We Knew This Would Happen Sooner or Later




Last week, I said football is only fun when you’re winning. I did NOT have any fun yesterday. I drank too much, I ate too much and the Chiefs didn’t do enough.


I hate the Pittsburgh Steelers. Outside of the Denver Broncos and the Oakland Raiders, they are probably the team I like the least in the entire league. I don’t like their rapey quarterback. I don’t like their drug-using running back. I don’t like their prima-donna wide receiver. I don’t like their head-hunting linebacker. I especially don’t like their I’m-gonna-keep-my-team-in-the-locker-room-during-the-national-anthem-and-them-berate-my-former-U.S.-Army-Ranger-left-tackle-for-doing-his-patriotic-duty head coach. I can’t stand the Steelers.


I thought the Chiefs would have much more stake in this game, but regardless of the narrative building up the Week Six matchup, it was just another game on their calendar. This was a game, I’ll remind you all, that I picked the Chiefs to lose at the beginning of the season. That doesn’t make this game hurt any less.


Here is what I saw:

The Chiefs are a second-half team, I’m pretty sure we all can agree to this fact. The fact that they went into the locker room at halftime only down by 12-3, they had to consider themselves very lucky. While the team obviously made some significant second-half adjustments to actually start moving the ball, and stopping the Steelers’ offense, they dug themselves too deep of a hole to climb out of in the second half. They have to hit the gas from the opening flag, and keep the pedal to the metal for all 60 minutes.


While head coach Andy Reid has been absolutely brilliant this year in his play calling, going for it on fourth-and-two when a field goal would have made it a one possession game was absolutely ludicrous. From an emotional point of view, I get what he was trying to do, which is have his quarterback score a touchdown and light a spark behind his defense. But by going for it, and not converting, the swing of momentum went to the Steelers and it carried through the end of the game. Reid has to be better in these situations.


Before the game, the comment was made that the Steelers feel comfortable playing in the confines of Arrowhead Stadium. They should. They have won their last two back-to-back games there. Those wins have halted the Chiefs progression in the post season and then halted their undefeated season. The fact that the yellow and black feel so comfortable in a place where they should be getting blown out should tell you all you need to know about this non-divisional rivalry. I have a distinct feeling it isn’t over.


Everyone from Pete Prisco to Cris Collinsworth have said that Alex Smith is leading the league conversation for most valuable player. I don’t think that talk has been completely derailed as Alex has still thrown 12 touchdowns, no interceptions and is top three in total pass yards. Smith still leads the league in passer rating even though he posted his lowest score of the season. The team as a whole had a bad game, but it generally falls on the quarterback’s shoulders.


Although it received no fanfare because of the Chiefs inability to complete the comeback, rookie running back sensation Kareem Hunt quietly broke another record yesterday afternoon. Hunt is now the first player in NFL history to have over 100 yards from scrimmage in his first six consecutive games. With 89 yards through the air and 21 on the ground, Hunt has found his way into history once again, further cementing his bid for rooking of the year.



Two huge areas on this team that need significant improvement are the pass rush and the offensive line. It was quite obvious that the Chiefs were playing the best defense they have faced so far this season, but it’s not like the Steelers’ offensive line is known for denying all comers to the quarterback. While the Chiefs were able to get a little bit of pressure on Roethlisberger last night, for the most part he had the pick of the field where he wanted to go. On the flip side, the Steelers’ defense was on top of every rushing play, seemingly before it started, causing the Chiefs to significantly alter their game plan.


I’ve said this before, but I’m going to draw a line in the sand here. Phillip Gaines is absolutely horrible. I was always high on this kid because he was a military brat and I had met his family personally. No more. I do not want him on my team. How in the hell do you allow a pass to bounce off your helmet, into the waiting arms of the best receiver in the NFL who then runs it downfield for the score that ultimately wins the game? How? How does that happen? I just don’t get it. He needs to go back to Texas and never show his face again. Absolutely un-ex-cus-able. Yikes.



At the end of the day, this was only one game out of 16, and as I said at the beginning, one I picked the Chiefs to lose before the season got underway. It’s obviously tougher because of the level the team was playing, but there should be no reason for anyone to hold jersey burning parties in their drive–unless it’s a Gaines jersey you’re burning, then you have my permission. The good news is, they have no time to mourn this loss and dwell on their shortcomings because they will travel to the heil-hole known as Oakland, California in four days to take on a Raiders team in complete free fall. And to make the world even brighter, as I write this on Sunday night, the New York Giants are crushing the souls of the Denver Broncos, so the Chiefs still have a one game lead on everyone inside the division as well as the AFC.


If you want more good news, it is that the Chiefs did score a touchdown, so I will definitely break down that crazy broken play that turned into a De’Anthony Thomas 51-yard scamper to the house on Friday.


Please let me know your takes on this game and what the rest of the season may hold for our Kansas City Chiefs in the comments section below. Thanks for reading, and GO CHIEFS!




