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Welcome back guys! This week we see our beloved Kansas City Chiefs take on the Washington Redskins in a prime-time setting. Arrowhead will be electric and Andy Reid will have the guys in red and gold ready after coming off a long weeks rest. Expect to see plenty of Kareem Hunt and Travis Kelce on Monday night. Alas that story line is for another time. Lets get straight to it. Here is your Saturday Sum Up!


Travis’ Penance

Travis Kelce is a force on the field. The spectacular tight end is a blast to watch and plays with his heart on his sleeve. Unfortunately that same passion that we love about him also causes him to make bad decisions on the field. You may remember in week 2 when Kelce drew a penalty for taunting shortly after a touchdown against the Philadelphia Eagles. This is just one example of him allowing his poor judgement to get the better of him at times.


Travis is known for not restraining himself when he should, throwing a flag at a ref, taunting, and personal foul penalties are all stupid things he is guilty of. I believe this last week was a culmination of all of these things. #87 registered one catch for one yard on Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers. One catch. One.


Now let me be clear, he did not just have an off day only completing one catch. He was only targeted once. When any team has one of the best players of the position in the league sitting on their roster you would be willing to bet that the player would be asked to contribute as much as they can. So why would Kelce only receive one target in a contested game? I mean lets face facts, the Chiefs weren’t running away with the game like they should have. With all of the interceptions it should have been a blowout.


Had Kelce contributed more than one catch for one yard I believe the game would not have been close. The one target is the key to the question. I truly think Reid told Smith to only target Kelce if absolutely necessary. It is my opinion that Andy was using this last Sunday as a punishment against his unruly tight end. Reid is issuing the statement to Travis that the horseplay and stupid penalties will not be tolerated.


Lucky for Chiefs fans the antics by our tight end have not cost us a game yet but our luck is bound to run out. Andy Reid is seeing the writing on the wall and is making an effort to avert disaster before it happens by instilling some discipline into his tight end. Now I don’t believe Andy is trying to handcuff Kelce trying to turn him into something he is not. Reid is not telling Travis that you can not have fun and play with passion, but he is telling him you have to be smarter than you have been and you need to stop putting your teammates in a bad position because you don’t know how to control yourself at key moments. Kelce will be back this week with a vengeance. We as fans can only hope that the message Coach Reid is trying to get though sticks.


Kareem Careens To Records

With the 86th pick in the 2017 draft the Kansas City Chiefs select… Kareem Hunt, Toledo. Do you remember when these words were first said? If you were like me the first thought that came to my mind was “Who?” After a quick Google I was able to find some tape on the newest addition to the Kansas City squad and was impressed but worried. How many players do you see coming out of Toledo? Not many. Like the rest of you there was nothing to do but wish our rookie the best and apparently our wishes and prayers hit home and Kareem in the third round is looking to be a steal.


I don’t know what it is about KC and running backs but it always seems like we have a great back just waiting to get their chance to shine. And Hunt sure is shining. Through 3 weeks Hunt has amassed 538 yards from scrimmage (passing and rushing), and averaging 8.5 yards rushing. He already has 4 rushing and 2 receiving touchdowns on the year. Most rookies would be ecstatic with those stats for the year. We are looking at three weeks. Three. His down week was against the Philadelphia Eagles and he still pounded the rock for 81 yards on 13 touches with two touchdowns. Kareem currently has the third-most rushing yards through a player’s first three games leading the league with 401 behind only Cadillac Williams in 2005 and Alan Ameche in 1955. This record only adds to his already eye boggling stat sheet. He already has the most yards ever for a rookie in week one tallying 239 yards from scrimmage.


Kareem Hunt is also the first player ever to score a touchdown over 50 yards in each of his first three NFL games. If that wasn’t enough, he was also just named AFC offensive player and NFL rookie of the month. With all of the accolades and praise coming his way Hunt has found a way to remain humble and appears to to be focused on the next opponent. “I just want to keep it going. I want to keep going out there every week and showing up.” Hunt said. With no sign of slowing down we could be seeing more history made throughout the rest of the year. If Hunt is able to keep his current pace he would surpass 2800 yards from scrimmage on the year. That would be a phenomenal feat for the next great Kansas City Chiefs running back. The only thing that I can think of that would outdo the fantastic year Hunt is having is, dare I say, a Superbowl ring.


