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The good thing about a loss on a short week is we can move onto the next contest that much quicker. I will say this about the loss before looking ahead to Thursday; The Steelers have our number and will most likely be around come playoff time, so unless the Chiefs want to be thwarted by the Three B’s again, they better figure something out. With that said, we are onto the Raiders.


First, let me say this is a game many had circled on their calendar to be a meeting of top records, and a preview for the AFC West crown. Coming into the season, both teams were touted as one of the best in the league coming off big seasons in 2016 that went to the wire to decide the division. This is not the case as the Raiders are on a skid through the last 4 games, which may make them a dangerous team to play. While the Raiders have not played great football so far, we know they are a capable team that will be fueled by hatred.


On Thursday, the Chiefs will look to continue their 12 game AFC West win streak, dating back to week 2 of the 2015 season, against the Raiders who have lost 5 in row in the series. Coming into the game, the Chiefs are leading the division, and the conference, at 5-1, while the Raiders have skidded to 2-4 after a 2-0 start. Make no mistake, this Raiders team has more talent that their record would suggest; A top paid o-line who, last season, were among the best in the league. A young QB who has shown potential to be one of the best in league, though he is dealing with injury right now and showed as much this past weekend. A group of talented WR’s who are looking to Carr to get their season jump started. The reigning DPOY, who has been in the mix for the award all 3 years since he has entered the league. Add in newly acquired, 4 time All-Pro 29 year old LB NaVorro Bowman, who may or may not see time Thursday. Just to name a few.


What do the Raiders do well? Not a whole lot on offense so far this season. Ranked 30th in offensive yards, 27th in passing yards and 24th in rushing yards. This is good news for the Chiefs, who are at the bottom of the league in yardage allowed to both the pass, and the run ranked 7th and 6th worst. Averaging 20.7 points per game, the Raiders come in at 18th in the league while the Chiefs are the 13th in points allowed with 21.7. About the best thing the Raiders do is not allowing sacks, only 13 have been allowed to this point with 16 QB hits. The Chiefs, who have been at the top of the league in sacks coming into the year, only have 15 on the season, good for a tie at 12th in the NFL.


After a lackluster performance in week 6, the Chief’s offense has a primed matchup to recover on Thursday. The secondary for the Raiders has been atrocious this season, allowing the 10th most yards per game to opposing passers. Smith and Co. are 7th in the league in passing yardage. This is an area I like a lot to be exploited tomorrow night. Though the passing game will probably rely on the run game to get started, which is another plus in favor of the Chiefs, who average 134 yards per game on the ground. The Raiders allow 117.2, while the signing of Bowman will likely better that number, I don’t expect it to happen 2 days after joining the team.


I know the numbers only tell part of the story when it comes to NFL teams and predicting games, but through the eye test, if the team that played the first three quarters against the Steelers stays home, I like this game to be an early run-away for the Chiefs. Come midnight Thursday night, when I turn the game off and head to bed, any talk of a Chiefs skid should be over and done with. The winning streak in the division, and against the Raiders, will continue and we can get back to our regularly scheduled knit picking of the Chiefs as they make their way to a second consecutive division championship, and a long run in the post season.


What do you think, will the Chiefs return to their weeks 1-5 ways, or did the Steelers loss grease them up for a 2 game, or more, slide? We will know by the end of tomorrow night, in the meantime, what is going to lose, or win, this game for our KANSAS CITY CHIEFS?






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  • ladner morse
    • Boys, Dolphins, Bills, raiders we face. Broncos and not up on the top list. The trailing Chargers are tied with the Chiefs on the top list which makes them a dangerous foe. Watch out. Rivers is, well, Rivers.

  • Stan Colbert

    It is being reported on Fox and Friends that one of the concerns of the NFL players disrespecting the anthem is Gender pay. Isn’t that sweet?

  • Frank, you pretty much sum up my view. Last year, I said in the next year of starting(which Carr was knocked out of late), that NFL Defensive Coordinators would know his abilities, likes and tendencies. Now he has had to come back from another injury. I have said before that like Cam Newton’s praise, and other new QBs, the league catches up with them. I think the Raiders have a lot of talent but they aren’t there yet. Adding Bowman will help but defense is a lot easier to get into the swing of things. Nuances, shifts in responsibility, not as easy. It’s cold here in PACNW, not bad, but damp. Precip tomorrow. Don’t know about the coast… or down south in CA. l expect the Chiefs to totally rebound here and have been thinking something like 37-14. Like that.

