NSLU: In Seattle, this was no Gloria Gaynor night, that’s for sure




NSLU: In Seattle, “Tonight, tonight, won’t be just any night…” and you are not going to like it! (This was no Gloria Gaynor night, that’s for sure)


“…Today The minutes seem like hours,
The hours go so slowly,
And still the sky is light.
Oh moon, grow bright,
And make this endless day endless night!
Tonight… tonight…tonight….”



Tonight? I have been thinking on it since Monday. I watched other teams play. This Chiefs team would likely face up man for man from what I have seen, any team that played. They have to believe and play lights out, every night they play. Tonight? They did nothing to instill confidence in me. Not one bit.


Sure. At any time, against any team you would have a toss-up. For example, the damned Steelers of recent note. Damned if tonight wasn’t a replay of how the Chiefs shot themselves in the foot, possession after possession – just like the finale of play for the home team against the Steelers last season.


The… “You know whats?”

You know What?
I like playing good teams. Sooner or later, it breeds success. It breeds $$$$. It breeds competition. I like that. I absolutely did not see the success in the play of the team against the Seahawks.


You Know What? All summer – no, since the Super Bowl — the pundits have the Chiefs 3rd in the division behind one team or another but always the Raiders. {expletives deleted}. Maybe the Pundits are right.


You know What? The Chiefs Roster is better than the Raiders, man for man, position by position. Ditto the Broncos. Ditto the Chargers. It’s the Seahawks. Maybe I am mistaken.


You know What? Now dang it all, for me some of tonight would have been John Dorsey’s players against John Schneider’s. Dang it! {Expletives deleted}. Hmm. Can’t we get a redo on the firing of Dorsey and not Reid?


You know what? These two teams are similar in design and methodology. This will be an interesting night.  Even now, it is still the case. This roster is full of athletes who excel. They have the speed. They have the temperament. They have played together, many of them, for several seasons now. We have four under our belt. – I found this to be a damned poorly played game by both teams. I am unhappy with that, altogether.



You know what? So too, are the Seahawks such a team. In their time. And so are the Chiefs. [Expletives, repeated, over and over again… but… Tonight, Tonight…] – this does not seem to me to be indicative of the possibilities of either team.


 Let’s go Chiefs! (I wrote) – good heavens.


What I want to see: I want to see!


  • Roy Miller Fit the Chiefs Defense.
  • Chris Jones return to form, at least for a bit.
  • Hunt to go on a TD Hunt.
  • Al Smith to continue his lights out play.
  • Conley break one loose. I already know Hill can do that.
  • Kelce, Harris, Charles and Escobar all succeed in a play designed for success. (Add on? 3 TE Set)
  • I want to see both Ehinger and Witzman play tonight, lights out for the OL. BOTH OF THEM.
  • I want to see RNR break out and I want to see Alan Bailey with a sack.
  • I want to see as much as we can possibly take with the ones, the ILBs and OLBs. Try them all and see where it goes. Then the twos. I want first of all to see DJ and Ramik Wilson side by side. I want to see Josh Mauga put in when it is an obvious stuff the run deal. I want to see Sutton hybrid the Ocean doves to death.
  • I want to see the Chiefs hybrid beat the Seahawks hybrid. This is the real test of the pre-season.
  • So now? It is game time in 2 hours and counting.
  • Know whats? – Dave Pedersen is showing he belongs in the head-coaching rank. I like that. And I want to see Dave Toub being the next Head Coach out of KC. … and…. And….


The rest? It’s icing on the cake. Tonight, Tonight…


Game Review:  real time, or pretty close to it


So what did I see? It is not even the end of the game, but I am disgusted. Mahomes and Co, looked awful in the first 2 possessions of the “twos.” Alex Smith did nothing in his first half and first possession of the second half – 44 yards, no TDs – so, no INT’s but a big zero in TDs.


What Hunt did was what Hunt should do, especially after Ware went down with an apparent ankle injury. I was pleased with Hunt.



I saw Conley make a good catch. Kelce for one, but Kelce had a drop too. Demetrius Harris had a big first down.


I was not pleased with the offensive line. It was not that they didn’t play, but by the time they got rolling there were so many penalties that it became a moot point. They did not dominate. They weren’t dominated. The score reflects that. When I was sitting through this, my compatriot, a Seahawks Fan, was in the same boat. I commented to him that the defense held but they gave up big pieces of ground to the Seahawk’s running game. Wilson was effective but the Chiefs held them out of the end zone, reminiscent of the Steeler’s game I said to him. We were both disgusted.


