The Dorsey Firing: Connecting the Dots

Please welcome my brother R. Austin Morse who sent me his take on the firing of John Dorsey. Austin lives and teaches in China which proves that the Chiefs indeed do have fans all over the world… and so does ArrowheadOne. Thank you for your contribution and unique perspective Austin!

~ Laddie Morse, Editor

I think it is pretty obvious why John Dorsey was fired. All you have to do is look at the data points you know, extrapolate and project them forward to what you don’t know. So what are the data points?

The Chiefs drafted a first round quarterback in the first round for the first time in our lifetimes and surrendered massive draft capital to do so. This particular quarterback is currently useless and will require years of development while occupying a roster spot and cap space. These are the decisions that careers are made or broke over.

Chris Ballard was allowed to leave going to the Indianapolis.

Will Lewis, who was the director of pro scouting and was second in player evaluations duties, was eliminated. These two moves cleared any competition from the room going into Dorsey’s own contract renewal negotiation and would indicate Dorsey felt some insecurity going into that negotiation.

Jeremy Maclin was cut after an injury filled year in spite of the general expectation he would to bounce back and perform better this year and that happened two weeks after Andy Reid attended the guy’s wedding. I cannot imagine a head coach going to a wedding of a player he expects to cut soon or is even considering cutting soon.

Andy Reid had a contract renewal negotiation discussion with the owner, Clark Hunt, in private.

It is a common practice during job evaluations to discuss past performance evaluations of both parties and set goals for the future.

Dorsey was terminated immediately after Reid’s contract discussion with Clark Hunt.

Now the following conversation is speculation but I am 90% sure it happened like this:

Hunt: Boy that Maclin cut was tough. It must have been hard to pull the trigger on that decision.

Reid: I did not decide to cut Maclin.

Hunt: Wow. You took a big risk going into a contract negotiation to trade so much draft capital for a developmental quarterback.

Reid: I was not part of the decision to move up in the draft and to draft Mahomes.

Hunt: Dorsey did not consult you?

Reid: Yeah he consulted me and I said “No” I am satisfied with the quarterbacks on the roster now. Besides Bray and Mahomes have the same skill set and Bray is closer to playing. Giving up draft picks in the future is a bad idea. Occupying a roster spot and cap space for a player that is useless to me for years is a bad idea. And then he went ahead and drafted Mahomes anyway.

Reid: I do not want my future job evaluations tied to Mahomes development since I did not choose him.

Hunt: Ahem, (long pause) well that is unacceptable. Why bother having a Hall of Fame coach if he is not consulted on any (apparently) personnel decision. What I envisioned was a personnel decision making process that is collaborative, similar to the Golden State Warriors.

Reid: Let me make something clear. Dorse is a great guy and a fine talent evaluator and this is not a complaint. I enjoy working with him. I can win games with him making unilateral personnel decisions. I do not want to be a GM again. I just do not want to be evaluated on the basis of decisions I was not a part of.


Okay, there you have it. Mystery solved. Dorsey’s decision-making did not give deference to Reid.

Now let me make another speculation. I believe the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory gives a lot insight into interpersonal conflicts. One of the personality ranges is Sensory vs. Intuitive. Sensory personalities make decisions impulsively while Intuitives (misnamed I think) make decisions based upon understandings, in an intentional way and according to a plan. Dorsey is a Sensory and Reid is an Intuitive. Intuitive types and Sensory types cannot cooperate and get along because of fundamental differences in how they make decisions.

Hint to Clark Hunt on his next hire, consult Myers-Briggs but one word of warning, many Sensory Personalities pretend to be Intuitives (the reason for misnaming).

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  • Merlin

    If you are going to claim that you are using data points instead of engaging in speculation, you need evidence for your data points. Perhaps I missed it, but can you show us the evidence that Reid was against the Maclin cut and the trade up for Mahomes?

  • tm1946

    No idea how accurate it is but even in China, there can be a sense of clarity about what happened. Now we move on, if Larry does not mind.

    It is over.

  • freshmeat62

    First off the part of not being able to imagine a player being cut just after the coach attended his wedding, I can definitely relate to that. ONe day my boss asked me to this affair/party for people being recognized for achievements at work. I got all kinds of pats on the back, and ‘atta boys’ that Saturday nite. The following Friday the same boss canned me…company downsizing.

    I don’t think this was a spur of the moment decision by Hunt. I think he has probably been mulling this over for awhile. I don’t know what the ‘butting heads’ comment means, or for how long it’s been happening. But the reason I don’t think it was spur of the moment is because GM contracts are usually done a year or so in advance of the old contract ending. We on this board have been wondering for some time now when was Dorsey going to be signed. I don’t remember how long ago we first started commenting on it, but I’m thinking it’s been a year or so.

    Personally I don’t like the move. Dorsey has built this into a pretty good team. Better than anyone else since Peterson/Schottenheimer. Like many I was against the cost of drafting Mahomes. But Hunt was right there beside Dorsey when the trade and pick was made, so I’m sure he knew about what Dorsey was going to do and gave the OK. And the part about Mahomes and Bray being the same QB…no! Heck, I don’t believe Reid has even dressed Bray for 1 game, did he? Yeah, Dorsey didn’t manage the Cap very well, but I was hoping that since this was his first time dealing w/ the cap so closely, that he would learn to do better. I would have given him at least 2 more years to see if he could. After all he did make them into contenders that even national idiots, er I mean pundits recognize.

