Arrowhead: A Tale of Two Cities (and Halves)




Where do we go and what do we discuss? Personally I am disgusted with what is going on in KC from a coaching standpoint. It is actually at the point that the benefits of Andy Reid are only slightly more than the detriments. That was an embarrassing game for the organization and the fans. We had absolutely no business losing that game, but we found a way. We used a “be conservative” attitude to get beat. We used a “stick with the plan” to get beat. We probably used a “we have the home field advantage” and got beat. Simple fact is we were stubborn or stupid and got beat.


It is now the end of the season. One that started with hope, blossomed into one of expectation, realized some set backs of reality, then transitioned to a reset of the here and now. However, all of that was dashed when the current coaching staff was blind to issues or refused to change. The talent was on the field and the wrong plays were called.


KC – A Tale of City 1

When you go up by 21-3 in the half, you should pull out a win most of the time.  To let you know who often, here is a graphic of where we were rated to win at the half.



Take a look at that graphic for a moment. At the half we are sitting at a 97.3% chance of victory. As basically any sane person would say, you win game. However, I am sure that depends on a consistent approach to the game.  Instead we went from not losing to not winning.


We came out of the gate and we owning the game. We put up 3 touchdowns on 6 possessions and most of the overall stats were earned during the first half. The team was setting records. And then, Travis Kelce got hurt. The turning point.


That wasn’t the only issue or what lost the game, but it was the watershed.


Tennessee – A Tale of City 2

In the second half, Kansas City only had four possessions. Those resulted in 2 punts, a missed field goal, and a turnover on downs. The Titans came out and possessed the ball, marched down the filed, and started scoring points. The KC defense was powerless to stop them.


When we did get the ball, the KC offense couldn’t move the chains. During the game Tyreek Hill missed some catches he typically makes. Harrison Butker missed a field attempt (and the winning points, but he isn’t the only one to blame) that he makes 10/10 during the season.


Despite a couple of performances that were below the norm, I don’t see this as a player issue. This was more of what we have become accustomed to see from our beloved bearers of the Red and Gold, get a lead and coast. Sometimes we win, but more often we lose. We actually seem to be better when we struggle and fight from the start. I may need to research this and write an off season article on it.



Until the latter part of the game, KC was better than a 50% winner in this game. With our inability to stop Tennessee or put up points of our own on a sustained drive, we handed them the game.


This is a coaching issues to me, pure and simple. We took our foot off the gas. We got too conservative. We didn’t let players play. Whatever you want to call it, there weren’t rapid adjustments to stop the Titans or generate offense.


I have been a Chiefs homer for years. No more. Until they prove otherwise, I will still love my Chiefs, but I am going into hater mode. No benefit of the doubt. No sunny side up. No glass is half full. Time to shine the light and point out the warts, until we show we can win when it matters. I am tired of playing below the level of lesser teams and above the good ones.


What do you guys think? Were we beaten or did we give the game away?


Until next week, there’s The Rub!




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  • freshmeat62

    Just wondering how close the fans are that when discussing the Chiefs, the fans start saying ‘they’ instead of ‘we’?

    The Chiefs/Hunts are making Kansas City look like a city of losers. I don’t like that!

  • PaulFromNorthMo

    Maybe a new era in defensive coaching will change things. How many times has a Bob Sutton defense failed to stop the other team from coming back and winning a game we should have won. The problem Saturday was the front sevens inability to slow down Henry or to pressure the QB, something we’ve been seeing for a long time.


    Well, you know what they say: you can lead an Alex Smith to the football field, but you can’t make him play well.

    • freshmeat62

      This lose is not on Smith! This is 100% coaching!


        that’s some people’s opinion, I’m not in that group. Let’s be clear here, it’s not ALL on Smith but he’s not innocent either. There are several film breakdowns out there, the most notable being Brian Baldinger and Seth Keysor’s and are redily available on different medias, neither supports the, it’s “coaching”, stance. My point is this, the it’s “coaching” crowd hasn’t given any evidence to support their stance other than showing Reid holding a play card which means nothing.