Chiefs: It’s Business As UN-usual


For the Kansas City Chiefs, it’s business as unusual. With “nobody home” to help tend to the business of bringing in players who become available, the Chiefs could be missing out on some gems while they’re waiting for owner Clark Hunt to hire a replacement for general manager John Dorsey, a man who was constantly “at-it” when it comes to turning the roster.



One such case is the UN-retirement of ILB Zach Orr, previously from the Baltimore Ravens. Since Orr was an undrafted free agent, he is free to sign with any team but his time in Baltimore was productive, once he got his chance. In 2016, Orr had 133 tackles playing next to C.J. Mosley with 3 INTs to boot. Orr retired on January 20th of this year from one diagnosis a doctor had of him resulting from a congenital condition showing a narrowing of the spine. After seeking out several other doctor’s opinions and speaking with a college player who has been playing with the same condition, Orr has decided to UN-retire.





So, with the Kansas City Chiefs needing an excellent inside linebacker — and who doesn’t — just who is still in the office… or at least on vacation (but still employed by the team) ready to make contact with a player of Orr’s caliber.



I’m afraid the answer is… no one. Of course, we have no idea if Dorsey would have “liked” the guy but I saw him interviewed and he seems like a terrific young man and the kind of person any team would want on their roster.





The odd and unusual timing of John Dorsey’s firing has placed the Chiefs in an peculiar position during a time of year when many GMs are on vacation… but still available to bring a player in to see if they can improve the team. Even if Hunt hired a new GM today, you’d have to think there would be a transition period but we can only hope that the new “man” in town will be up to snuff by the time the end of training camp presents several opportunities, the kind Dorsey has taken in year’s past.



Knock, Knock.

Who’s there?

No one.

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  • David Perkins

    Great article. Maybe the firing (mutual dismissal) was of good timing. But literally no one is home. Poor communication style could have been the reason along with “I do my own thing” thing (recent firings, Maclin, etc.) but still you sit down, put your big boy pants on, and have a conversation. Can’t help but believe this was Green Bay related more than anything else.
    Lamar rested on two Super Bowls and nonfootball people.
    Clark is resting on….. firing the most successful GM in 50 years (sorry King Carl was a flop by any measure)
    If Clark doesn’t hire a talent evaluator and we keep finding cheap gems (TM39) then the price will be steep.
    JD definitely had trouble with contracts and cap, but was it his laid back laissez-faire management style or his capologist with a broken calculator?
    We will see. We will see

    • freshmeat62

      This whole thing doesn’t make sense to me! The fact that Hunt didn’t sign Dorsey when he still had a year left on his contract makes me think he was unsure of resigning Dorsey a year ago, but why wait until all the other teams are set and top GM candidates are signed for the next year? I would have thought Hunt already had someone in mind to hire, but it’s been a week now!?

      • Tony Parker

        Me thinks it was sudden decision by Hunt and was not expected.

  • I remain “confused”. I am more certain in my own thinking that Mr. Hunt made a horrible decision. I am more certain in my assessment that Mr. Reid had a hand in it. In which case, I am more than irritated, to be polite.

    Now? Your article tips the Chiefs followers that there are choices that are crucial to the future that need to be made and can’t be due to Hunts decision. Dang it.

    • ladner morse

      Right. When I saw Orr on the Good Morning Football show on the NFL channel I was more irritated than before realizing that Dorsey would be all over a player like that… one who was a UDFA and a great guy. Wonder if we’ll ever know what soured Hunt so quickly on Dorsey. It’s hard to imagine.

      • freshmeat62

        You say soured so quickly, but I just wonder if it was so quickly. I can’t get it out of my head that we have been commenting here for many moons about when Dorsey and Reid would be resigned. The fact that Hunt waited until the ‘last minute’ to make this announcement makes me wonder if it wasn’t ‘so quickly’. probably in a few months/years someone on the inside will spill the beans about what really happened.


  • Tony Parker

    One writer at another site said we have just over $5m in cap space, not sure if that’s correct but let’s assume for a moment that it is. Mahomes will get paid roughly $16.4m over 4 years so that doesn’t leave much to sign Orr with does it? Does anyone know the current cap situation? It the above amount is correct than where the heck did the money go from the Maclin release?

    • Tony Parker

      According to OTC we have just over $11m of cap space so that would leave room to sign both Mahomes and Orr. I will make the call to hunt right now…, anyone have his #??

      • PaulfromnorthMO

        Just over 11 mil of cap space (if that’s accurate), Mahomes will take about 3 mil. But remember, only the top 51 are counting now, so we will need another mil or so to pay for all 53, and then we will need a 10 man practice squad. Plus monies to carry any player on IR that gets hurt during training camp that we want to keep.
        And then what do we do if there is another player currently on another teams roster that gets cut, one that we truly believe will help us. I would rather save the few dollars we have until then, rather than take a chance on someone who may or may not be healthy.

        • Tony Parker

          Great points Paul! Unfortunately we are in cap hell but I see the team as in a must win situation now so I would, personally, try to sign Orr to a one year prove it deal. Go for the Gusto!!

          Go big or go home

        • Tony Parker

          All good points Paul.

  • Ribs

    Sorry, I just don’t buy it. Even a poorly run organization will lay out responsibilities for covering job duties until a replacement hire is made. SOMEONE is minding the store. The scouting department wasn’t cleared out entirely. We have co-directors of player personnel. Things may slow down a bit but business is likely still being conducted. Oh, and the Chiefs are NOT a poorly run organization.

    Quick, someone call the GM’s number and let us know who answered. ha ha

    • tm1946

      Seems reasonable but are the Chiefs currently acting in a reasonable manner?? Dump Charles and Maclin (reasonable part), release Ballard (homegrown, beloved), and off he goes instead of replacing Dorsey – reasonable? Extend Reid (reasonable – just not beloved by some), fired Dorsey without having first round pick signed, cap/money in a state of flux and possible insolvency, time to start culling other rosters and the street for lesser talent who can still play beside rich contract players…. how well running an organization does this sound?

      • PaulfromnorthMO

        “cap/money in a state of flux and possible insolvency” plus not having the first round pick signed, add in possibly wanting too big a salary, sounds like good reasons to fire someone.

        • Laurels and limitations

          “butting heads” with the cash cow seems rather detrimental as well.

          • PaulfromnorthMO

            Doesn’t it though! We’re all trying to use our 20/20 hindsight while blindfolded, but for Hunt, the bad evidently outweighed the good.
            But WTH, onward and upward, I just hope that Reid is fully on board with the Mahomes pick that whomever Clark chooses as Dorsey’s replacement is as well. If not, that was a hell of a lot of wasted draft capital.

      • Ribs

        Insolvency??? Salary cap hell, yes. Insolvency, hardly.

        • tm1946

          Correct but in a senior moment, I could not get the right word…. sorry.

  • Laurels and limitations

    Meh, I’d rather have Mosley.

  • jimfromkcj

    Laddie, I don’t have a sliver of evidence, but sometimes when nothing makes any sense looking at what he has done job wise, it is time to start looking elsewhere. Could it be possible that he was doing something in his personal life that Clark couldn’t live with? As I eluded to start this post I have no, zero evidence of Dorcey’s having done any one thing in his job performance that would warrant this response from Clark and that leaves me with the question, is it a personal reason and nobody want’s to make it a big issue.