Meanwhile, on defense, you have little to write home about. Chris Jones had a great sack. I can say that Alan Bailey played well but the rest I did not see. Roy Miller didn’t do much. The LB core was ineffective. White, got beat bad in the secondary and the Penalties. This was worse than we saw the previous week. I am disgusted.


Over to the coaching staff: Reid’s play calling was just okay but Nagy, when he appeared to be calling the game, was “just okay too”.


My want list?


What I want to see: What I saw

  • Roy Miller remains questionable.
  • Chris Jones return to form at least for a bit and I saw this. I was pleased.
  • Hunt didn’t break one to the end zone but he was very effective on the ground. I was happy with it.
  • Al Smith did nothing to earn my confidence. Yes, penalties were part of it.
  • Chris Conley didn’t break one loose but played well. Hill was basically a non-factor. break one
  • Kelce, did nothing, Harris did, and I can’t say anything positive about Charles and Escobar. Maybe you saw it, I did not.
  • I don’t think the guard play by anyone was good. In fact, I saw Schwartz, at tackle get a big whiff. I am disgusted with the OL Play over all.
  • Alan Bailey showed why the Chiefs missed him. RN-R? Not so much. Bailey did get a sack.
  • Hell, I am confused as hell at the LB play. The only one I thought made my evening was, you guessed it, Ford. I saw him do a reverse spin to the inside no less. It amounted to nothing but he used a move that has been lacking in his repertory. The rest I want to see Sutton hybrid the Ocean doves to death.
  • I want to see the Chiefs hybrid beat the Seahawks hybrid. This did not happen. OTOH? The Seahawk’s hybrid was nothing to write home about. So now? It is game time in 2 hours and counting.
  • About my know what’s? I still think Dave Pedersen is showing he belongs in the head-coaching rank.



NOT IN MY LIST? S/T Run back for a TD by DAT.




I should have had in my list, s/t performing well or above that. It didn’t other than the DAT TD.


Overall? I think this was a terribly sloppy game – not just the Chiefs by the way, but the Seahawks too, played some really inept football. I did see Wilson make plays. I saw their LBs play well – but I saw their LBs whiff.

Both Head coaches should head for the locker room with bloody scalps having raked their fingernails through the hairdo, for a complete half of the game and more.

The fans? Sitting with my friend James and we are both watching the inept play of our respective teams, I looked at him and he said: WTF? {expletives intended} I said the same thing back. Maybe you wanted a play by play review and I took serious notes into and through the second PM2 possession. He11, he looked pretty awful too.




I am disgusted.


David Bell – Avery





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  • berttheclock

    Meanwhile, there is a player for the Broncos with the Number 28, who has made their roster. No, he did not exhibit breakaway speed, but, he had a nice run of 12 and ended up 4 for 27 yards. Plus, he cut an onrushing defensive lineman which saved the day for Simien. Their HC said he has made the roster. Now, who is that Number 28. He used to wear with distinction, Number 25, for the Chiefs. One, Jamaal Charles.

    • Delaware Chief

      I agree with Bert about Dave Toub,I would like to see him become the Chiefs head coach someday, but I like Andy Reid much more than he does. I’m afraid that by the time Coach Reid retires, Toub will have already gotten a job somewhere else. The other point was with Jamaal,even though I did not see the game I have mixed emotions about any success he has. He was one of my favorite Chiefs and I am glad he can still play, but playing for the “Donkeys” is a tough pill to swallow

  • berttheclock

    Yes, Hunt did play well, but, I suggest you go back and review a run he made in the 1st quarter when, he did not look at the huge hole to his right on a run into the LOS. Vision problems? or was he just lowering his head far too early. It reminded me of seeing Turbin when he played for the Seahawks and why they got rid of him. He refused to look for holes, but, just tried to force his way forward

  • berttheclock

    Yesterday over at ESPN, there was an interesting thread by Matt Bowen, the former D-back for several teams with his last stop with the Redskins. He, now, works for ESPN. He made a suggestion about fixing the preseason (The owners will never implement it, but…) He spoke about how the new player’s union agreement of limiting practices has hurt teaching proper techniques. He noted that several teams in the NFL have found it beneficial to put together more team to team practices. Yes, they can get chippy at times, as the Chiefs found out when they used to practice in Wisconsin against the Vikings. But, having practices against an opponent can provide better evaluation by coaches of players as they can put the team into various situations which may not be available as much in a regular preseason game. He suggests that there only be two actual preseason games and have the other two used as team scrimmages instead. He said those scrimmages could even include having NFL refs there for training purposes, as well. Teams could practice more 2 minute drills, more 4 minute drills, etc.

