NSLU: The Ides of March–Taking Liberty with the “Ides”


Like most of the last 5 weeks, I believed the Chiefs should walk out of the showers and head home basking in the good feelings of adding another win to the book. Unfortunately, 4 of the last 5 weeks, I have had to eat some crow on that idea. After reeling off 5 wins in a row, fans have had to enduring back to back losses interspersed with a single victory. They are 6-4 and there is absolutely no excuse for that. NONE!


First off: Injuries

  • Tamba Hali (OLB) – – knee, Questionable, limited practiced Fri.
  • Dee Ford (OLB) – back, OUT.
  • Terrance Smith (ILB) – concussion, OUT
  • Allen Bailey (34 DE) – Knee, Questionable, limited Practice Fri.
  • Bert Wilson (WR) – Hamstring, Questionable, full Practice Fri.


Now for me, this looks bad because Hali has not been the player he was and this season has done little to show he can help — maybe one game? I think his presence in the absence of Ford helps the Pass Rush of Justin Houston. The caveat? Houston is not himself either, or at least is not at the top of the OLB heap of pass rushers. I have no idea whether it is lingering recovery from his injury last season or that Sutton’s schemes remain a question. I am inclined to believe the latter.


Allen Bailey is important versus the run as well as the pass rush. The latter not so much as Bailey getting sacks, but keeping the pressure on while others get the accolades. I think Bailey will be ready to go. But then I have erred in my judgements for 4 of the last 5 weeks. Go figure on that. Bert Wilson was FP on Friday so unless he regressed, he also will be ready to play. Still, he is listed as questionable.


The Ides of March? Wait for it.


On the other side off the ball, The Bills have OT Cordy Glenn and OG John Miller, both out for this game. Charles Clay, TE is listed as questionable as are WR’s Jordan Mathews and Deonte Thompson, and RB Mike Tolbert.



The Bills experiment starting Nathan Peterman failed miserably last week. So, Tyrod Taylor is back and they roll with it. They are in danger of sliding out of the playoff picture their own danged selves… so the question becomes, which team will earn this win… the Chiefs are on the verge of blowing up a whole season…a fact which astounds me. The Chiefs are up 1 1/2 games on the Chargers, who have been charging. A loss v the Bills, makes this game, at Arrowhead, the game where we have either already hit the panic button but if we haven’t we surely will should this contest result in an addition to a slide downhill and will be slammed with every fist possible among the fans and pundits. For me? After last weeks debacle it was time to hit the panic button.


Ides of March Result? Wait for it.


Last Week

I listed several things that Andy Reid and Company should do to stem the tide and turn things around. They did not accomplish any of the tasks that I felt should give them an easy victory. I believe the same recommendations apply to this week as well.


There are so many factors that get us back to March that I think I should review from March Forward.


The Ides of March — so, to whom am I addressing the dagger?

The NFL Draft occurred close enough to it that we know that when Shakespeare used this in the play, Julius Caesar, he was using reference via the soothsayer in warning the powerful “Caesar” of impending doom. Supposedly, the first Roman Calendar was created by King Romulus in 753 BC, divided with the Lunacy of the moon. It divided each month into 3 specifically identified periods begun with a date — Kalends (Kal) the first part of the new moon, followed by Nones (Non) which was the first quarter of the new moon, then the Ides (Id). The last was either the 13th or the 15th of the month and as the calendar was developed it emerged as the 15th day of the (non)lunar month. Well, the NFL draft occurs later of course, the end of April, so why use this term?


Something was going on back in March. It was background, a confidence issue. As early as March 15th Hunt was talking up the sports venues including the Chiefs and of course, MLS(Dallas). Before and after that time, Hunt had addressed his confidence in both Reid and and GM John Dorsey. That confidence was apparently soon to be tested and then end result was Dorsey’s resignation, shortly after the Ides of June. But before that, he re-upped with Andy Reid on a 5 year deal. Huge mistake in my mind.


By March 28th, he and John Dorsey publicly stated that Jamaal Charles would not be retained. This set the stage for what would begin happening on April 27th, the first round of the NFL Draft. The Chiefs traded up to get Patrick Mahomes. They gave away 2 picks and the first round pick in 2018. A huge mistake in my view because with such a powerful draft situation, they could have taken a starting quality corner and probably both an OLB and ILB of similar quality while going after a backup QB and obtaining a RB in the process. Thy could have traded the rest of their picks to accomplish this, thus reducing the cap hit. Don’t tell me that this couldn’t have occurred — you go back and look at when they picked and who was available. You pull one player off the board, trade up for another and then make the next pick.