There we have it guys. Comment below and let me know if there is anything you would like covered in future articles. As always VIVA LA JET SWEEP and GO CHIEFS!





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  • freshmeat62

    Did I hear or read something this week that Hunt has a sore shoulder? An RB w/ his style of running sure doesn’t need that. Seems like I did. Maybe not.

    • Heilios

      I read about him tweaking his ankle but I dont remember hearing about his shoulder?

    • Ribs

      Hunt tweaked his ankle, Peters has a shoulder contusion.

  • larry mckinney

    Despite claims to the opposite, I also feel Slimmer Andy was sending a message to Kelsey last week. Hope the message was received.

  • I think John, the focus items you have are apropos:

    1. Kelce – I cannot believe myself that targeting Kelce only once was how the game flowed. I do think that the Chargers tried to keep him under wraps. I agree, that Reid was sending a message. Kelce’s import is magnified and he must curtail his juvenile exhuberant (why is spell check here so much to error so often?) antics so as not to be a detrimental factor in a game. It’s been close on 3 or 4 occasions. You drove that nail straight in my view.

    The focus on Hunt is important because he has added a dimension to the run game that no one has really filled since 2014(Charles). For 2 seasons, the Chiefs counted on Charles who could not contribute. Everyone was sad to see him leave. I cannot see that this was a mistake witnessing his participation with the Broncos. Which makes the Dorsey pick of Hunt perhaps an extraordinary pick as witnessed by what Hunt has done since his arrival. He is a special talent. Just how special remains to be seen but with his gifts as a receiver out of the backfield, limiting his carries to 20 or less? Bang. We have what we need and more in the ground game. Good coverage of Hunt.

    thanks – D

  • mnelson52

    I agree mostly, but, I think Kelce was the big example Reid used to send a message to the whole team that this type of behavior will not be tolerated.

    • Laurels and limitations

      Oh, kids will be kids, but those same kids sometimes need that backside tanned.

    • mnelson52

      I forgot to mention Santos being released on waivers

      • wow. Chiefs don’t have it but just read this myself from another source.

        So they must have some great deal of trust that Butker is going to be butt kicker(and it appears that he really can do that to me). Saves a bunch on salary as well… but this year? His cap # is abt $1.8m. Now I don’t know how that affects KC’s cap in 2017… nope. I do know. His $1.8m is guaranteed, so it is not going to buy back anything v the cap.

        One big thing, he was coming to his contract season and that would have meant a lot more than $2m.

        Butker outperformed Gano in Pre-season btw. The Panthers went with Gano and put Butker on their ps.

  • Laurels and limitations

    Just read where DAT is good to go for Monday night. That’s a relief.

    • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

      I usually read you pretty good, but I’m having a hard time with this one…..was that sarcasm?–lol

      • Laurels and limitations

        nope, Washington likes to run a 4-3 defensive front set on 37% of 50% of opposing offenses scripted plays, half the time.

        • which makes “Speed Kills” an important part of the offense eh?

          • Laurels and limitations

            now you get it.

          • see Santos/Butker observations below.

          • Laurels and limitations


          • Chiefs waived Santos and they had signed former GState PK Harrison Butker who was PS for the Panthers. He had a very good pre-season but Ganos kept his job. Reid said the Chiefs had their eye on him during the draft. Santos cap hit for 2017 is $1.8m. it shows at OtC as guranteed. BUT:

            At the same time as showing his salary is guranteed it also notes: Cairo Santos signed a one year, $1.797 million contract with the Chiefs
            on April 17, 2017. Santos is a RFA and no portion of his contract is
            guaranteed. (does that mean a portion is earned and the rest is not guaranteed?)… don’t know on this.

  • drwillez37

    So Santos is gone..that’s pretty shocking but it makes sense considering he was an unrestricted free agent at the end of this season and aparently Toub and Co. Had their eyes on BUTT KICKER during the draft
    So it’s weird how things go down just look at Ware and Hunt

    • ladner morse

      Pretty surprised they gave up on Santos so quickly.