    I thought his thread was very interesting and made a ton of sense, especially, considering how utterly meaningless this next Thurday’s night game against the Titans will be. I believe the Chiefs, at the moment would be far better off if the coaches spent that time with the players in the film room going over the debacle in Seattle

    One last thought. I agree Dave Toub should be a HC for a NFL team. However, I firmly believe that team should be the KC Chiefs and the sooner the better would work extremely well for myself. He could even hire new coaches who know how to teach the art of playing football.

    • freshmeat62

      When you talk about taking ‘$$$-cha-ching’ out of owners pockets, you might as well whistle into the wind.

    • LoL. Reid. Sheesh. I am watching what goes on with Dave P. and then we get to see Toub on the side lines in action. I could go for Toub and you know how I feel about Reid in general. But that’s me.

  • berttheclock

    Did anyone watch the Pittsburgh game and notice how poorly Knile Davis appeared to be trying to run sweeps? By the time he got to the outside, the opponent had a welcoming committee waiting patiently for him.

  • berttheclock

    One last point. Several fans here heavily criticized the off target throws by Alex Smith the other night. I do not disagree with them, but, I would suggest they review a throw by Big Ben last night where he threw behind Antonio Brown. Brown, unlike the receivers of the Chiefs, reached back, while heading the other way, caught the ball and gained extra yardage. I have absolutely no pity for any NFL receiver who appears to be a Jonathan Baldwin type who only wants a pass to hit him where he wants it to be thrown and when he wants it to be thrown. No sympathy for any wide out or TE Diva. They are being paid very good money to catch passes, no matter how off target they may be coming to them. Big Ben was not precise with several of his passes, but, even his TEs reached back to make catches.

    • Hill had 3 drops(or maybe 2 and one was questionable). He was a non-factor because of this.

  • berttheclock

    After being able to get my 5 different personalities together, we had a vote of confidence taken on the current Chiefs. The final vote was three to two. I’ll let you decide whom the vote favored. I might have let a couple more of the personalities vote, but, they, probably, would have abstained.

  • I think the wtf trophy goes to team prep for this game. I am not sure which coach should get it. By default it goes to Andy Reid.

    • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

      How do you prep for that defense? They don’t tackle…..the hit and they hit to maim. Every tackle is a body slam, or a helmet lead……..many hits are borderline late and meant to intimidate.
      Those doinks by Hill and Kelce for example….they were prematurely looking up field because they knew what was in store for them after the catch and they were anticipatingly preparing for it.
      Was it going to be a lead of the helmet to a chin? Was it going to be a shoulder pad to the kneecap or a helmet to the chest cavity?
      One thing is a given…..it wasn’t going to be just a clean tackle.
      Rest assured, had they caught them, it was going to hurt.
      Seattles defense is rabid and aggressive and looking to end careers.

      • berttheclock

        Frank Clark is their worst at that.

        • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

          It wins games, but it is borderline criminal how tackling has evolved into UFC beat downs.

          • it’s always been part of football. Always. I didn’t see dirty play by the ‘hawks. The Chiefs and they went straight up against each other — our offense mastered one basic drive. Hard nosed football was lacking. Same with defense. When the twos came in and after is when it fell to the wayside. You prep by making your offensive players hit, block hard, and running backs, when they are being tackled, you hit the defensive guy as hard as you can of your own empatus, not theirs.

  • berttheclock

    Prior to the draft, jimfromkcj and a few others were high on Dorsey taking Kizer from Notre Dame. Kizer ended up going to the Browns. Last night, I watched his play for them. Mixed feelings. On the one hand, he threw an incredible strike on a scramble to Corey Coleman on the sidelines. Lots of zip on the ball with accuracy. However, on other plays, he appeared to be very tentative about reading the defense and setting up. To me, he looked as though he really needed a year to grasp everything and he would benefit by sitting behind a more veteran QB for a year.

    The Browns, overall, looked highly improved as a young team. They look as though they will be a team to be reckoned with very soon.