When you need to give away a pick, you can trade back and still obtain the player that you have targeted, and so on. But GM Dorsey, either of his own decision or being forced to make the selection, went the other way. Well, I’ve gotta go with the former. This is not to say the Chiefs might not have acquired the QB of the future and then some in Mahomes, which is great… but I am getting long in the tooth and want the Chiefs to win the big game — right danged now. This won’t get us to that promised land.


The result? No CB opposite Peters. No ILB and no OLB. They did get the RB and QB but that QB isn’t likely to start until 2018 at the very earliest.


A similar result to 2016’s defensive woes was then about to occur and we have seen the result of this over and over again in 2017. Those top 3 exposures plus Berry being knocked out of the 2017 season completely has given me the purpose of the doomsayer from Sir William.


Does this mean that the Chiefs are “doomed”. Well let me summarize what I think w are seeing, on the defensive side of the ball mostly.


1. Dee Ford and Tamba Hali, neither one, have provided the Chiefs the OLB Pass rush that is needed to be a constant force. Neither will be donning the red n gold in 2018.

2. Justin Houston, appears to have been slower in recovering than I anticipated. He is still a purpose driven OLB but he also has not been the force he has been in the past. Whether this is due to slow recovery, nil contribution by Hali or Ford or Sutton’s defensive scheme failure is not apparent to me. Probably a combination of all 3.

3. DJ inside, has not been himself either. I attribute this to slow recovery and the fact that he has had 2 Achilles tendon ruptures back to back (plus his age).

4. No CB that can be a force opposite Peters.

5. Depending on developing talent at CB, either outside or inside — and that did not materialize.

6. Failure to anticipate that whoever that Corner was to be, he would be targeted over and over again — and the opposing offensive coordinators did just that, go away from Peters, no turnovers and a high probability of success.

7. This exposed Peters as a weak link — he won’t make hits to stop the run game.

8. We did not replace Dontari Poe’s ability to push the pocket into the opposing QB’s comfort zone. That is not to say that Ben Logan is not a good choice… but the scheme doesn’t give us the same action. And that doesn’t give Justin Houston the distraction needed to get free to get after that QB and at least force an error. Nor have Sutton’s schemes given us much room for hope.

9. The cohesiveness that we saw on offense is gone. You fill in this blank the with the cause, ________________ and undoubtedly you will have made a proper analysis at least to some nth degree. As long as you include Andy Reid in that analysis. I think there are 4 factors but I can live with just one: It begins and ends with the Head Coach. Go from there.



So I may have abused the privilege going with the title of this section of the piece as the Ides idea. But I keep going back to Hunt on March 15 in Dallas. The “Ides.” My comments about what Reid should do as HC the remains constant. He is failing big time with his play calling. He is failing in leading the team as the HC. That has translated to a pair of pairs (double losses). I am seeing now the comments from various and sundry observers, maybe Reid this, or that. With that idea, I am on the same page (over and over again). “Let this thing lie down…it’s time we divest ourselves of this Mr. Reid.”


This week?


Chiefs 24 – Bills 17. Go figure.


David Bell – Avery, ID




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  • berttheclock

    David, great breakdown, as usual

    Kelvin Benjamin is out for the Bills with a knee problem. That will help the beleagured secondary of the Chiefs. But, Darrelle Revis will not play until next week against the Jets. Word is there was not enough time to get him ready for the Bills.

    However, speaking about Revis, Rich Cimini of ESPN has a thread up this AM concerning the Jets. Included in the article is a breakdown of why Veach was able to put together a deal for him, especially, considering the current Cap problems. The Jets had guaranteed Revis $6 M for this season. Revis could have “earned” the entire amount by sitting at home. However, the Chiefs are only going to pay him about $353,000 for the remainder of the season, with the Jets picking up the other $5.65 M. So, the Jets will be largely paying Revis to play against them next week. In addition to the Chiefs salary, Veach put in 2 incentives. Both are for $1.75 M apiece. One would be if the Chiefs win the AFC Championship. The other would be the Chiefs winning the Lombardi.

