Chiefs Super Bowl Golden Egg: A 5th Round Compensatory Pick





The Kansas City Chiefs could well be gifted by the Super Bowl this weekend. That is, if Nick Foles were to play out of his mind — as he did two weeks ago vs. the Vikings — then the 6th round compensatory pick the Chiefs are expected to get as the result of his being allowed to walk away from K.C. last offseason, could, possibly, maybe, might turn into a 5th round pick instead. And, as we all know, any help in the draft value department that the Chiefs can get, will be very helpful this year because of their diminished draft capital.


In a piece by Lance Zierlein at, he says this about the placement of compensatory picks:


“Teams are awarded compensatory draft picks in Rounds 3-7 based upon a formula, which is not release by the league, that takes into account a player’s average salary per year (APY), snap count and postseason awards.


Pay special attention to the last two words there… “postseason awards.” So, if Nick Foles is somehow able to win the SB MVP, it could mean an uptick in draft picks.





The same article by Zierlein breaks down what each team can expect in terms of compensation:


“The loss of Poe was cancelled out by the addition of Logan, so the best possible outcome for the Chiefs would be to receive a fifth-round compensatory pick for Foles. However, since the value will be based not only on annual contract amount but also playing time, it’s likely that the Chiefs will be receiving a sixth-rounder.”


Based upon the trade of Alex Smith for a 3rd round pick and CB Kendall Fuller, the Kansas City Chiefs currently have the following picks:



  • 1st Round: 22nd pick traded to Buffalo for Patrick Mahomes II*
  • 2nd Round: 22nd pick: K.C.
  • 3rd Round Pick: 14th Pick: K.C. from Washington for Alex Smith
  • 3rd Round: 22nd Pick: K.C.
  • 4th Round: 22nd Pick: K.C.
  • 5th Round: 22nd pick: Traded to Cleveland for Cam Erving
  • 6th Round: 22nd Pick: K.C.
  • 7th Round Pick: 22nd pick traded to SF 49ers for CB Kenneth Acker


*Worth Noting: By attaining the 22nd pick in the 2018 draft from the K.C. Chiefs, the Buffalo Bills now have the 21st and 22nd picks in the upcoming draft which should make them one of the teams with the most leverage to make a move to acquire the QB they wish most to draft. In a QB laden draft, that’s a big deal.


So, even with the Alex Smith trade, the Chiefs currently only have 5 draft picks in the 2018 NFL Draft. Obviously, the addition of a 6th pick in the 5th round would be very helpful in this draft. Even if it remains a 6th round pick, it should be helpful.


In the 5th and 6th rounds of the 2017 draft, there were 43 trades, so we know there’s a lot of movement going on between teams moving up and back to get the exact players they covet. An extra 5th could go a long ways towards helping Brett Veach make the moves he wants to make, because he’s already proven he can “make moves.”


What do you think? Is there any difference between a 5th or a 6th round pick?




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