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Nick Mangold Released by the Jets

Eleven-year veteran center Nick Mangold for the New York Jets has been jettisoned by his team. Although his release was expected, it is always a bit of a shock to the system any time a player who has been so good for so long for one team. There will be plenty of teams willing to sign Mangold even though he’s 33 and coming off of an injury which kept him out of half of 2016. Prior to last season Mangold only missed four games in ten years.



The bottom line is… the Jets will save $9.1M off of their salary cap and by releasing him a little early it does him the favor of getting a 12-day jump on other Free Agents coming out when the new league year begins on March 9th at 4:00 PM Eastern Standard time. Darrelle Revis may be next. I don’t believe the Chiefs will be interested in Nick Mangold.


Mitch Morse a Guard?

There has been some talk in recent days about the possibility that the Chiefs could draft a Center and then move Mitch Morse to the Offensive Guard position. Pete Sweeney at wrote a piece about Mitch Morse called, “Five Things to Know About Mitch Morse” in which he revealed,


“In the matter of his four seasons at local Missouri, Morse played a variety of roles for the Tigers over the course of his career. In 2011, he played in all 13 games, primarily on the placekicking protection unit. In 2012, he became a starter at Center, but then moved out to right tackle as injuries struck the team. In 2013, he continued at right tackle, starting all 14 games at that position. Then, in 2014, with Justin Britt departed to the NFL, he switched to left tackle in 2014. Over the course of four years, Morse played in a variety of roles, and he performed well in each of them.”

Sweeney goes on to quote Morse who said,

“Some teams will work me out exclusively at guard. A lot of hybrid. A lot of guard, center and not so many at tackle. I had no idea I had short arms until I got to the combine. I’m like being pounded. Everyone’s calling me a T-Rex. It helped me out in the bench, that was about it.”

If moving Morse to Offensive Guard improves the offensive line, it’s hard to understand a downside. Morse was successful wherever he played in college and has been a success with the Chiefs. I’m not sure about what the debate is because Morse has positional flexibility which is likely one of the attributes Dorsey and Reid liked about him, enough to make him a member of the Chiefs.



OLB Haason Reddick Mocked to the Chiefs

CBS Sports analyst Jared Dubin has mocked outside linebacker Haasan Reddick to the Chiefs at pick #27 in the upcoming NFL Draft. Dubin says of Reddick:

“Reddick would be a good fit as a triple-threat linebacker that can come off the edge, drop back in coverage, and stay sturdy against the run. KC’s linebacker corps is aging and injured and could use an infusion of young talent.”

Haason Reddick is a Senior who had a productive four-year career and played in 42 games, the kind of longevity and numbers JARD (John-Andy-Reid-Dorsey) typically likes. Reddick is smallish for an NFL OLB at 6-foot-1 and 230 lbs. but he had 9.5 sacks and 22.5 tackles for a loss in 2016. Here his impressive highlights videotape. As you’ll see, I’m not using the word “impressive” lightly. I’ve scouted and loved what I’ve seen from Reddick previously but have not written about him because of his size. While he appears to be a Safety-OLB “tweener” he a naturally gifted and fluid athlete, but may challenged in coverage against speedy RBs out of the backfield — which the Chiefs ask their OLBs to cover — as Reddick has only one interception in his college career. On the other hand… Justin Houston had just one INT in college and he’s done alright for himself.




Dontari Poe a Free Agent?

All signs are pointing to the Chiefs releasing defensive tackle Dontari Poe. With news of Eric Berry and his agent attempting to re-sign with the Chiefs has been highlighted in the news and while there has been a disagreement over whether or not those negotiations are positive or not, at least there have been negotiations. If the Chiefs are going to keep both Dontari Poe and Eric Berry, the roster will have to be purged of a number of contracts including players who have long been fan favorites like Jamaal Charles. The next 12 days will tell the story.




Important NFL Dates in the next two weeks

The next two weeks will be big for NFL teams. In two days the NFL Combine in Indianapolis will begin. That will last until march 6th and three days after that, free agency will begin. Here are some importatnNFL dates — and what they mean — over the next two weeks.

February 28 to March 6   NFL Combine in Indy.

March 1   Franchise or Transition Players must be designated 4:00 p.m. Eastern.

