Get Used To Daniel Sorenson

Follow @arrowhead_one Get Used To Daniel Sorenson Every team has a few guys on the roster that fans just aren’t that crazy about. When I talk about Sorenson, most of the reactions I get are negative. People view him as a good special teams player, but a liability in coverage and, therefore, a bad safety. If you feel that way, I’ve got bad news for you. Get used to Daniel Sorenson because he’s going to be here for a while. Here’s how I came to that conclusion. Initial Impression: I’m…

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Train, Toss or Trade: The Not So Magnificent 37, Pt. 2

Follow @arrowhead_one Train, Toss or Trade: The Not So Magnificent 37, Pt. 2  It’s time for part two of Train, Toss or Trade. When we last left off, the roster was twenty three players down and seven practice squad spots filled. Cuts only get tougher as the remaining 14 players vie for three practice squad spots. The remaining position groups are QB, RB, TE and WR. Position Group: QB 1. QB Aaron Murray: Trade: Chiefs may not be able to trade Murray, but they should try. Murray lacks Bray’s long…

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