Alex Smith and Kareem Hunt Win Chiefs Team Awards




Quarterback Alex Smith was named the Kansas City Chiefs Most Valuable Player and running back Kareem Hunt was named the teams Rookie of the Year. Smith threw for over 4,000 yards for the first time in his career and Kareem Hunt led all running backs in the NFL in rushing by gaining 1,327 yards and accounting for 1,782 yards from scrimmage.


Alex Smith threw 26 TDs but only had 5 INTs. Smith’s 104.7 rating was a quantum leap better than his career rating of 87.4 and also led all league QBs in that category.


Start – Bench – Cut


The Rich Eisen .Sports Talk Show offered an interesting game of sorts… so I’ll present you with your own chance to respond to this game. If I offered you these three ex-Chiefs QB options A) JoeMontana, B) Matt Cassel, C) Todd Blackledge, to “Start or Bench or Cut” who would you place in each of those positions? That was purposely an easy example because I imagine most of us would Start: Montana, Bench: Cassel, and Cut Blackledge.


With that said… who would you Start, Bench, and Cut, among the following¬†ex-Chief QBs, Trent Green, Bill Kenney, and Alex Smith? BTW, Bill Kenney played for the Chiefs throughout most of the 1980s with 106 appearance, 66 starts, and ranks 4th all-time in Chiefs passing yards.


Still, I’d start Green, Bench Smith and Cut Kenney.


So… on the flip side… try this one called, “Best Chiefs Backups” – Mike Livingston, Nick Floes, Ron Jaworski?





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  • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

    Speaking of Alex……Vegas will bet on anything.
    Here are the odds of where Alex lands next season….check out who is on top with the best

    What team will Alex Smith play for next season?

    Chiefs +160
    Cardinals +450
    Jaguars +500
    Bills +500
    Broncos +700
    Jets +700
    Giants +1000
    Browns +1000
    Redskins +1200

    • freshmeat62

      Of those teams, I believe Jaguars would be the team that would benefit the most having Smith. If I was a Jacksonville fan I’d be screaming my head off to trade for him. I think a good QB is all that’s keeping them from making a run at the SB. Bortles is terrible.

      No way in the world do they trade him to the Broncos. Now as a FA next year that’s a different story.

      • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

        When his deal is up (wherever he lands), who knows where he could end up… far as this year goes, I think you are right, the Jaguars could greatly benefit by trading for Alex, I think another team is the Cardinals…..with Carson done, they have enough talent on that team to make one last push in the Fitzgerald era.

        One thing is for sure….we will receive something for Alex, he is way to valuable and a proven commodity to just simply release.