NSLU: The Ides of March–Taking Liberty with the “Ides”

Follow @arrowhead_one Tweet Openers… Like most of the last 5 weeks, I believed the Chiefs should walk out of the showers and head home basking in the good feelings of adding another win to the book. Unfortunately, 4 of the last 5 weeks, I have had to eat some crow on that idea. After reeling off 5 wins in a row, fans have had to enduring back to back losses interspersed with a single victory. They are 6-4 and there is absolutely no excuse for that. NONE!   First off: Injuries…

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NSLU: Wipe That Big Grin Off Your Face

Follow @arrowhead_one Tweet       I was sitting here trying to figure out how to begin. I thought to myself, I am looking forward the Chiefs after a big layoff for the Bye. But I am smiling because the Chiefs are playing tomorrow. I look forward to the game. Do I really want to wipe the grin off? Nope. I enjoy watching NFL football, even if it is not the Chiefs playing. So I am going to keep this simple — it is the Game Day early piece. Simple. Keep…

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Chiefs: NSLU, On Any Given Sunday

Follow @arrowhead_one Tweet       Chiefs: No Stone Left Unturned — On Any Given Sunday — er, Game Day   The six and three Chiefs have given us reason to first believe that they were a top team in the NFL. Then a 1-3 stretch has many fans and pundits down in the gutter. Neither is the case as far as a realistic view of an NFL Season. Few teams go 13-3 or better. This season, the Chiefs are among the league elites and all teams in the NFL…

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