Merlin’s Third Quarter Chiefs Review

Merlin’s Third Quarter Chiefs Review

Wow, what a third quarter we just witnessed. A 3-1 quarter puts the Chiefs in great playoff position. Let’s just take a moment to recap the wackiness. First Marcus Peters rips the ball away to set up the winning FG to beat Carolina. Then, the Chiefs pull off a 2-minute drive against an elite Denver defense AND hit a two-point conversion AND doink a FG off a goalpost to win in OT. Not to rest on their laurels, the Chiefs pull off a fake punk that goes for a 55-yard TD and a pick-two to turn a one-point deficit into a one point lead to beat Atlanta. Folks, you can’t write a believable script like that. They are not the Kansas City Chiefs, they are the Kansas City Thiefs (yes, I know it’s misspelled, work with me here, artistic license).

Taking Stock: The Good

Justin Houston

In Denver, he singlehandedly destroyed the Broncos in the first half. A healthy Justin Houston means a ton to the Chiefs playoff hopes.

The Defensive Line

Both starting DE’s are on IR. Dontari Poe has been hobbled with a back issue. When he is out, the Chiefs are playing with second and third string lineman and they are holding up well. At times, the Chiefs are rolling with a line made up entirely of players that were not on the opening day roster. Kudos to John Dorsey and his staff. They are doing a great job.

Ramik Wilson

A player who I thought was going to fade into obscurity, he came back from the practice squad with a new found aggression. He is still going to be limited in range, but he is now attacking the ball and giving the Chiefs good play.

Bob Sutton and The Defensive Coaching Staff

Injuries have ravaged the defense. Sutton and his staff have done an excellent job rotating players in.

Eric Berry

Heart and soul of the defense. The Chiefs can’t afford to lose him, but can they afford him?

Taking Stock: The Bad

Jeremy Maclin

Can the 2015 version come back? The Chiefs need as many weapons as possible.

Dontari Poe

Will your back hold up or are your days as a full-time player done?

Phillip Gaines

Again, can you put together a healthy season? Heck, how about a healthy month?

Taking Stock: The Forgotten

Jamaal Charles

Might as well book this one. His cap number is too high next year. He will have to take a big pay cut if he isn’t just cut outright.

Nick Foles

See Jamaal Charles.

Chris Conley

Big time talent, but getting pushed aside with the emergence of Tyreek Hill. He needs to step up. The combination of Conley and Hill could be deadly.

Tight Ends Not Named Travis Kelce

Talk about a lack of production. TE is rising up my list of draft needs.

Chiefs Draft Needs

Speaking of draft needs. This is what I am thinking right now.

Primary needs: CB, TE, ILB, OLB

John Dorsey keeps investing in Cornerbacks and that needs to continue till the Chiefs have 3 solid corners they can rely on. Travis Kelce needs a running buddy. The Chiefs need to prepare for DJ’s retirement. Tamba Hali is a warrior, but he is near the end of the road and a third pass rusher to rotate in with Houston and Ford is needed. If Poe isn’t on the team next year, NT jumps into this tier.

Secondary needs: QB, OG, WR, S

Many fans want the Chiefs to draft a QB in round one. They might, if the right player falls to them, but don’t count on it. Depth at OG, WR and Safety will help. You can never predict Dorsey. For all we know. These could be his first four picks.

The Fourth Quarter

Three straight home dates with the Raiders, Titans and Broncos are followed by ending the season at San Diego. That’s three division games and a total of four conference games. This is the critical last push for a playoff berth, division title and playoff seeding. In terms of importance, I would rank them 1] Raiders, 2] Broncos, 3] Chargers, and 4] Titans. The Chiefs have a 3-0 division record. Wins against the Raiders and Broncos would ensure that the Chiefs own the tiebreaker over each team, respectively. A 4-0 record would mean a division title and a first-round bye, plus a home game at Arrowhead. A loss to the Raiders would mean the Chiefs are two games out with three to play. This makes it difficult for the Chiefs to win their division. The Raiders close at the Chargers, home for the Colts and at the Broncos to finish the season. A loss, even in the least important game, the Titans, would put things up in the air for the division title but, should assure the Chiefs of a wild card berth. Chief fans could very well be rooting for the Broncos to beat the Raiders.

That’s my guide to the Kingdom. I could have gone on and on with the good. It’s been a magical season. Seasons like this are rare. If the magic continues, the Chiefs could be Super Bowl bound!



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  • mnelson52

    Third quarter in the books. Bring on the 4th, starting with a win tonight. I believe the Chiefs can win this game, but not with the penalties they had last week. I believe the Raiders will come ready to play also. They know whats on the line. They can go from the #1 seed to a WC in just one game. The Chiefs can go from a WC to the #2 seed in one game. The media is talking about the Chiefs a little now, but mostly to say how the Chiefs aren’t talked about.

