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CB Will Redmond, 23 years old, 5-foot-11

  • Drafted in the 3rd round (68th overall) by the 49ers in the 2016 draft
  • Was on my list of players I hoped the Chiefs would draft
  • Todd McShay said of Redmond prior to the draft:”excellent quickness and agility, which is why he gives up little separation in man-to-man coverage.”
  • Redmond missed all of 2016 with an ACL and is yet to appear in an NFL game.


Could Redmond be another Reggie Ragland? Looks like Brett Veach may have made the only move he could afford.





I can hear the meeting following the 5th game of the season now:

Andy: “Bob, I want you to suck for a few games. Don’t get upset. The AFC West has turned into a cake walk — and you know how much I like cake — so I need you to call some schemes that will make us look like we have a bad defense.”

Bob: “But why Andy why?”

Andy: “Trust me. When the playoffs come they’ll never be able to scheme for us because we won’t play the same ole sucky ball we’ll be playing. What do you think?”

Bob: “Andy, you truly are a genius.”..












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