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  • Jason, you don’t like the Steelers? Other than the 50 reasons you gave, why not? I am not sure which of your grievances I find most offensive, probably the one about Tomlin or Ben, bit I don’t like them either.

    Tomlin’s comment about feeling comfortable in Arrowhead should tick our team off. And I hope we meet them in the playoffs, either stadium, and light them up.

    I am on the same page about Gaines too. I gave him the benefit a couple years ago, but gave up with all of the injuries. Now I find his play offensive. We would be better off playing with 10 on defense. At least then we know we have the liability.

    I actually thought I was watching the playoff game again a couple of times. It was the same story, Bell runs all over, Brown catches a lot, low scoring, looked flat, no answers on offense or defense, and just not ready to play. Only difference was I thought Smith looked better.

    Kelce looked like he was still feeling a concussion, didn’t like the hit Hill took at the end. I swear the Steelers were aiming for heads all day. I don’t think I have noticed that when we play other teams. It seemed that every play ended with some black helmet or shoulder pad hitting a red helmet. The league needs to review it and clean them up. I am all for hard play and hard hitting, but stay away from the head. It is clearly been documented that there are serious issues from all the head trauma. It just isn’t necessary. West and Hill both taken out and there were a few others that looked close. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did get concussions, but popped up to stay out of the protocol.

    I don’t think I picked us to lose this one at the start of the season, but I had a suspicion. The homer jn me assumed we learned, improved, and would take advantage of the crowd in Arrowhead. I was wrong. I think Reid out thought himself again. More in my upcoming article.

    I also had a sneaking suspicion things wouldn’t gonour way when we himed the ball out of the endzone to start the game. We had the Brown bounce, the Harris non TD, the high ball to the open Robinson, and a couple other near misses. The only thing that sparked my hope early was when we recovered the free kick. After that, not much for me to like until the late game run to score.

    Good article and I couldn’t agree more.

  • tm1946

    Pretty rough game all around…. who was the guy with Mitch on radio, he had either been on an all nite drunk or scared to death…. more gibberish and missed words than I have heard on radio in a long time. Stadium, playing loud music when we were on offense… nothing like our OL not hearing our QB on the line. Was it just me, but did steelers know the entire game plan before, during and after the game? Nice job, Andy.

    Now I feel better, back to playing golf at 1030 hours.

  • ladner morse
    • Very good point my friend. I had them at 4-2. This is a good football team and it was not a problem on just one side of the ball. A lot of mistakes were made but the team was not “Up” for this game. I would not, as you ask, have taken that bet….d

      • tm1946

        I do not know but they did not seem down mentally – just every play called, steelers knew it was coming before the ball snapped.

        • Reid was out coached and didn’t adjust. Sutton was woeful in this regard vis a vis run defense. Tomlin was it all over Reid.

  • I have commented on another thread. This loss was going to happen. Sooner or later. If you see it this way, a team at home, thinking they will nail it, too comfortable, not up for the game (and most all of them played that way), and they lost. Still, they might have won it. kick the FG and then go for the win and that could have happened. Poor coaching, poor game plan(easily read by Tomlin and Co). Why not stop the damned run and double up on Brown? Something. Agree with Bert and Jason: A change at the slot corner. NOW. He didn’t improve(Gaines) he got worse for whatever reason. So I propose that Veach make a trade but what position? Get @ WR, CB, Safety or Front 3, for example. The NFL Trade deadline is coming up. We have guys coming back from injury. What one position would help this roster get over the top? Or, do we have the people, just that LD-T and Morse are out another week and we lost Berry and Conley? I think Robinson will be okay with Hill btw. Al Smith missed him at least 3 times right? One should have been a TD(Al wasn’t with it either. Agreed: First half doldrums have to end. I do believe that is the playcalling by more than 50%. Same as always with Reid. And Nagy couldn’t bust his eardrum enough I guess.

  • freshmeat62

    It would be nice if someone informed Peters that there is more to football than making spectacular interceptions, sometimes the guy w/ the ball comes your way and it would be nice if he knew he was playing ‘tackle’ and not ‘touch’ football. When he sticks his arms straight out in front, but his butt is going the other way, some might think he only cares for making headlines.

    • tm1946

      It seems he is more into making pregame “actions” than his job on the field. Really great when he makes some wild interception but day to day…. you can have him.

      PS After the season, he will get a big payday…. I will go on record saying he is not worth it. If we had a #1 pick, I would go with a college kid at his place and a #2 for other CB.

  • tm1946

    Well…. golf was good today. Wanted to add comment about Gaines. He played about as badly as he has since joining the Chiefs. I never could see the wonderment of keeping him around the first time he got hurt. That said, the ball bounces funny sometimes… made the Chiefs look silly but at that point when did they look like a professional team all Sunday? Now, what to do about Gaines, well, until they add a CB to the roster… I believe it is Gaines as CB or Sorensen can play S/CB at the same time… we got no one left and that is a fact jack.

  • tm1946

    NEWS, doubt it is good news – Chiefs signed CJ Spiller again (4th time this year) and cut WR Kemp. Think another RB just went to the training room for repair.