  • berttheclock

    The next draft is supposed to be heavy in defensive studs. LBs, CB, safeties and even linemen. Thin at OT, some strength late at OG, with QBs being all developmental types. One from NC will, probably, be over rated and taken very high in the draft. The ND QB could go fairly high in the 1st round. Draft Tek has Dorsey taking the Clemson QB, Watson, and he has merit, but, he, also, has some flaws such as not being as effective when he tries to throw outside of the hash marks. He will be a project who could become very good (He can run) But, can KC afford the time it would take to develop another project? The best TE on the early part of the draft is Howard from Alabama and he could really move the chains for the Chiefs. However, should KC end up drafting very late and one Desmond Wilson, the outstanding corner from Iowa is still on the board, Dorsey should sprint to the dais with the selection in hand. He is a complete corner and can cover the best from other teams, no matter their size.

    • mnelson52

      With some of the high powered offenses now days, next year might prove to have a run on good corners again

      • Merlin

        I think that’s pretty much every year these days. QB’s and CB’s are routinely overdrafted.

    • ladner morse

      Would not surprise at all to see Dorsey going CB in first.

      • freshmeat62

        I’m hoping for it, but haven’t seen one I think is a 1st rd pick.

        • freshmeat62

          Last year I kind of liked what I saw of Mayfield, Oklahoma, in a game or 2, but this year he just hasn’t stood out. I thought he might be a Dak Prescot like, but don’t now.

    • freshmeat62

      Been watching the college games more lately for that QB that I hope the Chiefs get this year. So far I haven’t seen any that impress.

  • berttheclock

    Of course, one must remember what happened last year with the draft. The cream of the QBs was supposed to be in the first round. However, look at this week in the NFL and you will find the cream at QB came out of the 4th round and, seemingly, was an after thought by Jerry Jones. All this means, one is always surprised about finding better talent in the lower rounds than was predicted by the so-called experts.

    • mnelson52

      I think there were a few of us wanting to take a flyer on Dak to develop for the future. I don’t think any of us thought he was this football smart, nor would have so much poise in year one. I believed, and I think some others believed he would be good in 2 or 3 years. It was good for him to go to Cowboys though because Reid would have sat him for 2 or 3 years barring any injuries to Smith.

      • berttheclock

        Similar to those, including myself who wanted Pioli to take Russell Wilson. No, not as a starter, but, as a far better backup than either of the two with the Chiefs at the time. However, I don’t believe Wilson would have had the same opportunity as was presented to him in Seattle. That is open competition for the job. Pete Carroll, even after signing two higher priced QBs, allowed open competition. Pioli would have never allowed his HC to do such.

        • berttheclock

          Interesting that Andy Reid wanted his GM in Philly to draft Wilson. Opens a slew of what ifs.

      • freshmeat62

        Me, Me, I liked Dak. I thought he’d be more like a 2nd rd pick.

  • Laurels and limitations

    The direction Dorsey takes in next year’s draft is totally a question mark right now but I do agree with your choices as a top need even though I would take QB up to the primary needs category. Dorsey’s biggest job this next offseason (and before actually) is to make sure that he is not blindsided by players leaving, retiring etc. etc., Nobody in the world can make me believe that Dorsey’s plan the entire last draft was to draft so many Secondary players, he was forced by need, or I’m a duck.
    I have to totally agree that this last quarter of football has been quite the ride as a Chief’s fan, I cannot remember a season such as this since I have been watching the Chiefs but I am beyond happy with all the Ws, they make everything sooooo much better.

  • berttheclock

    Three more hours as I look outside at our first snow storm. Mostly light flurries with about an inch or so on the ground at the moment. Could pick up another inch, but, the main problem is freezing rain is forecast for later today heading into this evening. Nice time to be in, even warmer while wearing my faithful Red Chiefs hoodie for the game.

    • ladner morse

      Windchill will be in the teens here in Dallas at game time so I will also be in and huddled up in from of our faux fire place… electric… but just as effective (without all the mess).

      • berttheclock

        Speaking of the cold, Benny, of whom I use his photo as my avatar, is a warm blooded Bengal who craves warm weather. Earlier today, he wanted out in the garage which has a cat door to the outside closed in garden. I opened it and about 3 seconds later, he roared past me back into the house and was curled up on a heater vent.

    • Laurels and limitations

      be extra careful if you make the drive to D’s Bar. I’m sure you can handle the roads, it’s the other drivers you have to be wary of.

      • berttheclock

        Nope, Staying home. I told Dennis he would not want to be on the same road as I if I had to drive after dark. Getting a cataract removed the end of the month. But, Dennis will be back in the Holy Land of Arrowhead tonight to cheer on the Chiefs.

    • mnelson52

      Freezing rain is the worst. We had a bad ice storm in 2009 that caused a lot of people in SE Mo. to be without power for a couple of weeks

      • berttheclock

        Funny thing about tonight in KC. 26 at the moment, but, sunny. Reports of ice on the playing field earlier, but, taken care of. Had this game not been scheduled for “Primetime” tonight, they could have played it next Sunday when it is supposed to be 39, but, raining.