Friday Morning Open Thread



Laddie is still in the hospital fighting an early 2000s level WiFi setup. For today, we will run an open thread for fan comments.

Just to kick off the conversation…

Which QB will show better this weekend? Paxton Lynch or Patrick Mahomes?

Will the Chiefs hit 10 wins on the season or not?

Which KC backup will have the best performance?

What is your favorite highlight moment of the season?

What uniform combo will the team where in the Wild Card round?

And, most important question of all, what is the most appropriate tail gate menu for the playoff opening round?

I look forward to reading the comments.


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Frank Leggio is an operations director living in the Columbus, OH area.He has two sons and a couple of Beagles.He was born in Germany, went to high school in KS and college in CO.
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  • tm1946

    Will weigh in on a couple of questions:

    10 wins – normal Reid style, 10 per year. But this year, 9 is good enough. My byword for the Reid era…. good enough. If the team has a killer instinct, it is well hidden. Although every once in a while I see Alex get fed up with the offense and decide to just do it himself, Nagy running offense may have changed all of that.

    Favorite backup – just about anyone not a starter. Mahomes was getting a lot of love before the announcement he will start last game. No CB, LBs or WRs…. Charles is to new on roster for TE…. actually not a single one if we are talking about them moving up to be a starter and save us some money.

    Favorite highlight – the buildup in the media and sites like this the week before each game… most games are pretty ordinary compared to what is typed on the internet. Bert has tons of knowledge or really mad internet skills and except for a couple of sunshine boys most folks are just good old fans of the Chiefs.

    Menu for playoff games: My pride and joy wife has promised KC strip steaks, shrimp cocktails, home made bread, and she stored away 12 bottle of my home brew…. should fill the time pretty well.

    • PaulFromNorthMo

      Wow, love the menu!

    • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

      Great menu!
      She is a keeper tm!

      • tm1946

        Knew that 45 years ago… something like 2 hours into first date but nice to be reminded of m good judgement (not talking Chiefs here).

        • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

          Wow 45 years…that’s awesome…..I’m going on 32.

          Hahaha….I’m not sure what I was thinking either when I chose the Chiefs to be my team decades ago.

          • Ron Widman

            Going on 35 and my marriage has been a WHOLE lot less frustrating then being a chiefs fan for sure. And I passed my fandom down to my son and daughter, was that good or bad?

          • the last? You are a very cruel. How can you stand yourself?

          • Ron Widman

            It isnt easy, that is for sure. But I have been around me for 58 years so I have grown accustom to me.

          • tm1946

            5 granddaughters are bug nuts over Berry… he spent extra time with them last summer in St. Joe…. all together they would not recognize a bubble screen from a punt… but anything say Chiefs… they shout Berry.

          • mnelson52

            Well, when everyone ask me why I picked the Chiefs, I tell them I didn’t really, they just kinda picked me and I rolled with it. It’s not easy being a Chiefs fan but they gave me no choice.

        • freshmeat62

          47 years here. That means in about 2 1/2 years the pressure is on for something big. Yikes! She keeps talking Tuscany, so maybe.

          • tm1946

            Tuscany is great… took a tour with alumni association ( everyone is pretty much in the same shape) Cince Terre (watch out for spelling) is great.

          • mnelson52

            Well, I’ve been divorced for 40

    • I am liking the tail gate menu. Get there early.

    • uh…er…I don’t see the questions. But I am on the same page with the rest. I think we wait and see on Charles. We have a #1 WR and a #1 TE set with top talent. Both over 1k yards. We have a RB set as our RB. He is good for 500 yards. that’s 2500 yards for the starters in the aerial game. Let’s say you have 1500 left and the qb gets 4k for the season You have #2 and #3 TE, you have #2 and #3 WR. You have a #2 RB. That 1500 yards has to be divided among those players. The #2 TE is going to get some and it appears that is true for Harris or Charles But it likely won’t be 500 yards for any of this second tier receivers. For example, Harris has 15 rec for 151 yards, 1 TD. Charles has 2 for 52. But he hasn’t played much anywhere, Bengals 2012 4th round pick, Saints, etc… and now? KC is carrying only 3 TEs altogether, none on the PS…

    • yeah!!! Really like the choice.

      I am a ribeye fanatic. fried Shrimp and oysters, plus your basic boiled shrimp. is my take on this. Got to have seafood.
      my thought is ribeye or prime rib.

      My younger son to set up as the Chef(He has a Chef for a friend and should open his own Restaurant(now I am not telling tales here, Ian is very good and learns from Chefs at the best Steak House in Houston).

      For example: Christmas Eve Lunch: Prime Rib, mashed potatoes, Home made bread, green bean casserole, Cranberries and home-made pecan pie. YEAH!

      • tm1946

        Be still my heart… thought you were talking about The Chef in Manhattan KS… then read the rest.