    But, should Revis make the March 1st roster next year, the Chiefs would pay him $10 M. So, in essence, this looks to be simply a rent a player for the playoffs run.

    Interesting point made by Cimini about the Jets. The last player drafted at a skill position by the Jets who made the Pro Bowl was in 1996 and that was “Just throw me the damn ball” wide out. Curtis Martin made the Pro Bowl, but, he came to the Jets as a FA.

  • berttheclock

    Ah, the Ides of March. David, how did you know I married my first wife in West Germany on March 15th? Well, that was the civil ceremony at the local mayor’s office, with the all important, to her family, the religious ceremony the next day.

    But, also, for the younger set, March 15 used to be the day everyone had to pay their Federal income taxes.

    However, speaking of getting married in West Germany, I knew a MSgt who came close to not being able to get married. The local German clerk was not going to sign off as the NCO was from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the paper pusher refused to believe that was a true state in the USA. He had never heard the word Commonwealth used before. Geez, in my case, had only Kansas been a Commonwealth instead of a state.

    • berttheclock

      Good thing no GI was from the Commenwealths of Virginia, Pennsylvania or Kentucky to head into that office.

    • LoL. — I had to force the fit here, but every thing was hunky Mar 15th, then it all went south.

  • berttheclock

    Ah for a chorus to break out of “So long, Andy, it’s been good to know ya, so long, Andy, it’s been good to know ya, so long Andy, it’s been good to know ya, but, we’ll just have to be moving along’.

    Thank you, Woody Guthrie for taking the music from “The Ballad of Billy the Kid” for that song. And, the chorus is from Ledbetter.

    • berttheclock

      Of course, I, also, love Bob Dylan’s “Don’t think twice” and for the part pertaining to Andy Reid, it would be the very last of the verse which says, “you just wasted my precious time”.

    • drwillez37

      Ledbelly is amazing!!!

  • berttheclock

    Yesterday was a day of bragging rights between players of the Chiefs. Dee Ford’s Auburn prevailed over Ragland’s Alabama. Plus, DAT and Terrence Mitchell from Nike saw Nike smash the Alma Mater of Steven Nelson, OSU. At least, Oregon State will reap the benefits of hiring a new HC. Their season was as bad as KU which has retained Beatty.

    • it came down to which team was “up” for the game and it wasn’t Bama. Still though, I miss the Bear. That was a period of time when I truly enjoyed collegiate football.

  • Chiefly Bacon

    Boy am I sore this morning. Played my first ever game of thanksgiving football. I had a blast though, so it was well worth it, I think.

    • berttheclock

      Flag? My folks told me that in the twenties in KCK, regular Thanksgiving football games in the city were traditional. Didn’t MU and KU meet on Thanksgiving Day?

      • Chiefly Bacon

        Two hand touch. We started with just two on each side and did the 4 tries to make a touchdown format. After my team dominating for a while (my uncle in law’s son Isaac, who was on my team, is quite the football player), they started adding players to other team. In the end, it was two on six. We still had success on offense, but it was pretty tough to cover on defense.

        • berttheclock

          During the Eisenhower years, I spent a semester at George Washington University in DC. Flag football was the rage on the Ellipse behind the White House. Played there several times.

        • one of my most serious injuries occurred playing “touch” football. 🙂

    • PaulFromNorthMo

      A good friend of mine and I used to play against our sons when they were teens. His two boys and my son, so it was three kids against two old men. The old guys usually won, but then 20 some years ago we could still move.

  • Delaware Chief

    Big game today,of course every game is. Chiefs need to get there mojo back and play as Terez Paylor would say play as if they are on the “All Juice Team”.
    Offensively,I wanted to see the following:
    1. Run the football, pound it at the Bills just like the Saints did a couple of weeks ago
    2. Throw the ball down the field. Hit Kelce and especially Hill. Last week besides the 38 yard pass to Hill,he had 6 catches for 30 yards. I feel he and Kelce can get open on almost every play and because he is such a deep threat he can do many 7-8 yard patterns and then rip off a long one. Many of the passes last week were of the dreaded screen variety
    3. If they are in need of a spark go uptempo. Alex Smith is very good when in that mode and it may add some juice to the mix
    4. Stop the penalties, especially the pre snap penalties.
    5. Score TD’s in the red zone.
    Yes that is a lot to ask, but in the beginning of the year they were getting chunk plays and were very efficient in the red zone

    1. Stop the run. Shady McCoy can really get going so make the Bills beat the Chiefs in the air
    2. Play aggressively and hit them in the mouth. Let the Bills know who is boss and fly to the football
    3. Make Tyrod Taylor uncomfortable in the pocket(although keep him in the pocket as well)
    4. At least two turnovers and two sacks. We are starting to forget what a sack looks like, time to get that feeling back again.

