots on the run defense, more aligned with how they performed in 2015.

            5. The Depth guys are on the roster, they are not expensive, and releasing them isn’t going to buy much. next year, RN-R, Jenkins and Reyes will have come through a complete campaign, fought together with the rest of the starters and it should be one heck of a unit. I am waiting on King. Among these, who knows but if we had these 4, would the depth be bad? Absolutely not. Where is the weakness? A true #2 NT…

            Bottom line out of this? Draft a NT that can make an immediate contribution.

            Note: the defense was on the field because Offensive drives stalled far too often, not using the clock and keeping the defense off the field. That is a different topic. But if your numbers are correct, then that is why the defense failed late, for example, v the Titans.

          • Die-hard Chiefs fan

            There isnt much we can do among the depth. Sometimes we have to cut players to make way for a better and brighter future. With this who I had in mind in particular is Charles and Mauga who I consider not worth their price tags. Sherman on the other hand will be the highest paid FB. He’s offensive production has went down but I consider his contributions on special teams enough to merit him a safe spot. The same with how Sorenson and Zombo survive. Even though Murray has been getting praise from Toub in their point system as their best special teams player.

            I think we can survive off of cutting Mauga and hope that Bailey and Howard turn in more of a contribution to the run. I was fairly disappointed with their earlier efforts as the season began.

            Jones was high on my board for the simple fact that I trust PFF’s judgement. Sometimes it’s not completely accurate but I know where the holes are in their system. For example they grade higher for QB’s that air it out more so then one that plays conservative. They also have a flaw in their system from a defensive standpoint. They grade on a per play basis. So if a team like the Chiefs constantly give up yards and plays but survive greatly on turnovers and redzone defense it might not please their system. With all that being said I believed what they wrote about the Chiefs line when they graded us a top 5 unit going into 2016. We had an old school defensive line that lacked push and primarily relied on clogging the run lanes as our edge rushers were depended on to make most of the pressure in the passing game. Thus insert Chris Jones who was a part time player at Mississippi. PFF valued him as a top 10 pick. The second DT on their board after Sheldon Rankins. I seen a player with great intangibles who had great upside from a limited role. What was to question about him was his motor. I think he has answered that question. He’s a great player that can push the pocket and she’d one on one’s easily for a rookie. I was pleased with drafting him. His amount of pressure per snap is very good.

            I like both Howard and Bailey. I do believe they can have crucial roles if they are on the team in 2017. What I do fear is their presences taking away from Jones’ development. I do believe Jones has earned the right to start. He has created a great amount of pressure.

            I think drafting a nose tackle is important. I’m skeptical about getting a good one and throwing him into the fire as we speak. A franchise tag is the minimum for Poe to help this nose tackle develop. I also believe Poe deserves to stay but I understand that keeping everyone isn’t always a possibility.

            When considering 2017 draft propositions what I take into consideration is what position can come of value. I truly believe one more good TE and WR or even a stellar running back could be of great service. Fournette, Chubbs, Cook, McCaffrey, or Conor come to mind for RB. WR I’m not to familiar with but once the combine starts I’ll pay close attention to speed. Replacing Wilson with a top end talent with great speed and good hands can play dividends in our growth as a franchise. Butte the TE from Michigan has tore his ACL. I do believe he or OJ Howard can be a of great value in the redzone. He can be collected possibly in 3rd round.

            I agree with your note. I think partially is to blame is our great amount of drops. Another is Reid and his choice of conservative predictable play calling at times.

          • Above I encapsulated the players you thought could be released or traded. Your notes are very similar to mine. We of course, won’t know enough about speed and agility til after the combine and pro-days. I am not as “down” on Harris and the reason for that is he was brought along slow and how they have used him of late PLUS he is the #2 TE, not the #1. I can see bringing another TE in the draft. I am in agreement totally, about Jones, Bailey and Howard. Bailey’s cost is $6.5 m in 2017 dollars, to release would be $4m dead money, $2.5 cap savings. Howard I like a lot more. He has a motor that won’t quit. Both at the $6.5m level salary, but to release Howard would cost 2.5m dead money, and $4m in cap savings.

            Chris Jones is going to be a top player at 34 DE in the NFL. He has proved it for me. I Had him going to the Chiefs in the 4th round, but obviously Dorsey knew enough to get him early and that proved valueable in insight. .There is no roster player that is a true NT aside from Poe. Which means RN-R or others would have to spot spell Poe at best. I can see Poe getting rest with Sutton throwing a 4-3 look into the picture and I think that is the way it can be done because of existing personnel(Bailey, Howard, Jones, RN-R, etc). They need to obtain a 34 NT in my view.

            Mauga and Sherman can be released but it really is small buy-back. Charles and Foles accomplish the big money trade-off, Foles the bulk of it. But that would mean they would have to trust a new #2 or Bray.

            I do think you are under-valuing what Mauga brought the defense beside DJ. Here? I am looking for DJ to return for 2 more seasons but I also believe that the Chiefs must target a high quality, immediate impact ILB. and as noted, I am worried about OLB as well.