  • PaulFromNorthMo

    Well, we kinda already know Lynch stinks so we better hope it’s Mahomes.
    I’m going to say yes to 10 wins.
    I think I’ll pick Ehinger for best backup.
    Uniforms don’t matter to me.
    Two highlights, and the refs screwed up on both. The Hunt and Hill catches that should have been TDs but weren’t. Those were highlight reel catches if called right.
    Anything BBQ.

    • Chiefs-Kings-A’s
      • yep and I am sick and tired of being sick and tired with the NFL, its frakin’ catch rule, and especially calls like the one made here. They have got to change that frakin; rule back to: He has control of th ball, its a catch. at the 40, he gets hit, and it’s knocked out. That’s a frakin’ fumble. FOOTBALL MOVE MY ASS. The above photo shows the frakin’ travesty that this bullshit has become.

        Bottom line? I have Frakin’ had enough.

        • ladner morse

          Please find other ways to express yourself other than cuss words.

          • tm1946

            In the day…. had a teacher who believed cuss words came out when you either had nothing to say or lost the verbal battle…. does not apply anymore… reason I left other sights – this is supposed to be fun.

      • Laurels and limitations

        If I squint my eyes juuuuuust right, I can see the space man doing the moonwalk.

  • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

    You are going to see the very best Lynch can offer, whether that is bad or good, we will see.
    Mahomes is already penciled in as the Chiefs future QB whereas THIS game could very well decide whether Lynch ever plays in the NFL again.

    John Elway was spotted at the Potato bowl scouting QB Josh Allen.

    • tm1946

      Not sure Lynch is the guy for broncos system. Allen wants to pick and choose the team he goes to… not an attitude I like. Also heard he did not play in whatever bowl his team was in. But he going there has an appeal, it will take a year or so for the broncos to get up to speed – so one less worry in 2018 and maybe 2019.

      • Derek

        Not Allen you’re thinking of Josh Rosen out of UCLA I could see a baker Mayfield type gunslinger with a chip on his shoulder being brought in to compete but it seems you all forgot about Chad Kelly? I don’t believe he is as Mr. Irrelevant as his draft status said. Could he be another Tyler Bray though, sure. But they have to give him 2 years to find out unless you have the for sure number 1 guy…what about kirk cousins playing there next year? Then you develop Kelly for a trade and keep lynch around as number 3 for another season. Although if Josh Allen were to develop down in donkey land very comparable to Patty would be an interesting rivalry for sure but I just don’t see it. I think Allen shouldn’t go until the top of the 2nd round a lot like Derek Carr.

        • tm1946

          Thanks for the correction…. as you can tell do not follow college or even teams not called the Chiefs… all that much.

    • I doubt that Lynch, good performance or bad, is going to be out of the NFL. Elway tossed him to the wolves in the first place and now he gets another outing. TM comments that Lynch may not be a fit for the offense at Denver and that is also an effect. I am positive that when you start QBs in their first year, or even the second, without them having been an understudy for a couple of years, the chances of performances such as Dak are pretty low. Dak in his second year is not th same. Bridgewater is not the same, even Cam is not the. Carr is another example.

      Holding Mahomes in abeyance is a good thing. I would like to see that in 2018 as well because I firmly believe that it takes that long to really get things down, to make changes in footwork that may be a problem and make it the QBs own, to learn the playbook, to learn how to read defenses and especially how to sit in the pocket, make the right move on a good rush, and avoid incomplete passes or sacks. The latter I think PM will excel at. But he was from the the hail and throw spread college offense and that has to be ‘unlarnt’….

      • larry mckinney

        The talk here in donkeyland is widespread, and virtually unanimous. Lynch does not have the passion for football. He will not be a Donkey next year. Whether or not he plays elsewhere is up in the air. I suspect his reputation will follow him wherever he goes. I would bet that he’s done.

        • larry mckinney

          The sports blabbers are filling the airwaves with, “which of our current QBs will they keep as the backup QB for next year.”

        • PaulFromNorthMo

          Wow, I had no idea that Lynch was like that. But I pay little attention to anything outside of the Chiefs. That’s just crazy.

  • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

    Any predictions for Mahomes first outing performance?
    I’m going to say…..
    275 yards
    2 TDs
    2 INTs

    • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

      I originally had him down for 35 rushing yards, but after I equated the three -1 kneel downs to win the game I came up with 32. 🤘🏻

    • tm1946

      Depends on the talent around him and if Denver play real first stringers. Also he will have a hard time getting back to earth, first NFL game. No INTs and at least 200 yards passing would be nice… no rushing, please, to easy for a rookie QB to think his legs will save his rear – get rid of the ball… 1,2,3 throw it.

    • larry mckinney

      Hmmmm. That’d be a better day than Alex enjoyed in game one ‘gainst the donks this year. Who wouldn’t love that?

      I’ll go 208 yards (16 of 39), 26 rushing (on 5 attempts), one TD, 2 INTs.