    Prediction Chiefs 28 Bills 17. Wearing my rose colored glasses right now

  • berttheclock

    Today’s game will feature a sort of weird reuinion. Leslie Frazier, the DC of the Bills, was a top assistant to Brad Childress when Childress was the HC of the Vikings. Childress was fired and Frazier was promoted. However, Rich Spielman, the excellent GM of the Vikings, fired Frazier and hired Mike Zimmer to run the team. Since then, Frazier has not lasted long anywhere else and landed with the Bills.

  • berttheclock

    Hey David, if you were able to have a vote for NFL GM of the year, would you rather go with Howie Roseman of the Eagles or Rich Spielman of the Vikings? Never thought I would say anything positive about Roseman as he had given too much control to both Reid and Kelly. But, once, he decided to take control himself, he has made several excellent personnel moves in both free agency and the draft. Spielman has really grown into his job with the Vikings after starting out as a pro scout. He has found many excellent UDFAs (Thielen especially) and made several excellent trades, plus, his draft has been positive.

    • berttheclock

      Roseman did let Logan slip away to the Chiefs, but, he brought in Jerrigan. Plus, he stole Ajayi to bolster their running attack. In addition, I love the move he made to acquire Darby. Darby became injured, but, he is back in the lineup and during his absence, a couple of younger DBs got great experience.

      • berttheclock

        Two other decisions by Roseman were bringing in Jeffries from the Bears, plus, Torrey Smith. The second decision was to fire the wide out coach who is now with the Chiefs and hire Groh to teach his wide outs. This move made Algohor a better wide out.

        • berttheclock

          Strange thing, but, Chung being the assistant O-line coach, plus, TEs and RBs shows Chung really had far more talent than his former boss, Andy Heck.

          • berttheclock

            I wonder if De’Vante Bausby being on their PS will teach him how to play without holding?

        • Delaware Chief

          Good point Jeffries is really starting to come on, and although things haven’t gone well for the Smith so far,I think that was a good move as well

        • drwillez37

          I hate that we took the Eagles wr coach. They were terrible last year so of course let’s take him as a leader

        • Agohor is become, or about to, the receiver that I anticipated him to be at the time of the draft. it’s really sort of difficult to believe that this is already his third season(at last for me).

          My Philly connection btw, was always to bet against Reid in big games, in contests that would decide winning a division, etc. I have mentioned this before. I had that “awful” feeling when Hunt we with Reid.

      • Ajayi was a super move.

    • Delaware Chief

      I would tend to go with Roseman,but that is probably a local bias because I get to hear and see the Eagles more in action. He has made some tremendous moves so far including having three new running backs Blount,Ajayi and Clement as well as picking up guys like Jernigan as well as taking a chance on Sidney Jones who if healthy could be a tremendous asset to the Eagles

    • Now that’s a tough one really. At this juncture? Roseman. I want to see all 16 games but from what Roseman has presented Pederson and Pederson’s use of the personnel? I gotta go that way. Too Bad Reid can’t get done with our bunch what Pederson is able to do. But that’s Reid in a nutshell. Someone wrote a year or two ago, that a team needs 8 -10 playmakers to reach a “pinnacle”. I think w have that, though Berry is out and that hurts a bunch. Still, the Chiefs are playing down to the competition, and Reid is leading us there.

  • Heilios

    This is off the subject but if any one is in KC and wants to go to the game today stubhub has tickets for as low as $24. VIVA LA JET SWEEP and GO CHIEFS!

    • berttheclock

      Last week, StubHub had Browns’ tickets for only $6. So, they believe watching the Chiefs is 4 times better than that mess in Cleveland, eh?