March 4   Vikes Regional Combine in Minnesota.

New League year Begins – Thursday, March 9th

March 9   Top-51 Begins. All clubs must be under the 2017 salary cap prior to 4:00 p.m., Eastern time. The 2017 league year and free agency period begin at 4:00 p.m., Eastern.

March 7-9   Clubs are permitted to “negotiate verbally” with players who will be Unrestricted Free Agents by 4:00 p.m., March 9.   (Contracts cannot be executed until 4:00 p.m., March 9).

March 9   Prior to 4:00 p.m., Eastern, teams must exercise 2017 options on players who have option clauses in their contracts.

March 9   Prior to 4:00 p.m., Eastern time, teams must submit qualifying offers to their Restricted Free Agents with expiring contracts and to whom they desire to retain a Right of First Refusal/Compensation.

March 9   Prior to 4:00 p.m., Eastern time, teams must submit a Minimum Salary Tender to retain exclusive negotiating rights to their players with expiring 2016 contracts and who have fewer than three accrued seasons of free agency credit.

March 9   All 2016 player contracts will expire at 4:00 p.m., New York time.

March 9   2017 trading period begins, 4:00 p.m., Eastern time, after expiration of all 2016 contracts.

March 11   NFL Regional Combines, New Orleans Saints Training Facility, Metairie, Louisiana.

Chiefs Won’t Draft RB Joe Mixon

I don’t see a scenario in which the Kansas City Chiefs would draft Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon. Some will say there is a precedence in Tyreek Hill. However, the videotape of Joe Mixon punching a woman in a restaurant at 2:40 AM one morning during his freshman year will serve as a constant reminder and provide a horrific image that will be too difficult for even the most staunch football fans to get out of their heads. Here’s what MMQB had to say about the incident:

“Mixon, a redshirt sophomore running back from Oklahoma, is a supreme talent. He was suspended for his freshman season, 2014, for punching a woman at a local restaurant, breaking four bones in her face.”

You can watch the videotape below (BEWARE: IT IS GRAPHICALLY VIOLENT) and it reminds me of the Ray Rice incidence. It’s unclear what the relationship is that Joe Mixon has with this woman but she is apparently not his girlfriend or wife, not that it should matter because it doesn’t. I bring up the Ray Rice incident because Rice has been out of the league since 2013 and that is the precedence I’m basing my opinion on, that the Chiefs will not draft him. In the video, about 35 seconds in, Joe Mixon walks in and when the woman shoves him in the chest, he punches her in the face, sending her to the floor while he turns and walks away exiting the restaurant. Several people go to assist the woman and after a couple of minutes she arises and walks out on her own, with four bones broken in her face. Mixon and his attorneys released this statement.

“Mr. Mixon asked us to once again say he is sorry for the way he reacted that night. He has apologized publicly to Ms. Molitor, her friends, his family, teammates and the University. He hopes that his voluntary release of these recordings will help put this matter to rest.”

Since the videotape was going to come out anyway, it has more than likely put his career to rest. At least I hope that’s the case as far as the Kansas City Chiefs are concerned.



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  • berttheclock

    I remember reading some “national” pundit saying a year ago that Morse might be better off moving to OG due to being able to protect against concussions better. Now, if I could only recall his name. Laddie, something or other, out of somewhere in Texas, I believe.

  • berttheclock

    There have been two regional combines conducted so far and a third is happening today. However, it is very hard to find any data concerning the results of the combines held this month in Houston and the earlier one on February 11th at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton, WA. I checked out the Houston papers, but, never saw any mention of the combine. In the case of the one held in Seahawks’ Land on the 11th, the only mention in the Seattle papers was 50 players paid their $160 each to attend.

    The combine which was held yesterday and will be back today is in Washington DC and is only for punters and kickers. The only thing I have found about that combine is there will be 26 punters and 16 kickers attending.

  • berttheclock

    Names to add to the draft selection. Bucky Brooks of has put up 3 names for consideration. His thread is up this AM. One is the DE from Tennessee, Derek Barnett, and Brooks calls him “relentless”, who has been the only DE in the SEC who has had 10 or more sacks each season for the past 3 years.