    That said: I am ruminating on our defense. I am very displeased. I would name names but it was nearly all of them. DJ doesn’t seem to have the speed. Peters won’t hit. The front 3 arrangement to stop the run sucks. I think Chris Jones suddenly took on his old mantre of taking plays off unfortunately. The front three did not pursue plays to the whistle(Jaye where are you man?). That means all of them not just Jones. Sutton’s inability to figure out how to adjust sucks(should have been a 1st Q adjustment. Dee Ford had a sack, Houston didn’t and he didn’t look himself either. Wilson didn’t get in, Ragland did but we still could stop the run. Dan S. played a hell of a game but he is not able to take on guys at the LoS as Berry does. Maybe no one can. But it shows. Reads on the plays by the LB and secondary crews sucked. I am watching the replay saying, WTH?

    At any rate, I believe you captured my own feelings about the game. 6-1. 31-14. Like that by the end of the day. Thanks, and thanks for letting me harangue a bit.

    Part of it was Tomlin and Co plain outsmarted Reid and Co. We shouldn’t be playing like we are playing on defense. We lost Berry and we are still playing the same way as we did in 2016. That does not work. Where is the fierceness? I am not seeing it.

    • Frank Rodela

      Thanks Dai, and great job elaborating on all points. I don’t know what the deal with the defense is, but the bending not breaking attitude needs to go to more of a don’t bend, don’t break mantra. One guy, no matter how good Berry is, cannot break your scheme as much as it appears to be broken. Sutton needs to put in a little extra time in the film room, but rather than looking at the Raiders, he needs to spend some time looking at the Chiefs to figure out where he can change it up.

      • It was like they were trying to bend even further than normal. I really didnt like the alignment and heavy pass defense sets. I would have preferred putting in run stopping packages and leaving or d backs to fend for themselves. I have more confidence in Berry, Mitchell, Parker, and Sorensen to contain the pass.

        Or, mix in some deception. Look heavy pass defense and the corner or safety blitz. Anything but The predictable yard giving machine we were.

        • I am right there with you. Sutton’s scheme, at least for a team with both run/pass strength, doesn’t work.

  • drwillez37

    The Raiders WR not catching the hail Mary passes Carr throws up like he did all last year. Making him seem batter then he is

    • Frank Rodela

      A-la Blake Bortles 2015

  • Frank Rodela

    West, Morse and LDT have been ruled out for tomorrow night’s game, Wilson listed as questionable.

    West suffered a concussion and is still in the protocol

    Morse and LDT have both missed multiple games, though both practiced this week so hopefully they can go next Monday night against the donks.

    Wilson missed the Steeler game with a knee injury, so we will see if he can line more of you up for a helping of crow, if he will be a decoy/non factor or if he will suit up in his workout gear on the sidelines again.

    • still nothing in Ehinger’s return? I don’t see it and have read or heard nothing. It would be a boon to get a full compliment back of the OL. or did I miss something.

      • Frank Rodela

        Based on what I have/have not read, it almost seems like Wittzmann is our LG, regardless of Ehinger’s status, which I want to say is full participation and healthy

  • Frank Rodela

    Raiders Injury Report:

    CB Gareon Conley (shin) – OUT

    OT Marshall Newhouse (foot) – OUT (Vadal Alexander expected to get the start at RT)

    LB’s Corey James (knee), Marquel Lee (ankle) and Nicholas Morrow (ankle) are listed as questionable and have been limited in practice.

    FB Jamize Olawale is also questionable with a concussion.

  • Stan Colbert

    It is being reported the Chiefs, thus far have played the toughest schedule. Looking forward the Chiefs schedule ranks 31 in the league.

    • One of our guys posted on the route to the season finale. The Chiefs are in good shape. They play within the division now, that is 6 games. Won’t be easy but it is a lot better than the first 6 and we are 5-1. Frank posted a piece about the Chiefs roadmap for 2017.

      here is what we have: The Chiefs Played the Charger away previously in the schedule for a win. Now, are the CHIEFS also in a flux? I don’t think so. Raiders game upcoming tomorrow will tell us though.