    On the other side of things, the Jets still appear to be lost in trying to find a QB. Bray to NY, anyone?

    • berttheclock

      BTW, if you want to see that Kizer to Coleman throw, go to the Cleveland Plain Dealer for their Browns section and they have a GIF up showing the throw.

      In garbage time, Kevin Hogan played and was 7 of 13 for 82 yards and hit the well traveled wide out, Jordan Leslie from BYU, for a TD. Hogan, also, ran 5 for 19. He was third behind Kizer and Kessler. Look for the Browns to eat the money for Brock Osweiler and just dump him. Appears no GM is Nutzo enough to try to trade for him.

      • berttheclock

        The Plain Dealer, or Plain Wrapper as I love to call it, is one of the few newspapers in the land to not require anyone to pay up front to read their online threads. So far, sfgate in the Bay has the same policy. However, it is getting harder to find such anymore.

      • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

        I can understand why Osweiler was mad in Denver…..Blind Melon Chitlin could have lead that team to a SB that year and the rug was pulled out from underneath him. He felt robbed and decided to think with his heart instead of his head.
        The decision to leave Denver was not a good one for Osweiler.

    • jimfromkcj

      bert, I still think Kizer would have been a better choice. For one thing we would not be without a 1st rd pick next year and we would have more time to work with him. He was the youngest of the QB’s at just 21. He also had the most experience in playing a pro set. Now for the kicker he is the only one who is being considered for a starter day one. A couple of other things he was the tallest with the largest hand size and he played in a rain storm and still done reasonably well. Mahome has a smaller hand size and I worry how he is going t do in the weather we have in KC. I guess time will tell. I would disagree with Laddie when he compares the Chiefs to the Raiders man to man and says the chiefs are better. We only have two players on offence that are better than the Raiders and that would be Kelse at TE and Schwartz at RT. The Raiders are better at every other off position and most are not even close.

  • berttheclock

    Really hate to mention this, but, Derek Carr looks ready to roll for the Raiders. On one play, he did a solid imitation of a Mahomes II pump fake, then, threw the other way for a streaking Amari Cooper for a 48 yard TD. Also, they have added the seemingly resurrected former Tennessee star wide out and returner, Cordarrelle Patterson, and he really looks to be in his best form ever.

  • berttheclock

    Hard to really get a handle on the Chargers. They appear to have some very good starters, but, lack depth due to injuries. Rivers looked very good early last night, but, the Rams rested many of their starters, so……………

    Denver’s D looked tough against the Packers.

    • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

      AFC West is no joke….toughest division.
      There should have been a trophy awarded last year just for the improbable task of sweeping it–lol

      • berttheclock

        I wonder how long will the Raiders have Patterson behind Cooper? Patterson looks to be far better than Crabtree on the other side.

        • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

          And several years younger too.
          I’ve never really been that impressed with Crabtree.

      • Or surviving it to win the division.

  • berttheclock

    Major medical changeup this AM. Yesterday, the Chiefs said Ware only had a sprain. This AM they have announced he has a torn PCL and may require season ending surgery. Ware has said he wants to explore other options. So, stay tuned.

    • berttheclock

      Two possible options for Veach. Seattle has two RBs trying to be their 4th RB. The battle is between Mike Davis from South Carolina and Alex Collins from Arkansas. In the debacle in the Emerald City, Collins was only used on 4 plays, plus, some STs. Davis had more carries. The major problem Davis has had with the Niners and the Seahawks is lack of being in top physical shape. He is a five nine, 215 pounder who flashed talent in 2014 in college. Then, he tapered off. Alex Collins is a hard hitting five eleven 216 pounder who had a major collision with the KC LB who was later cut, then, resigned and, now, is looking very good for KC.

    • he is going to be out the next two weeks and maybe 6 more, I suspect. The good news about this, it gets fixed easily and it is the PCL.

  • Here’s another about the young guys: Kemp plays football. He had a big S/T hit in this game. He has been a reliable target. I say we keep him(another reason to go sans Wilson). Just my view.

    • berttheclock

      He said in college, he was only in about 10 ST plays. Decided to ask their HC to allow him to learn as he knew he was going to go pro and, also, knew that was the best chance he had to make any roster.

    • Roswell Incident

      Also had the block, I believe (even though we turned around and gave it back to Sea).