    Then, Brooks lists two wideouts who are each six three. Brooks believes both will rise after the Combines. Malcolm Dupree of LSU and Joshua Malone of Tennessee.

    Laddie will like what Brooks thinks about Jake Butts. No, not as to his talent necessarily, but, Brooks believes his injury may drop him into the late 3rd round range. Brooks, also, says he thinks Butts will be with some NFL team for many years and compares him to Jason Witten.

    • Chiefly Bacon

      If Barnett falls to the Chiefs, I don’t know how you don’t take him. That said, I’m afraid he could be a much higher pick. The pass rusher Chiefs might get a shot at is Tim Williams. He’s an Alabama player, which drops him a little bit, and he’s had some drug issues, but his ability to rush the passer is undeniable.

      • berttheclock

        You have mentioned Chris Godwin of Penn State. He is wide bodied, runs very good routes, especially, crossing routes and fights for the football. His expected 40 time in the Combine will, probably, not set the world on fire, which could help Dorsey snag him lower than other wide outs. As you said, he would fit the WCO very well.

      • freshmeat62

        I went thru a bunch of mocks one day last week, and Williams was one of those most often mocked to the Chiefs.

      • PaulfromnorthMO

        Yeah, if Barnett is still there at 27, that’s almost a no brainer. My question about Williams is that almost everything I’ve read about him, he seems to be a pass rush specialist, not that good in coverage and not very good against the run. I haven’t looked at him myself (not that I know anything), so what I’ve read may or may not be accurate.

    • Ribs

      I don’t know the X’s and O’s like some of you and I have seen a trend this year that maybe one of you can explain to me. Many of the draft websites have combined OLB and DE into a category of “edge rushers”. So here is my question. do we care about DE’s for the Chiefs line? My thought is the “DE’s” on the Chiefs play more like DT’s. They don’t seem to be classic edge rushers. I’m sure a college DE would be of some use, depending on how his coach used him. But when we talk edge rushers for the Chiefs, aren’t we mostly looking at OLB, not DE?

      • berttheclock

        Great question. Yes, when, you look at various Mocks, you will see the term EDGE being used for several DEs in college. In a pure 3-4, the DEs are really DTs and, usually, they are used to create lanes for the LBs to be able to rush the passer. One major problem with the 3-4 is the amount of time it takes to draft a college DE who is only used to rushing a passer and teaching him how to drop back and play OLB. Bill Cowher has said it takes at least 3 to 4 years to train one. Houston was an exception and learned far faster than others, whereas, Dee Ford has taken a long time to develop.

        However, Sutton does use hybrids and has used 4 on the front which means, the outside DE can pass rush. I have not seen any comments from pundits about any NFL team trying to convert Barnett into an OLB. However, I would love to see a DE with enough savvy and speed to be able to turn it on and pass rush. If so, no ROT, for example, would really know the type of player he is trying to block Notice how many quality OLBs such as Mack from the Raiders and Von Miller even line up as DEs far more than OLBs. I still remember the day against the Jags when Mike Catapano lined up across from Joeckel on the right side. Houston was immediately behind him and Joeckel ended up not knowing which one he should try to block. Houston was a split second ahead of Mike to slam into Gabbert.

        • berttheclock

          Walter Football does state that he might transition to OLB in a 3-4. Other sites list him as being a value pick as he does not possess the same athletic ability of other pass rushers. He is more of a quick snap type and that could cause him problems against quality OTs. He hand fights very well. However, he is young and will turn 21 early in the summer. He is coachable, so, taking him later in the 2nd or even at 27 might be consider to worth value. At least, that is what I have read about him at both Cincy and Dallas blogs.

          • Ribs

            I’ll plant this thought with you. On AA I planted this seed and no one commented back on it but the question was, if we do not re-sign Poe could/should the team switch to the 4-3 defense? Reid had a 4-3 in Phillie, Sutton has coached both, we have a ton of picks in the coming draft and quite a bit of dline depth with Baily and Howard coming back from injury.

            The conversation was about getting other teams running games under control. Going bigger on the dline (4 bigs instead of 3) seems like a way to do that. I don’t think Jones is a NT and I don’t think Howard could do it either. So if we don’t have a NT, do the rest of the personnel fit the 4-3 or should we just try to find another NT?