      Sitting 5-1:

      V Raiders(TNF) – Away(Win)

      who we play at right time away — they are in a flux both sides of the ball. Offense has not caught on. I predict a big rebound from our SNF fiasco.
      catching the raiders who are in a flux right now, road game.

      V Broncos(Win) Oct 30 Home. Broncos have a problem ground and air. This is a division rival and the Chiefs should be up to get the W with Broncos aerial game problems.

      V Cowboys away(Win) The Boys in a bit of a flux too. Nothing smooth about it.
      If Chiefs get ambushed for 2nd loss, it might be this game with the boys.
      …. But right now? Chiefs are in better condition by that date. Morse and LD-T should be ready to play even if they hold them out til after the Bye. Witzmann is playing pretty well and Cam is showing progress. Let’s say Andy get’s his head out of his ass, listens to Nagy and the offense takes off, Hunt continues and they exploit all the tools for scoring. Smooths out. 3 wins. Chiefs are at 8-1. If not? 7-2 then.

      I can see the Chiefs at this point, just saying we lose a 2nd game as being 7-2, though I think think they should win all 3 of these games and sit pretty for the rest of the schedule. No, these 3 games will be tough, just as wihning any game in the NFL is tough. I predict big rebound from our SNF fiasco v Steelers. at the bye Chiefs either 7-2 or 8-1.


      Giants away(Win)
      Bills at home(Win)
      Jets away(Win)

      3 out of division games. two away, one at home. How about we give this component of the schedule a 2 and 1 record and say the above prediction of 7-2 is where the Chiefs end up at the Bye. They are sitting in good shape either way with a 4 game finale, 3 straight at home then Broncos away. I give them 3-1 in this stretch(worse case). yes, they could struggle and yes, any game can be a problem. Give it 3-1 and that to 7-2? ends up being 10 wins. I don’t believe that is what will happen but that is my worst case scenario.

      V Raiders,
      V Chargers,
      V Dolphins at home.
      V Broncos away

      Now I think 12-4 or 13-3 is the proper outlook — before the season began? I predicted 12-4. Everyone else thought this roster is not as good as it is. It is not the highest level — certainly. But none of our opponents have the depth the Chiefs have with players coming back and the only big loss thus far being Eric Berry and Chris Conley. But the stable, in my view is to add that next talent and we have him already: Robinson. Ehinger can now play as well, LD-T and Morse should be ready now or at least by the Bye, so a full complement of our front 8 if you will. Add the experience Cam has been getting as a big plus. Witzmann too. SO: Fish, Witzmann, Morse, LD-T, Schwartz adding in Ehinger, Fulton and Cam.

      We’ll see. Barring major injuries I see them at the Bye 7-1. I see them with potentially a couple of losses but this is a good team. I cannot see 4 or 5 losses. It won’t happen.

      1 more loss maybe 2. You just never know. But 12-4 or even 11-5 is going to be good.

      Now? I think 13-3 and would stick with that based on what I see of the upcoming competition and the level of rosters this year — injuries are a major factor as well. Oh. We Hali Back as an example, he is practicing and I think they will hold him til after the Bye — but that could be a huge emotional move when it happens. Which tells me our roster is going to have a very strong finish especially in the trenches. Pray that we have no major injuries since I have laid it out but compared to the rest of the NFL and their losses of players? Chiefs are looking good.

      Sutton, Nagy and Reid help take the next series of wins.

      We want the first round Bye. We want the prize. We want the damned trophy. I think the players do as well.

      Frank’s visual Article here:

  • Need a rebound. Can’t lose to Oakland.

    Is Peters protesting something with his avoiding tackles?

    Sutton needs to go all Andy Reid but defense style. Mess with the offense, put a safety in motion. Have DJ lineup at nose tackle with his hand in the dirt and put Bennie at OLB. Do something that makes Carr say WTF?

    I really hope KC gets off that plane in CA with a major case of the nasties. I wanna see our Oline making some pancakes. Dline draped all over Carr. DBs catching more passes than Oak WRs.

    Let’s go Chiefs!

    • uncle you bet. Peters is a liability at corner if he won’t make tackles. They throw the other way and he takes a safe push, digs for the ball only. No Hitting with a tackle at all.