    • freshmeat62

      And btw, thanks for keeping this story alive for one more day. Despite what other commenters have been saying, until camp opens next month, this is still the hot topic for the Chiefs. Who made them the A1 police?

  • jimfromkcj

    If I had to bet, I would still place my money on mismanagement of the cap as the main reason he was let go. When you have Reggie and Elway doing such a great job of building a competitive team without busting the cap and accumulating a great deal of dead money, it is not hard to believe that a business man like Clark would be uncomfortable with the personnel moves of Charles and Maclin. In other words he wasn’t happy to begin with and the Charles and Maclin fiasco was the trigger.

    • Andy

      The timing is off if it was about the cap. All the signings were pretty much done, except for the draft picks. Dorseys release came close after Maclin and Charles cuts. Both were given no chance to negotiate their future with the chiefs. (We will regret both losses) These (add Howard to the list) players were Reid kind of players. Reid is a players coach and I bet he was irate that these players were let go the way they did. What message do the players on the team get when true professionals get treated like Charles and Maclin did? It’s a business, but these men were treated like yesterday trash.
      I think the conversation went more like this
      Reid ‘It’s him or me”
      Hunt “sign here” imo

  • drwillez37

    I dont know people are complaining about. This is the most exciting June i can remember. Sites are usually dead this time of month, and we are so on the outside looking in that this seems shocking. But it sounds like this wasnt so SHOCKING to everyone at 1 ARROWHEAD DRIVE…I’m STILL waiting for a SUPERBOWL championship Mr.Hunt!!!!!

    • Roswell Incident

      I was thinking the same thing. Not a boring offseason at all: draft a QB 1st round, cut your #1 WR, fire your GM. Whether one agrees with the moves or not, it sure is entertaining.

      • Andy

        I don’t know, entertaining is watching ‘storm chasers’. It is exciting to watch on tv, but not while it’s happening to you.

  • drwillez37

    Just because Dorsey built a team better then most of us can remember here. Doesnt mean another younger GM won’t get us that Trophy. Dorsey wasn’t god obviously he’ll be replaced

    • tm1946

      Exactly…. and I would favor moving on.

  • David Perkins

    Myers-Briggs is not much different than DISC and a bunch of other personality profile models, but my marriage counselor said after my divorce, the best marriages have two personality types vs. the same because of the differences, viewpoints, perspectives, etc., My wife and I will argue the same direction from two viewpoints but when a decision is made it is solid even if we don’t understand each other at first.
    Maclin was a good decision, the timing was horrible, and I doubt it was cap-related only
    Charles was the worst of the two decisions because he was home-grown (but he needed to go as well)
    Who knows about the firings of cap analyst and scouting but someone was not counting salaries correctly and that falls on JD since he runs the football operations
    Everyone was in on the Mahomes pick and we did not sacrifice a bunch of draft capital. it was probably just right. The Rams raped the Redskins, and got raped themselves, I think we came out extremely cheap
    We can jockey next year again and pick up an extra 3rd or 4th and add depth where needed – where is it needed again?

    JD did a great job of evaluating talent and finding it on the cheap
    Can the next guy?
    Or do we want a better communicator who drafts Percy Snow, Sly Morris, Trezelle Jenkins, etc?
    King Carl was pathetic after his first 4 years and Marty made the most of it.
    Rich Gannon should have been QB in 1995 and 1997 but we were stuck with King Carl’s choices because he didn’t want to look like the fool he really was.
    We could have had Super Bowls in the 1990’s except for our GM’s enormous ego

    I just want our next GM to count salaries, plan for the future and evaluate every player between San Diego and Bangor (and not draft anyone from Alabama) – otherwise JD2 but with better cap management
    Which by the way will largely correct itself with Hali retiring and the AS11 cut which are both likely coming

  • Merlin
  • FAX

    Regardless of all the speculation regarding why it was done (and the timing), there are two things that we absolutely know for sure.

    Thing number uno: We are in the midst of a salary cap nightmare. It’s been bad since Dorsey arrived and he did nothing to improve the situation other than cut one of our best offensive players. In fact, it can be argued that Dorsey’s player contract management has been substandard (compared to other successful, competitive teams).

    Thing number two: We have been losing high-level, talented executives at an extremely high rate over the last 16 months. The Chiefs’ leadership brown-out has appeared to accelerate during this off-season.

    Bonus thing: Reports from Chiefs insiders seem to indicate that Dorsey had been making decisions that “troubled” football operations staff members. (That, dear friends, is the reddest of all flags.)

    Given these thingys, I can’t immediately agree with the supposition that the decision to send Dorsey packing back to the Packers was made simply based on Dorsey’s inability to communicate with Reid regarding player personnel decisions. Remember, both Dorsey and Reid report directly to Clark.

    My personal belief is that Dorsey was in well over his head with this job. He’s a scout. Not a GM. Clark finally decided that the best move was to find a new GM instead of overpaying a glorified talent spotter. (And most of the players, to boot.)