K.C. Chiefs and the Sunday Sum Up! 7.30.17




Welcome back Chiefs fans! This week saw the start of training camp, an intern that is making headlines (good and bad), a personnel swap, and skittles. It has been a busy week in Chiefs Kingdom and we have a lot to discuss so here it is, your Sunday Sum Up!




The Kansas City Chiefs front office headed by Brett Veach has made a move swapping our current Pro Bowler D.J. Alexander for a bit of an unknown Kevin Pierre-Louis. Pierre-Louis was a 4th round pick from the Seahawks in 2014. He did make waves at the combine coming in as the fastest linebacker running a 4.51 40 yard dash and registering 28 reps in the bench press. He performed admirably in most of his combine drills against the likes of Khalil Mack and C.J. Mosley. After being picked up by Seattle he has played in 27 games over two seasons starting once. These opportunities have brought 1 fumble recovery, 1 pass defended, and 16 tackles. The big question is why trade a Pro Bowl (alternate) special teams linebacker for a guy who hasn’t exactly lit up the world? It could be that Toub and Sutton believe they have reached the ceiling with Alexander and would like to try their hands at a more exciting and dynamic player. Alexander was a great special teams player but he was never going to become a starter at the position. With the real D.J. coming back to camp healthy and Wilson beside him it seems to be a good time to take a chance and swing for the fences.








We have finally begun training camp! The drought that was the offseason is finally over and the sun is shining on a great new day. 3,500 Kansas City Chiefs fans joined the players and coaches in St. Joseph for a chance to see the beginning of the season. Without pads the offense and the defense were pitted against each other for multiple drills. The quarterbacks were out in force having games and accuracy competitions to keep them occupied for a spell. There were Tweets from camp throughout the day highlighting the achievements and needs of the team. It would seem that the light at the end of the tunnel is full and bright. In just two short short weeks we will be taking on the San Francisco 49ers. August 8th. 8 PM. I’ll be there. Will you?



















Michael Vick being involved in the Chiefs training camp has caused a bit of a stir. The Kansas City Star has issued an editorial titled “Why Michael Vick doesn’t belong on the Chiefs coaching staff.” Vick has been brought in as a coaching intern under his former head coach Andy Reid for three weeks. It should come as no surprise that Reid would be willing to bring in the oft-maligned Vick who was previously sentenced to prison for dog fighting charges. After his release Reid gave Vick a second change at a professional career bringing him on as a quarterback for the Eagles. Reid has been known to take chances with troublesome players, bringing in Tyreek Hill is one of these examples. Regardless of what you think of Vick as a person or a player one thing must be said. He served his time and by all accounts appears to be atoning for the wrongs he has committed in the past. There is no reason why a person should not be able to make amends and move forward as an individual after paying for their wrongdoings. With that said, Vick seems to be working well with players on field and helping a younger generation with their professional career.




Running back Charcandrick West has made a few headlines with his tote bag. West is now packing his belongings in a bag courtesy of Skittles. The red bag has a big red button on the side where all one needs to do it press it and receive a handful of Skittles. I guess being a professional athlete has its perks. Money, fame, Skittles.





Anthony Sherman has been a snazzy dresser for some time now. In previous seasons he has shown up to camp in work boots, overalls, and tank tops. This year he is mixing it up with a leather vest, boots, and jean shorts. He is also rocking a great haircut and a red white and blue headband. Obviously he came to play.



Alex Smith made two million dollars in one day. Think about that the next time you are counting pennies to see if you can supersize that Big Mac meal. Field Yates Tweets “Chiefs QB Alex Smith will collect a $2M reporting bonus for showing up to training camp today, by far the largest such bonus in the NFL.” Now there are two sides to this. It does sound like a ridiculous amount of money just for showing up to camp and well frankly, it is. What people are not remembering is that Smith’s cap hit of $16.9 million is actually middle of the road for quarterbacks in the NFL. Number 16 to be exact.


