Chiefs Extending Laurent Duvernay-Tardif

Although there is no final word on the matter yet, it looks like the Kansas City Chiefs are extending right guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif. Ian Rappoport has tweeted,


LDT took a huge step forward in 2016 — from 2015 — and nailed down the right side guard position on the Chiefs offensive line. This represents a firm commitment to a member of a line that performed at or near the middle of the pack and had a number of breakdowns especially in the playoffs. We can only hope LDT makes as big a step forward in 2017 as he did last year.

Congratulations to Laurent Duvernay-Tardif.


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  • ladner morse

    Leave it to TJ Carpenter to say something negative about this deal but… then again… he is probably right.
    What I want to know is… WHERE’S THE BEEF???… as in “cap space” to sign all these guys. How in the H-bomb do the Chiefs turn around and sign Berry and then afford to tag Poe … which is what’s being suggested in many circles.

    Good for him. I don't know why the Chiefs did it, but it's on them, not him if he doesn't live up to that contract.— TJ Carpenter (@TJCarpenterShow) February 28, 2017

    • I don’t think they are going to try to hold on to Poe. LD-T and Ehinger are the next two guys in line from within. If the line was truly something like 12-15 in ranking(PFF had them at 14) in 2016, and they improve by “X” percent, Ehinger gets back stronger and gives growth in performance AND they add a single FNG to the mix, I can see this OL being more in line with the top 3rd than the bottom third.

      • jimfromkcj

        Dai, what do you think about an off line of LT Fisher, LG of Ehinger or Siragusa, OC of Morse, RG of Zeitler and RT of Schwartz. Or think about this one: LT Penn, LG Jackson, OC Hudson, RG Zeitler and RT Osemole. That is just an example what one guy could do for an Off line. Off lines are moved around like this all of the time.

        • well, again, you have Ehinger with eperience v Siragusa… not that I dislike the latter, but there is a learning curve. I can see moving Morse to guard, and figuring a center(Morse then backup) leaves Fulton out of the equation. I don’t have a problem with the others you mention okay I guess. but Hudson at this point is highly unlikely. But that said? I gave the starting 5 and see a OG/C possible to draft in round 2 so there is another suggestion. Since Berry is tied in now(to retirement problably) then we can work on other problems(ILB/OLB, one OL, a Corner, a QB. Don’t see RB in the mix but it’s possible).

          • jimfromkcj

            I think you missed my point. I was suggesting that what could happen if the Chiefs and then the Raiders picked up Zeitler and how that could change the dynamics of the teams. The Raiders only have one weak link to fill while the Chiefs have possibly 3. Picking up Zeitler will solidify the Raiders while picking him up would at least make the Chiefs competitive. As the Chiefs this morning are showing 10 mill in cap space after releasing Charles, I can see possibly one player in FA that the Chiefs could possibly sign, and in my opinion it should be Zeitler.

          • got it. and yes, i missed your point….

    • Ribs

      This is the question I have. Where is the cap space to do this signing. Sure 2017 will be a small cap hit. Over The Cap projects we have 30M in cap space for 2018. Subtract 8M for LDT and 12M for Berry (since we are hearing there is a push to get that done) so we would have 10M to fill out the roster. That would be 33 people under contract, so 10M for 20 additional players?

      Here is a really bad thought. I am starting to think like Donald Trump, salary cap is all “Fake News”.

  • berttheclock

    Interesting that you use the expression of makes a big foot forward as heading into St Joe last summer, the question of his footwork was mentioned by many as being a flaw in his work. Seth Keysor showed some GIFs of his poor footwork on plays which caused him to lunge. I wrote several times about his needing to head off to Arthur Murray’s for extra work on his feet moving. Apparently, by the time St Joe was over, he began to use his feet far better to plant himself and he did have a much better year. He still needs to improve on run blocking, but, his pass protecting was noted by PFF as showing that improvement.

  • Tony Parker

    Our O-line really needed upgrading, especially at the guard position. This doesn’t do it. So much for trying to sign Zeitler.