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Well, well, well…. look who comes crawling back. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Allowing me back on here to ruin what would otherwise be a glorious Saturday morning. I recently spent a week in the slammer. By the slammer I mean behind the wheel of a moving truck lugging boxes all over creation. I am sure that most of you, Laddie included, agree with me with every fiber of your being when I say moving sucks, and not the kind you would be willing to pay good money for. Well with that said this past week has been a busy one. The Chiefs have been making some news which is fairly surprising for this time of the season. Usually around now we are all chomping at the bit for the tiniest bit of noteworthy news coming out of Arrowhead. With so much happening within the past few weeks we have a surplus of topics so lets dive right in. Here is your Saturday Sum Up!


Revis Relinquishes Role

In a move that should have surprised no one the Kansas City Chiefs have cut ties with cornerback Darrelle Revis. After being signed in the back half of the 2017 season Revis was expected to help on the outside opposite Marcus Peters. After the season ended with the Chiefs in which his play could only be described as “meh” the powers that be have decided to show him the door. The recent Alex Smith trade may have played a factor in the decision to move on from the ageing star. Revis was signed to a league minimum contract which was a win win for the boys in red. There were only two ways this would have played out, either Revis would show he still had it and at a minimal price tag or Kansas City could part ways with no headaches. Had Veach waited until March to cut Darrelle he would have been guaranteed $8.8 million. That’s a lot of coin for someone who’s most memorable play of the season was…… ummm…. I honestly can’t think of a noteworthy play of his. 6 games played, 2 starts, 11 tackles, and 2 passes defended. That is the ending stat line for the Revis era in KC. Field Yates had tweeted that between the trading of Alex Smith and release of Darrelle Revis the Chiefs have created $21.5 million in cap space. This is great news for a cash strapped general manager and you had better believe that Veach will have plans for that money.



Berry’s Back Baby

I want my Berry back, Berry back, Berry back. Chiefs Berry’s back, Berry’s back, Berry’s back boys, with barbecue sauce. I’m sorry I couldn’t resist. The second I thought of that headline the stupid Chili’s jingle popped into my head. Now if you are anything like me you will be humming that tune for the next week. You’re welcome. Now back to business, with barbecue sauce. Eric Berry, fan favorite Eric Berry, torn achilles Eric Berry has been using his agent to the fullest extent. Berry’s agent Chad Speck has put out a video of Eric with the caption “That achilles is looking good. He will be back better than ever. #EricBerry #Chiefs”. Now I don’t know about you but I was just a bit worried when EB29 went down with an achilles injury at the beginning of the season last year but if the 7 seconds of video is anything to go on we can release our collective breaths. The video shows the Chiefs star running a drill and catching the ball.





Now I’m no expert but in my expert opinion it appears that he is recovering spectacularly. Let us not forget what a healthy Berry will bring to the table. He is a hard hitting, ball hawking, run stopping machine. With a new teammate in Kendall Fuller the Chiefs secondary looks a lot scarier than it did just a few short months ago. With Eric back in the fold Dirty Dan Sorenson can go back to his situational role that he is much better suited for, Ron Parker can take his old position back, Marcus Peters will stay where he’s best suited, and the revolving door of cornerback will finally be closed. What was considered one of the greatest weaknesses of the team could legitimately become one of the best strengths. Only time will really tell if Berry will be back at 100% but its looking good.



Tantalizing Tid Bits

Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali has had his Mercedes stolen from downtown Kansas City. Like anyone his first thought must have been to tweet about it. Little did the thieves know that Tamba was already equipped for the eventual theft of his vehicle and used an app to find its exact location. Moral of the story, steal cars that don’t have GPS tracking on them. I mean don’t steal. Sorry Laddie.


Kansas City CEO Clark Hunt was reported saying there wasn’t a snowballs chance in…… well you know, that Alex Smith was going to the Denver Donkeys. This is good news as the quarterback situation in the mile high city is laughable at best and would have made all of the jokes I’m working on obsolete. Thank you Clark Hunt for considering us poor Chiefs fan writers who have to pass the time at the expense of our division rivals. Who would you rather play against Alex Smith or the trio of Siemian, Osweiler, and Lynch?


Every year the same thing. Someone says that the Chiefs should update their jerseys. Well Mark Donovan told reporters that there won’t be any changes to the jerseys anytime soon. Thank God. Whoever went to the Steelers and convinced them that they should use those terrible striped monstrosities should be publicly flogged. Any time I see those jerseys I cringe and thank sweet little baby Jesus that the Chiefs aren’t pushing that mess on us.


There we have it guys. Let me know how awesome I am and just how much you missed me last week. It makes me feel special and helps me get through the week. Comment below and as always VIVA LA JET SWEEP and GO CHIEFS!




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