Gregg Rosenthal has put out a list of surprise training camp cuts and a former Chiefs great is on it. Jamaal Charles is being rumored as a surprise cut by the Denver Broncos. Charles sits behind C.J. Anderson and Devontae Booker on the depth chart. Rosenthal says, “The contract says the Broncos don’t know if Charles can still play, because no one knows if Charles can still play. Everything is on the table here. It won’t be shocking if Charles turns Denver’s deal into the bargain of the offseason, because he’s a legend, and that’s the type of thing legends do. It also won’t be surprising if Charles’ knees, which prevented him from working in team drills this offseason, cut short a career with brilliant peaks.” He’s playing on a veteran’s minimum contract with no guaranteed money and his contract is only good IF he makes the team. However, if Charles is cut there may be a chance of a reunion with his former team. The Chiefs could always use another veteran to help rookie Kareem Hunt realize his potential as a starter in the NFL.






There we have it guys. Let me know if there is anything you would like covered in future articles. Comment below and as always VIVA LA JET SWEEP and GO CHIEFS!




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  • Chiefly Bacon

    Good read John. Today will be big for Seantavius Jones. I’ve seen a lot of WRs excel before the pads come on, and disappear afterwards. If we hear about him again today, that would be a very good sign.

    • Heilios

      True. Remember the accolades of Jon Baldwin? Shines in camp disappears in the season.

    • Merlin

      It doesn’t mean a thing, till the pads come on.

      • Laurels and limitations

        I’m thinking more along the lines of the regular season.

  • Word out of the Kindom from the Chiefs, ah, er, new deep state GM:

    The Chiefs made a couple roster moves on Friday, including trading Pro Bowl linebacker D.J. Alexander to the Seattle Seahawks for linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis.

    Coach Andy Reid explained the decision to trade for KPL, saying they have liked him as a prospect for quite some time.

    “Kevin we have liked since he was at Boston College,” Reid said after Friday’s practice.
    “He has done special teams. He has had opportunities to play and has
    done well. They have a strong linebacker core there [in Seattle], so I
    think this gives us some depth or at least some opportunity.

    “I think he will help us with special teams … We want to keep building the depth in that position and get competition.”

  • Laurels and limitations

    JC is having a rough start in Denver but they may simply be giving him the Hali treatment and being cautious.

    Jamaal Charles is not practicing– Hmm #8sports— Mike Klis (@MikeKlis) July 30, 2017

  • Laurels and limitations

    I’m not so sure about the reasoning behind the DJA/KPL trade. To me the trade looks to be more about the immediate help KPL can offer rather than any limitations DJA might have. KC needed help THIS year at ILB if they wanted to make a serious run, Veach might simply have thought that DJA wouldn’t be able to improve rapidly enough. Fine line, I understand this, but it IS still a line.

  • Laurels and limitations

    Best individual play from today at #ChiefsCamp? It may have been this one-handed snag from rookie RB @Kareemhunt7. 👀 pic.twitter.com/K09iseXSNg— BJ Kissel (@ChiefsReporter) July 30, 2017

    • Roswell Incident

      If he can give us hands out of the backfield, this offense could be something special. Especially with Hill looking strong at WR.

  • Laurels and limitations

    our rookie project just gave Fisher a what-for…

    Here's a look at rookie DL Tanoh Kpassagnon from earlier today at #ChiefsCamp. pic.twitter.com/h5jECwznTD— BJ Kissel (@ChiefsReporter) July 30, 2017

  • Laurels and limitations

    Ridin’ with Mahomies is looking good.

    Here are a couple of the plays we saw today from rookie @PatrickMahomes5 tossing it to @ImFasterThanYa. #ChiefsCamp pic.twitter.com/bTkordQTbJ— BJ Kissel (@ChiefsReporter) July 30, 2017

  • Laurels and limitations

    Yes, Morse handled Logan one-on-one (which is a positive for Morse), not so much for Logan.

    Here's a look at the Chiefs' newest defensive lineman Bennie Logan today during a 1-on-1 rep. pic.twitter.com/NjxGs28dR0— BJ Kissel (@ChiefsReporter) July 30, 2017

  • Laurels and limitations

    Oh, and I still don’t like the look of JC in orange.

  • Roswell Incident

    I hope things work out well for JC. I’m not sure what it would look like, but I’d love to see him back with KC in some capacity.