      • Heilios

        It must be at least 4 times better. Cleveland doesnt even have good tailgating!

  • berttheclock

    Remember the old Yellow Pages slogan of “Let your fingers do the walking”? Earlier in the week, I thought the local CBS TV station in Portland was going to show another NFL game at 10 AM today. For some reason, I decided to double check this morning, so I went online to KOIN-TV. They have switched and are going to show the Bills-Chiefs. As it is raining, that means, I can stay home and watch the game and not drive the 17 miles to Dee’s Bar. I know I will miss the high five slappings by the gang in Red and Gold, but…………..

    • Doris

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  • berttheclock

    Yesterday, I was talking with two friends of Ackers. Both of them had played against him in high school. Both said he really is too small to play DB in the pros. They added he has a great throwing arm for passes, but, for some reason after he left for college, he decided his only chance to make the pros was to switch from QB to DB.

  • berttheclock

    John, as you mentioned Garropolo sitting instead of playing for the Niners, I thought you might like to read something concerning him. Go to sfgate and scroll down to the Niners. Kyle Shanahan has stated that he has no intention of playing Garropolo this season unless he has to. He said the Niners would be perfectly happy to place a one year franchise tag on him for next season. Therefore, all he is going to do at present is to backup Beatherd.

    • Heilios

      I just don’t understand signing a new quarterback to the roster midseason and having no intention of playing him at all.

      • berttheclock

        The Niners are building for the future. All the remainder of this season for them is to evaluate what they have. I mentioned they are considering inserting the excellent rookie safety, Gilbert, at safety and moving Jimmy Ward to corner back.

        • berttheclock

          Also, remember Lynch was with Tampa Bay when TB won the SB with Brad Johnson. Lynch learned how having a strong defense can offset not having a star QB.

          • Heilios


        • Heilios

          I do think that would be a viable option. I just feel bad for the 49ers fan base. They had Smith and rolled the dice with Kap. Snake eyes. Then they have been mired in mediocrity since Alex’s departure, after finally trading for a potential QBOTF they will have to wait and not even have said QB under contract. Kind of like the Redskins who seem content with paying Cousins a fortune when they should get him under contract. I guess all I’m saying is if the front office in San Francisco believes Goroppolo is the future they should lock him down sooner rather than later.

          • PaulFromNorthMo

            I think your last sentence says it all. SF’s FO isn’t sure, they would rather have a one year trial on the tag, even though it’s expensive, rather than be tied to a bust long term.

        • berttheclock

          I wish Dorsey could be able to fly backwards in time and draft Gilbert instead of McQuay III. Then, Sutton would be the one trying to figure out where to play Gilbert.

      • PaulFromNorthMo

        They “only” gave a second round pick for him. So you could look at it as drafting a QB and having him sit and learn for a year, or rather part of a year.

        • berttheclock

          Plus, in a draft year which is not considered to be the greatest since 2013, as other teams will load up on QBs in the 1st round, look for the Niners to try to pick up the best defensive player possible. Later in the draft, they could add 2nd and 3rd tier players.

          • PaulFromNorthMo

            And not needing a QB, they could potentially trade back in next years draft and get a pretty good haul from a team in need of a QB, of which there will be several.

      • they think they made a futures decision and did it economically. If not? It could be a one year trial and out. I think he will be fine.

    • Heilios

      Also if as you say they will franchise him next year, they are willing to pay an unproven back up as one of the highest in the league. Reminiscent of Brock Osweiller?

  • tm1946

    Supposedly Taylor will be restricted into the staying inside the pocket… can Sutton find some way to pressure him or will he just stand back there and take a nap?

    As for the rest…. Reid’s message is just starting to be heard by the fans/media. Win 10 games and that is all there is to the guy. Great with those 10 wins but the whole enchilada…. not likely, no matter how bad you want the dream.

  • ladner morse
    • berttheclock

      Geez, Laddie, we were doing rather well with David’s excellent thread.

  • wtf was Hunt thinking? Re-up Reid on a 5 year deal? I guess I am just totally biased here. But then, I have his history at Philly to back me up. huh.

  • Bradshaw came out and said the Chiefs would rebound, win the west. Gadget stuff will disappear, etc. He observed that play-calling was the problem and that was all on Reid.

  • Doris

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