NSLU: Much Ado About Very Little and Waiting for Godot




Much Ado About Very Little

I was not at all impressed by anything in this game, the East-West Shrine Game. I had hoped to see someone stand out. Maybe there was the throw by Shimonek to the front left corner of the end zone for a TD and the win. But not much else. JT Barrett did nothing to make his case though he was not helped by receivers dropping passes. I saw no great defensive standouts, which as mentioned yesterday in comments, I was focused upon. Nada. Nothing to hang a hat on.


The best I can manage? It appeared to me the players knew their assignments and did them but not one thing extra-ordinary and the only thing I can define as noteworthy was the Shimonek pass as noted above.


Bobby Johnson – Class Act for the West

If there was one defining moment it was Bobby Johnson getting the win after learning he would not be retained on staff of the Raiders by Jon Gruden. He was the tight end coach for the team. He is a Class act. He will find a landing place. You could tell by the player reactions to him after the game that he was a motivator.


And Then There Was Willie Roaf

Willie was interviewed in the 4th Quarter as a former Chief, emissary and HoF player being inducted to the East-West Shrine Game HoF. Of course he wasn’t a coach — he was there to witness for the players what it took for the NFL and … to plug his own special “label.” Brett Favre was also inducted as was Gary Huff. Roaf commented about being a small school country kid and making it in the NFL, noting Pine Bluff and Brett’s Mississippi. Brett played in game 66 and Roaf in 68. Gary Huff was a QB who played in game 48.


A current QB, Riley Ferguson stated his game was partially an emulation of Brett Favre’s.


Playoff QBs and the NFL

There was a lot of talk about the playoff QBs, especially at ESPN on Radio yesterday — the discussion was that Brady was needed to save the NFL’s bacon — imagine, a QB such as Nick Foles, Blake Bortles or Case Keenum winning a Super Bowl… oh the horror of it! Meanwhile, the Pats remain mum on the rumored passing hand injury of Tom Brady. Somehow, some excitement must be built into the deal.


Bottom line? Nothing to see here. Moving right along.


Putting On Their Sunday Best?

No playoff games today, both Conference finale’s to be Sunday Games. I have nothing to add to this story. Maybe if I do it will be that the Jaguars upset the Pats. For me? That is the ABB* defining finish. This is not to say that I don’t have respect for Brady¬† — he is the tops in the history of NFL Quarterbacks. Being a Chiefs fan? It hasn’t helped my post-season hopes having Tom around.


And Now We’re… Waiting For Godot

Some unfulfilled waiting is going on, recall the long wait for Godot?


  • Waiting on Rehabs – we are waiting to see what occurs with the players on the I/R and their Rehab. Mitch Morse, Chris Conley, Chris Jones, Eric Berry, Spencer Ware, and yes, Dee Ford, Phillip Gaines and DAT along with a couple more. Dadi Nicolas is still on the PuP.
  • We are waiting for the end of Post Season Play.
  • We are waiting on the Senior Bowl and a glimpse of the talent.
  • We are waiting on the Combine.
  • We most of all are waiting to find out about the potential trade of Alex Smith.


I hate this time of season and in between — again.


Other Factors and… End Notes

No matter which way it ends up with the conference championships, I will be watching the games. I suppose among all of these teams, I will root for the Jaguars. Who knows? I did make a comment to a long suffering Eagles fan that Foles could possibly do it. And the result was he got them this far after Wentz was injured. I like the fact that Doug Pederson could be in the NFL’s final game. Maybe I should look at that factor and use it for my motivation during the NFC Game and then Bortles and the Jags defense on the AFC side. Huh.


*Anybody But Brady


David Bell¬† – waiting on … Warmer Climes










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