      • See Bert’s comment but he has football moxie, he plays like it and he makes plays…. I think he made the roster with that. PLUS S/Ts and he fits the persona of the Chiefs(my view anyway). Sorta like Sorensen has made a place for himself with his versatility. I like what I have seen from him and looking at his collegiate play, you can see that he was a better talent that slipped through the cracks and the Chiefs were fortunately to pick him up… Again, my view. He has the length to be good, played Hawaii but was from Utah. Come to think of it, I think Sorensen played well, had 3 tackles? Like that. Then Okine, if any LB figured in it was he — he was around the ball … knew what went where and how to play it. So we should watch him carefully. Back to Kemp. He had a very good camp and I see him involved in very positive manner when on the field. I think he might be that “gem” the Chiefs have been finding, UDFA’s I mean

  • ladner morse
    • miss season? the piece by Schefter tells us there is other damage. Spiller gets bigger role, West Makes the Roster. We go from there.

  • who plays barnabas collins shrink? I need her remedy.

  • Laurels and limitations

    it’s preseason guys and gals. Outside of injuries, these are the most useless periods in which to attempt any type of real analysis. That said, I understand that we need something to write/read/discuss about until the regular season begins but don’t put tooooo much emphasis on anything.

    • berttheclock

      Funny thing is your favorite QB has been announced as the staring QB for Thursday night against the Titans. So, based on your post, I won’t put any emphasis on anything he does in the game. In fact, I believe I’ll just try to find something on “Animal Kingdom” for a re-run instead.

      • Laurels and limitations

        You do you, bub. My position on Mahomes has not shifted or been swayed even one iota during any exercise up to this point just as it won’t come the 4th preseason game either. The 4th preseason game is the least important of them all when it comes to any sort of valid evaluation so I can pretty much guarantee you that I won’t be watching that one either.

    • I put some emphasis on it, esp. game 3. They don’t have to win but they have to sequence things toward success and the success in this game v the ‘Hawks, was not good. I went through it, but I was unhappy with the overall prep, and hence performance. If you leave out Ware, we haven’t had a bad pre-season injury wise at all. Ware though, as it turns out, may be out for all of it. Which makes Spiller’s acquisition pretty crucial(presuming he continues to do what he has been doing). I wanted to see more along the lines as my piece highlighted but it didn’t happen. So if this pre-game was of use, it was to see where things were ineffective and that should have gotten them a long way because I saw a lot out of sync. Could they have been couching performance so as to fool the PATS? who by the way. lost Edelman. That was bad for them. I take your frame of Ref. mahomes to start and will it be with the ones? remember, the Titans won that cold game I attended last year on a FG so they aren’t a slouch.

      • Laurels and limitations

        I really think the emphasis by Reid during game 3 was one more about the minutia than the overall product. Reid was putting certain players in very certain positions during this last game in order to obtain a very definitive conclusion.

        • I have no problem with that. it was lack of success that concerns me. I was not worried about a “W”. I was concerned with the lack of success on offense and the inability of the defense to stop the run(ah. Ragland). Plus they don’t have Logan and RN-R’s play was not up to what he showed the previous week.

  • berttheclock

    Chicago Bears just lost their top wide out, Cameron Meredith, from last season. Torn ACL in their 3rd preseason game.

    Kony Ealy has been picked up off waivers by the Jets. They really really really need all the help they can find.

  • berttheclock

    Hey Laddie. Just saw the update on the weather map of Texas and it looks as though the heavy rain is beginning to extend into your area.

    • freshmeat62

      I heard from a friend in San Antonio who says he hasn’t gotten much rain at his place, while other places have gotten a lot. He was worried because he lives by a park that has a pond just upstream from his house.

    • ladner morse

      I’m about 30 NW of Dallas and we’ve had a little sprinkle here and there… but nothing big.

  • berttheclock

    Just saw a clip of the fight between Jaye Howard and the Tennessee LOT, Spain. Spain pushed Howard, then, threw a punch which hit Howard in his face mask. Great right to the mask of Spain by Howard. But, both were ejected. Really an imbalance by the NFL. They rarely call the first to throw a punch, but, if the other player retaliates, then, HORRORS, ye must be ejected ASAP. How dare a hockey game break out on a NFL playing field.

  • jimfromkcj

    I can only speak for myself, but it would make me proud if Clark Hunt came out and made the same statement as Jerry Jones did about disrespecting the Flag and the National Anthum.