K.C. Chiefs and the Sunday Sum Up! 5.28.17


Hi guys! Another week has come and gone. We are now 7 days closer to the first snap of the preseason. I know it’s just the preseason but if you are reading this article you are probably as impatient as I am and can not wait for real Chiefs football. I know I am chomping at the bit to see the Chiefs crush the 49ers. It will be a welcome change to the barren wasteland that is the offseason. So, I guess I’ll give you what you came here for. Here’s your Sunday Sum Up!




Tyler Bray > Patrick Mahomes

As the Kansas City Chiefs dive headlong into their OTA’s Andy Reid made one thing clear. Tyler Bray is the backup quarterback. Bray would appear to have a stranglehold on the #2 spot and as of now has little intention to relinquish the coveted title. When the top brass traded a king’s ransom away to move up and select Mahomes #10 overall in the 2017 NFL draft the consensus was that he would immediately step in and take over the backup spot with a chance to compete for the starter position. It would appear that Reid is only awarding the role on merit and Bray has more experience holding the clipboard. It is a daunting task holding that heavy clipboard. The wind could gust and rustle the papers, possibly making them askew under the clip. Bad thing. Very bad thing. Mr. Reid did say “He’s earned the right to be in that position and now he’s got to maintain it.” So, I would not be surprised if by the start of the season Mahomes surpasses Bray in the depth chart. Only time will tell if this actually happens or if Bray is able to maintain his grasp or if the mantle slips through his fingers.


Chiefs Offense Clicking

Wednesday afternoon offered something all Chiefs fans adore. Deep passes. Alex Smith chucked a ball deep and Demarcus Robinson streaked down the right sideline 40 yards and snatched the ball from the air. Robinson put on a show turning heads all day and he knew it. “I had a great day today,” Robinson said. “It was just going out there and trying to compete. I’m trying to prove whatever I can to get on the field. It’s always about competing and showing the coaches what you can do. “I mean, whether it’s on the field or off the field, it’s just knowing what you’ve got to do. I think today was a good way to get started.” This is great news coming from the second-year wideout. The former University of Florida receiver hasn’t shown much since being selected in the 4th round of the 2016 draft but this is to be expected from a later round selection. He still has plenty of opportunities to prove himself and further his still young NFL career.




Hill on Wheels

In a recent article written over at FanRag, they rated the best kick returners in the league and they had an interesting little factoid. Tyreek Hill is the best kick returner in the league. In their list, he comes in on top of a good group of guys. Hill beat out Tyler Ervin of the Houston Texans, Adoree’ Jackson of the Tennessee Titans, Marcus Sherels from the Minnesota Vikings, and Cordarrelle Patterson from the Oakland Raiders. It is always nice to be placed so high on a list like this especially ahead of a divisional rival. Although this should come as no surprise to anyone, Hill did return kicks for 3 touchdowns and would have had more if not for having some called back due to flags on the play. We all knew where he should be ranked, it is just nice to have some recognition from an outside source.


Front Office Shaking and Moving

The Chiefs front office has made some changes to their operations with the announcement of several moves. One of note was the promotion of Brandt Tilis to the position of director of football administration. He steps into the role vacated by Trip MacCracken. Trip was not brought back after the 2016 season and his job remained open until the recent promotion. Kansas City has also brought in Chris Shea as its salary cap and legal executive. Shea was most recently with the Philadelphia Eagles as the director of scouting administration and personnel scout. Several other promotions also took place including Ryan Poles, who was promoted from the college scouting coordinator to director of college scouting and Ryne Nutt was promoted to the assistant director of college scouting. Dan Zegers was promoted to college scouting coordinator from his previous position as a player personnel assistant, and Jim Noel was a former scouting assistant who was seen fit to become a pro scout. Daniel Ricci was a communications intern who has been added as a player personnel assistant. Top brass at One Arrowhead Drive made things official with Tim Terry. He was brought in to replace Will Lewis as the director of pro personnel. These moves are signs of continuity in an already talented front office. With so many promotions we should begin to see some new faces wandering the halls of Arrowhead. Good luck to all of you in your new positions. Your success at your respective positions will result in a better product on the field.




Ok all, there you have it. Your Sunday Sum Up! Comment below and let me know anything I may have missed. As always VIVA LA JET SWEEP and GO CHIEFS!





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  • Heilios

    How is everyone this morning? I would just like to add that I believe with the addition of Spiller I see Hill taking less kickoffs and more punts. He is better utilized as a punt returner anyways. Being shifty, fast, and able to evade the first tackler are his best weapons on a punt return

    • ladner morse

      Spiller is there to help more on kick-offs but I think Hill still gets the Lion’s share of the punt returns.

      • Heilios

        Oh absolutely. That is what I was trying to say. Sorry my brain is fried. I’ve been putting together an above ground swimming pool.

      • Chiefly Bacon

        I seem to be mostly alone in my thought that DAT will get a lot of PRs and some KRs.

        • ladner morse

          You may be right about that one. Reid seems to like having more than one guy with speed that kills so DAT may make this roster again.

  • freshmeat62

    Went back to get caught up on my reading that I missed the last week or so. The ones that caught my attention the most were the ones by Laddie w/ his Positional Ratings. Pretty optimistic there. Especially the defense. The offense I can agree w/ most everything said there. I do believe we’ll see a bit more daring by Smith going deep more often considering those 2 ‘howitzers’ on the bench. Other than that I don’t see much changing on offense. Hunt may be an upgrade at RB, but….. I remember many years ago there was this hotshot RB coming out of NW MO, that was being considered the 2nd coming of Walter Payton. He didn’t even have a fizzel, just a ‘pfft’ and he was gone.

    Now the defense I’m not near as optimistic, especially ILB’s, and OLB’s. This is counting on Houston and DJ coming back better than ever after major injuries. March-Lillard and Wilson didn’t show anything after DJ went down last year. Alexander had a decent Pro-Bowl, so maybe the Pro-Bowl coaches found something there. And “The Bust” (whose name I refuse to even mention anymore) doing something that he has only shown a flash, or should I say fizzel, and then nothing in 3 years. And the heck of it is, he’s even worse at playing the run…worthless! And we’re pulling old man Hali out of his wheelchair one more time. That poor guy is just going to have a couple of stubbs to walk on when he retires. Laddie says they’re ‘better’ and ‘way better’. I hope he’s right, but I will respectfully disagree.

  • Chiefly Bacon

    Well one part of my roster prediction is already wrong. Tourek Williams got hurt and is gone.

    • tm1946

      Do you know the injury… hardly had time to burn his fingers on a cup of coffee?

      • Chiefly Bacon

        Initially though to be a stinger, but they may have found it to be more serious later. Not sure.

        • tm1946

          At least he should get a little cash for an injury settlement.

    • ladner morse

      Wow… the one thing the Chiefs D doesn’t have is a slobber-nicker ILB… hoping one shows up soon.