            Something to think about while we wait out the dreary days of the off season. I am not advocating this, just throwing it out for conversation.

          • berttheclock

            I would mind seeing the Chiefs revert to a 4-3. One reason so many AFC teams have employed the 3-4 is it forces opposing QBs to spend more time at the LOS trying to determine the defensive scheme. However, as to NTs, they do not always need to be huge. Several years ago, the Cowboys had the best NT in football and he was considered to be undersized. However, he truly understood leverage and he had quickness, so, he did not need just to have a huge size. Look at Grady Jarrett of Atlanta, who was considered to be undersized when he came out of Clemson. I wanted the Chiefs to draft him, but, he ended up going to Atlanta near the top of the 5th round and the Chiefs had selected far up in the 4th round. The reason I wanted him was to be able to give Poe needed rests. In two years, he has developed into an excellent interior lineman who ends up being overlooked by offensive lines.

            That said, Ransom has suggested Dorsey look more closely at a very large DT (NT) from Mizzou. He has had weight problems and has been up to 364 pounds. But, he is a load in the middle of a 4-3. By going to a 4-3, it would help with the LB problems, as well.

  • berttheclock

    It will be interesting to watch for teams going after Mangold. Yes, he will have a jump start to look for new teams, but, consider the fact that last season, he injured his ankle in Game 7 of the season. Missed four games, came back and played in Game 12, but, in the 13th game, he went out with the same ankle being hurt. That led to a season ending IR. So, are teams going to take a chance on him without really looking into his injured ankle? In 2011, he did go down with an ankle problem, but, that turned into a High Ankle Sprain. He had been the highest paid center in the league, until last season, when, he became the 3rd highest. He said he was willing to re-work his contract with Maccagnan, the Jets GM, but, he will still want far more than Dorsey could pay for him. Loved his claim to fame after entering the NFL from Ohio State. It was said he was so tough at center that no OG was needed to take on any NTs as a double team. That is rare.

  • freshmeat62

    I hate to see Poe go, as I think he was one of the best d-linemen the Chiefs had in the past. But I believe his back is catching up to him, as last year he wasn’t beating the 1-on-1’s, let alone any double teams.

    I also think they need to release Charles. Paying over $6mil to an often injured, older player is how teams get old. Dorsey has got to get that salary cap in better shape so they can have that money for other players. And to go along w/ that I hope Dorsey doesn’t overpay for Berry. I’ve heard that Berry is asking in the $13mil/yr range. That is absolutely ridiculous! I think $9mil/ would be closer to reality. If he can find some team that will pay him more, then I say, thank you very much, have a good life. There are safety’s in this draft, and him going elsewhere will be a definite 3rd rd comp next year. I would hope the Houston signing for that outrages amount, then getting injured would be a lesson. W/ Berry you never know when that cancer could come back.

    I think Mixon has the talent to be a superstar. But I wouldn’t draft him. Just watching his demeanor on the sidelines, I don’t like his body language. I’m afraid he may be closer to a Lawrence Phillips than Tyreek Hill. I don’t know Mixon’s background, but I’ve read some stories about Phillips and he had a pretty rough childhood. It doesn’t excuse his actions, but having taken some psychology classes, I can understand how he became the way he did. It’s just pounded into a person. When in prison he knew he had a problem and wanted to be left to a cell by himself, but they put a cellmate in w/ him, who he supposedly killed, and then committed suicide.

    • Ribs

      I’ve resolved myself to both Poe and Berry leaving, will actually be disappointed in Dorsey if he signs them because I don’t think we have the cap space. I think we will get a 3rd round comp pick for each of them so there is some comfort.

      I think JC needs to be given the chance to prove himself. If he has even 2/3’s of his talent we should void the current year and some a few lower cost years. He really needs to stay a Chief.

      Someone is going to draft Mixon. If it is the Chiefs I will be finding another team to support. I feel that strongly opposed to him.

      • freshmeat62

        I don’t think the Chiefs get comp picks when they release a player. It’s only if they make an offer and the player signs elsewhere…I think.

        • Ribs

          They aren’t under contract so we won’t be releasing them. The NFL has a lot of arcane rules that never get published anywhere so it is hard for me to say with any certainty but I don’t think we even need to make an offer. If so, Dorsey could offer something we can afford but if a player can get 12M from another team, why would they sign for less?