      After waffles under strawberries, I switch to main courses – ribeye with cheesy asparagus and a baker (all off the grill, really warmed up last night) and six Colorado Natives, iced cold.

      Hope that lad blows the doors off my prediction.

  • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

    It’s pretty interesting, going into week 17 and the wildcard spots still up for grabs.
    Pretty simple for the Ravens, win and you’re in.
    The Bills hold the tiebreaker over them though, can Cincinnati play spoiler this weekend?
    Then you have the Jaguars and Titans game, will the Jags laydown or will they try to play spoiler?
    The Chargers are still alive in this scenario.
    Technically, we have no clue who our first round opponent will be, although very high percentages say it will be the Ravens.

  • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

    Chiefs vs Broncos
    60-55 all time
    Chiefs vs Chargers
    61-55-1 all time
    Chiefs vs Raiders
    63-53-1 all time
    This is OUR division!
    Oh well…I was bored this morning.

    • larry mckinney

      Bored, not boring. Good tidbit.

  • Ron Widman

    Very excited to see Mahomes but that is too easy. I really want to see Kpass. Can he take Ford’s spot?? I sure hope so as I doubt chiefs can get a pass rusher in the draft. Mahomes better outshine Lynch, although might be tough with 2nd and 3rd stringers. I believe it will be a defensive struggle for both teams but chiefs win for 10. My favorite moment was actually the Monday night game vs. Redskins. It was my first Monday night game ever and chiefs won in thrilling fashion! Lastly, I will be in sunny Tucson for the playoff game and I am going to smoke a brisket with homemade bbq sauce. As always GO CHIEFS!

    • tm1946

      No idea what I am talking about but believe Kpass is Houston’s backup and Zombo and Hali are on the other side with Ford when not on IR.

      • Ron Widman

        I think that is correct. I was thinking outside the box for next year. I dont believe ford will return for 2018 but then what the hell do I know.

        • tm1946

          Like you said… might be photo of things to come… truthfully had forgot Kpass was even playing. Every one of today’s backup will be needed next year…. if they can play at this level.

        • we would pay the 5th year jump in monies to keep him. For what? I don’t think he is with the Chiefs in 2018 unless they can’t figure Kpass opposite Houston — because I don’t think Hali is back either.

      • PaulFromNorthMo

        I would have to go back and check, but I think Kpass played some on Hali’s side last week.

      • that’s how they list the depth chart…

  • Frank, thanks for setting up the post. Laddie? Get healed up and get home. You can get really sick in a hospital!!!!

    • ladner morse

      Thanks David….. and yes, I am well aware.

      I just figured out how to turn my iPhone into a WiFi Hotspot so now I have reliable internet. Yupiiiii

      • mnelson52

        March 20th I went to the hospital supposedly for 5 days. They screwed up and I had to have 2 more operations, which made 3 major operations in a 30 day period. I got home 50 days later. See, it could always be worse. Hope you’re home and in good health soon.

  • ladner morse
    • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

      Hahaha! Nice!!

    • Laurels and limitations

      This guy is officially on my Christmas card list.

  • ladner morse
  • ladner morse
    • Laurels and limitations

      Hehe, all it took was Tom Brady turning 94 this year.

      • ladner morse

        Still laughing…………………..

    • with a #1, a RB that can catch, a Top TE, plus Conley/Hill yardage, I think it demonstrates what I have said about Al Smith all along. Plus, he near the top in w/l game percentage. This losing streak didn’t help that but still…..

  • Laurels and limitations

    Q) Which QB will show better this weekend? Paxton Lynch or Patrick Mahomes?

    A) Mahomes, even if Reid doesn’t allow PM2 any 1st string weapons. KC might not win the game, but Mahomes will still show better.

    Q) Will the Chiefs hit 10 wins on the season or not? A) see above.

    Q) Which KC backup will have the best performance? A) Besides Mahomes? DR and Mahomes already got love for each other. Denver is still damn good on defense though and can likely close DR out. I’m torn on this one.

    Q) What is your favorite highlight moment of the season? A) Chris Jones, RNR, Jenkins, etc. going to town on Rivers.

    Q)What uniform combo will the team where in the Wild Card round? A) Please no red/red- so damn ugly.

    Q) what is the most appropriate tail gate menu for the playoff opening round? A) Smoked ribs, hot-wings, and beer.

  • mnelson52

    I’m wondering if either one of the QBs could have a good day in the brutal cold there Sunday. Receivers also struggle to keep their hands warm enough to make a catch.
    25° at game time and 18 or 19 by games end.

    • ladner morse

      Not as cold as others:

      GB at Detroit = 5 degrees wind chill.
      TX at Indy = 7 degrees windchill.
      Bengals at Ravens = 16 degrees windchill.

      Vikings are counting their lucky stars that they built an indoor stadium, otherwise: -17 degrees windchill (yep, seventeen degrees below zero).