          • Die-hard Chiefs fan

            Mauga is good and of his contract is based off of bonuses I trust to keep him. Unless Dorsey is interested in Foster or Cunningham. I do like both of them over Mauga. He was a nice compliment to DJ. I do like Wilson though and I believe both can be interchangeable depending on the offenses we face. Wilson has done particularly well at playing the run this year.

            I agree that there is no player behind Poe that can’t be replaced. Howard supposedly filled in for Poe when he had back surgery. That’s about the most we have as a second NT.

            I’m only down on Harris because he doesn’t give great stats
            No doubt he is a big body red zone threat but he constantly drops red zone passes. He actually has a 20% drop to target rate which is number one in the NFL. He is an exceptional blocker. He just has to stop dropping the ball. Him and Kelce rank in the top 10. This is why the Chiefs are third in the NFL in drops as a team. He drops the ball far far far to much.

            I’m not entirely worried about OLB. Hali plays great in limited snaps. Houston will return and be a stud. Ford and Zombo are one sided defender’s. Ford being in passing. Zombo being in run defense. I loved what I seen of Nicolas in the off season. He constantly created pressure and hopefully his lack of playing means they are trying to build his weight and strength.

          • Die-hard Chiefs fan

            I think in a sense though we might initially be financially stuck with both of them. The big name cuts might be elsewhere. I’m looking at Foles, Charles, Mauga, Harris, Gaines, Thomas, Sherman. Will that be enough and what amount will Berry agree upon? Can they sign Colquitt to an extension to spread out his hefty cap hit and convert it into a signing bonus. I do think their is a way for Dorsey to keep both of these guys.

          • thinking about this list:

            The names that gain significant cap space are Charles, Sherman, Thomas and Foles. Foles is the Chiefs #2 QB. I have no faith that Bray can become the #2 which tells me that in today’s NFL. ( Below are some 2017 numbers(OTC)).

            First Foles, being cut has zero dead money, but his cost is $10.75m. That would be the cap savings also.

            DAT has never given the Chiefs much of a return. I would think though, that they would trade him to a team that needs that “speed” and return possibility. his dead money is about $100K. 2016 money is $800k. No great gain here but may trade value is important.

            Far more important is Charles whose $7.5m is a big hit but to release him costs $5.5m in dead money> That doesn’t make sense if he plays and I think he will play and the value is in what he would bring to the offense. That said, if they trade him there is zero dead money, which to me, for 2017 says Charles will be around.

            Sherman is proly the best at FB in the NFL and we don’t use him enough but his contributions when in the game is totally solid, top of the line and he is a VIP for Toub. Cost right now? #$2.3m and 500k dead money if released. A trade costs $1m.

            Harris cost is about $1m, 1.4 with bonuses earned, so that would be the cap hit most likely. 400k Dead money if released. Gaines are a wash so I don’t see the benefit of releasing either one. Both have salaries below $1M.

            Gaines base is 700k and less than $1m with bonuses, dead money $137k.

            Mauga’s base is $2.5m but the cap hit is only $750k. dead money $750k. He won’t make the 2.5m base due to bonuses in 2016 but there it is.

          • Die-hard Chiefs fan

            Some of these numbers I didn’t know. Last time I checked Charles has a zero dead money cap hit. Also before Mauga’s injuries he had most of that 2.5 as a total cap hit and not just bonuses. After injury is when OTC changed the number. Some of it can get very confusing.

            Trading DAT is a great idea. I hope we cash in on it. I’d absolutely love to draft McCaffrey. He’s an all around player. Similar to DAT but can probably be of more use. He’s a kick/punt returner. He can be used as a RB and slot reciever. Scouts are comparing him to ole Brian Westbrook.

            Gaines I only mention because I believe the deepest position in this year’s draft is CB and RB.

            Sherman’s play on offense has went significantly down. He isn’t the best FB in the game as of now. Right now speaking Denvers FB is the best. Sherman’s special teams ability makes him valuable. He’s forced a couple of turnovers plus is a lead blocker on kick returns.

            We can’t exactly go entirely off of OTC. Foles cap hit isn’t entirely guaranteed. I think that 10 million can range from 6-10. That’s what I remember from the contract.

            Harris to me is low enough to keep. Hopefully he can work on his drops because his and kelces drops along with casual drops by players like DAT, Hill, Wilson, Mac, and Conley is enough to create problems and stale our offense.

            To me the situation with Bray has to be figured out as well. 1.5 is his cap hit and that’s almost equal to what we pay Foles now. He hasn’t even taken a snap yet in the NFL.

          • Die-hard Chiefs fan

            On a later note I did my math wrong. I diveded 999 by 16 for 62 ish. It’s obvious 15 not 16 for a total of 66 defensive plays per game.

          • Die-hard Chiefs fan
        • Die-hard Chiefs fan

          Howard didn’t play per day horribly in his snap count but he definitely took a step back from his stellar play last year. Bailey however has been out performed by everyone including the journey men. At this point I’d rather have Poe and trade away Howard or Bailey. Just for the simple fact I wouldn’t agree with starting any of those players over Jones next year. I also am not okay with Poe walking in free agency.