  • PaulfromnorthMO

    Drafting a center and moving Morse to guard isn’t a bad idea. On mocks I’ve done, a top center is still available late in the 3rd or even 4th. Yesterday I did a mock where I picked Pocic in the 4th, he is CBS’s top rated center and has the size (6-6, 307) that JARD seem to like on their OL.

    • Merlin

      The Center makes all the line calls, so it’s not as simple as plug another talent in and move Morse to get the best talent across the board. You are messing with the whole line coordination when you replace Centers.

      • berttheclock

        I recall reading about comments from Morse himself at St Joe, when, he spoke of having to learn how to call the line calls. Even Kush spoke of this himself.

        • berttheclock

          Two things from his first two weeks at St Joe were, first, having to learn how to call alignments and secondly, learning how to adjust to being tossed around like a beach ball by Jaye Howard.

      • tm1946

        Fine if we got Lamp for LT or G. But if we end up with another G like we drafted recently, a C might be more valuable.

    • tm1946

      To me this is interesting suggestion. Get a starting center in 3rd or 4th round, center Morse goes to guard, and his concussion situation may be set back…. win, win.

      • Chiefly Bacon

        I like the idea, but if Chiefs were willing to go with a slight downgrade at C and move Morse to get an upgrade at G, they could have already done that by moving Fulton.

        • PaulfromnorthMO

          Just IMO but I don’t think the FO is displeased with our starting OL. So any drafted OL this year would be looking to upgrade depth, which we need as Fulton and Reid aren’t all that good. So if we could get a quality backup at any position on day 3, then that’s a win.

  • berttheclock

    Laddie, when you drop by for Sunday Vespers, have you checked out the OLB from Houston, Tyus Bowser. In reviewing various threads concerning Derek Barnett, I ran across a piece from Lance Zierlein, who said he has been looking at Bowser more and more lately.

  • berttheclock

    13 straight Big 12 titles. Oops, wrong thread. Sorry.

    • ladner morse

      Great quote from Joe Posnanski (once of KC Star fame) at CBS Sports.

      ‘There was no Facebook the last time Kansas missed out on the Big 12 men’s basketball championship. It was called “Thefacebook” then, one word, and it was only available at Harvard. There was no Twitter. Hurricane Katrina had not landed.’

      From his piece called, “YEAR AFTER YEAR – Even in a Strange Year, Bill Self and Kansas Remain Exemplary”

      And to your post Bert… I see no reason why we can’t spread a little KU love here.

      • tm1946

        Especially with MU be so competitive in the SEC.

    • Roswell Incident

      Loved the sign I saw which read, “Beakers Dozen” where the B was made out of a 1 3.

  • berttheclock

    Completely off topic, but, condolences should go out to the family of the actor, Bill Paxton, who has passed at the age of 61. He had some form of surgery in LA and there were complications. I have really enjoyed his work for many years and was just developing a bond with “Training Day”. At least, his son was able to join him in the cast for the 8th episode which Paxton said really thrilled him.

    R.I.P. Bill Paxton

    • tm1946

      Sad for family, only I got no idea who he is. Sunday brunch my family all knew about this fellow…. no idea who they were talking about.

    • ladner morse

      Pest in Peace.

      “[Bill] Paxton had a string of hits, including “Twister,” “Titanic” and “Aliens.” He won an Emmy for “Hatfields and McCoys.” He was on a CBS series, “Training Day” at the time of his death. The 61-year-old actor had 2 children and was married to Louise Newbury for 30 years. The family says, “It is with heavy hearts we share the news that Bill Paxton has passed away due to complications from surgery.” The family accurately describes his “illustrious career spanning four decades as a beloved and prolific actor and flimmaker.” The family adds, “Bill’s passion for the arts was felt by all who knew him, and his warmth and tireless energy were undeniable.”

      • berttheclock

        In additiion, he played the husband who had 3 wives and lived in Utah.

        • larry mckinney

          It was a fantastic series. “Big Love.” Bruce Dern played, yep, the old geezer. Paxton was the protagonist. Very much worth looking up.

