Chiefs: Changes on the DL and What It Means




By now everyone who follows sports knows that the Kansas City Chiefs had a defensive lineman, Roy Miller, involved in a domestic abuse incident over the Bye Weekend and is now unemployed. Without spending any more time than has already been spent on the off-field behavior of the Chiefs ex-player, it should also be noted that the team re-signed the 30-year old veteran defensive lineman Cam Thomas.


While Roy Miller appeared in 7 games for the Chiefs this year he had all of 79 defensive snaps or 11 snaps per game. One would assume that Miller would have gotten more snaps if he had been better on the snaps he did get. After all, he was one of the best run-defenders in the NFL… according to Roy Miller. We know he would have gotten more snaps for another reason… the Chiefs run defense has been horrible this season and if the coaches saw him out-performing his team mates you can be sure he’d have been inserted, at least during key spans of the game.


While Miller stands 6-foot-1 and weighs 301 lbs his replacement Cam Thomas goes 6-foot-3 and tips the scales at 330 lbs. Thomas was with the Chiefs during camp this summer and personally, I was pulling for him to make the team. Not only does he have the girth that is reminiscent of Dontari Poe but I thought he had a good training camp.


Cam Thomas has previously played for the Chargers, Steelers and Rams. Two numbers to remember about Thomas: 101 and 27. Thomas has appeared in 101 NFL games but he’s only started 27. So, what does that mean? It means that even if Cam Thomas is at his best he’s not likely to break into the starting line-up but… will probably be more help than Miller ever was.



In Other News


Andy Reid addressed the media on Monday and here’s a breakdown of his comments:


On the Bye Week evaluation– “It was good to have an opportunity to step back and go back through and look at things offensively, defensively and special teams-wise. I was able to do that as the head coach, looking at all three phases and all of the games. There were some things we were doing well and some things we need to improve on.”


Following-up on the evaluation- “…we will definitely attack the issues that need to be attacked and continue to get better at some of the things we are doing well.”


On the first half schedule- “… the schedule for those first nine games was unique. It was fun and interesting, but unique. Now we start on the second half here and we look forward to that collectively as a team.”


The practice on Monday- ” I let the guys run around a little bit today just to loosen up. It wasn’t anything too formal, but just to get themselves back in the swing of things.”


On this team- “I like this team and I like their work ethic. I like the way they battled through the first nine games. But there is room for us as coaches and players to improve. To me, I get kind of fired up about that. That is where I am at. That is how I feel as I stand before you right now.”



Coach Andy Reid mentions the evaluation of the team and states that there were “things to improve on” but also refused to say what those things were. We can only hope that one of the things he is planning on improving is the play calling when the team plays from ahead.


Finally… no matter what happens the remainder of this season, Chiefs fans should be excited that they have their RB of the future in Kareem Hunt already in the house:







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