  • tm1946

    IMO, only, the team moves ahead or slips back behind raiders and/or broncos. Our roster has to get a hell of lot better to stay in front in the AFC West. That means, some gray beards will have to make room for the next generation of talent AND guys with millions, given to them in contracts that they can no longer play to that level, get dumped.

    Next 12 days will tell us what Dorsey is thinking. If he dumps salary, signs Berry and maybe Poe or brings in a veteran FA as an instant starter…. we are going one direction. On the other hand, if he eats salary on players, who are past their ability to play to the level of their paycheck…. we are going a different direction.

    • I am just not buying this idea that this is not a good roster. 2016 proved that. Think about how many players went down during this past season and they end up 12-4, win the division, etc, so we have differences of opinion on the solutions. We are fans, Dorsey and Reid the experts. I leave it in their hands. They are 11-5 twice, 9-7 once, and 12-4. It is difficult for me to see that this is a huge personnel problem. So let me highlight the areas we probably can agree on.

      1. The ofiense sucks. The team went from scoring 28.x ppg in 2013 to what we see now. Of course, part of that is defense.
      2. Alex Smith Best game to date was the playoff game v the Colts. With no #1 WR but with a running game and at least an experienced OL.
      3. Kelce was not a factor in 2013.
      4. A second tight end is not the solution to the Offense problems.
      5. The OL was decent in 2016, I don’t agree that Parker was not showing signs of exactly what Reid and Co brought to the line. even with the loss of Ehinger and substituting Fultlon.
      6. Maclin had a down season due to injury.
      7. Houston was injured, came back but was not himself.
      8. DJ went down at the worse possible time.
      9. Mauga, Howard and Bailey were absolutely losses to the defnse being able to stop the run.
      10. Dontari Poe’s numers were 55% of what he had been previously and that meant that there was no one to stack up and push a double team in 2016. He is not worth DT money and at present, he was not worth what he was paid.
      11. Alex Smith or Andy Reid or whatever. IT AIN’T WORKING.

      There are probably more factors that were involved in the the loss of 4 games plus inexusable bullshit from the offense v. the Steelers. Even with all the losses of personnel on Defense, the team held Pittsburgh to 18 points, no TDs. That says a lot. I think the Chiefs had one terrible loss(Steelers) but should have finished 14-2 anyway, witness the Titans game for example. I am so completely pissed about the offense(not even positing blame and responsibility in that statement) that I could spit. The ultimate responsibility lies with the HC. PERIOD.

      So here are my questions(offense):
      1. do you really believe that another TE is the solution to the offensive woes?
      2. Is another WR answer to the problem?
      3. Was the ground game awful? Nope, but did it get the job done? Absolutely not.
      4. Is Jamaal Charles capable of return to form or the Chiefs need to draft an RB to replace him, no matter what? And what is the Spiller effect if any?
      5. How much was playcalling part of the problem?

      Questions on Defense:
      1. Will DJ Be back to form?
      2. Houston?
      3. Will the return of Mauga, DJ, Houston(to form), Howard and Bailey solve much of the run defense problem?
      4. How important was the lack of play by Poe part of the problem?
      5. Is Chris Jones the real deal?
      6. What do we do about Hali, Houston(Outside) and inside DJ and whomever for the future?
      Note: I have not stated that Al Smith is the problem you will notice and I do not believe that to be the case.

      • tm1946

        Quite a lengthy answer. I suggest you are saying just what I said, our roster need talent.

        #2 no WR1 receiver – talent?
        #4 TE – Talent?
        #7, 8, 9 – depth or talent?

        You say there is good talent on the roster then point out where we are short talent. Besides don’t we need to build and develop better talent for next year and the next??

        • I said no wr 1 in 2013, I did not say that Te was what would put the team over top. I alluded to the depth of the roster to win games. I said nothing about solutions to my questions. I should have sai, every team has those questions every year. Most of the prob wS Las not short talent, but questions about injury returns. I did not address money. I did state that as//11 ia not the prob so by inference due to playcslling is where I believe the prob lies.

  • tm1946

    Lad, special request. Not to stroke your ego but you are a lot closer to the organization than any of us. Forget the quality of the talent, what the Chiefs may or may not need.

    What do you think Dorsey will go for – position, a specific kid, what? There are to many variables for us, especially if we get wrapped in what we think will happen… give us the lowdown….