NSLU: Wipe That Big Grin Off Your Face




I was sitting here trying to figure out how to begin. I thought to myself, I am looking forward the Chiefs after a big layoff for the Bye. But I am smiling because the Chiefs are playing tomorrow. I look forward to the game. Do I really want to wipe the grin off? Nope. I enjoy watching NFL football, even if it is not the Chiefs playing. So I am going to keep this simple — it is the Game Day early piece. Simple. Keep it simple.




My advise to Reid? Simplify the game plan and plays called then throw to Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill which should open up things up for Demarcus Robinson. Run the football. Don’t get fancy. Start Mitchell at Cornerback. Use the ILBs aggressively against the run. Safeties to help over the top. Don’t under-estimate Manning. That’s pretty much my simple advice.



What do We Have to Look Forward to?

1. Kansas City’s Offensive Line is replenished
2. Kansas City has the offensive weapons to score points
3. Kansas City is playing at home again (wish I were there).


What We Have to Worry About?

1. The Front 3 on defense is missing Allen Bailey.
2. OLBs Dee Ford and Tamba Hali are both out.
3. The secondary is thus far suspect as is the run defense.


What should the fans expect?

Those 6 items above appear to offset each other. Frank, Ransom and Laddie all made a contribution of ideas this week and almost all of it are things in 4 articles with which I almost unanimously agree. I won’t rehash it much. Nor use a lot of Rah! Rah! emotion laden adjectives.


High Notes to Consider

During the week, Frank, Ladner and Ransom all covered things by the numbers.


More on the positive side of the ledger

o Reid’s teams are 17-2 after the Bye

o Kareem Hunt has 800 yards rushing to date and will very likely eclipse 1200 by seasons end — his receiving yard total is 331; He has 6 TDs and one fumble on the season (his very first carry)

o Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill both have more than 600 yards receiving with 5 and 4 TDs respectively. I believe both will eclipse 1,000 yards receiving

o Meanwhile, Demarcus Robinson is steadily improving each week. If I had to bet, he will eclipse 300 yards receiving fairly easily. Sunday, with Kelce and Hill drawing top coverage, Robinson ought to have a breakthrough game, especially since Bert Wilson is out for this game (My prediction).

o Harrison Butker – Place kicking: He is 19 of 20, 2-2 50 and over and perfect on PATs.

o Dustin Colquitt – continues to place the ball in side the 20, so there is no question that the kicking game both punting and place kicking is very good.

o Last but not least? Al Smith has nearly 2500 yards passing, 18 TDs, only 1 Int and a 114 passer rating.

o The Giant’s Defense is as suspect as that of the Chiefs





But there are negatives

o Special Teams has not been prolific in 2017. Scoring is way down from prior years, for example.

o KC’s run and pass defense is incredibly Torpid and has probably cost the Chiefs at 2 games, certainly the loss against the Raiders.


What remains to be done?

1. Win the division

2. Win a Bye and a home a home game

3. Win the AFC

4. Win the Super Bowl


Alex Smith commented this week: “It’s all still in front of us.”





I still believe that is true. In an NFL Full of parity, ups, downs, injuries and lost players, the Chiefs are in a very good position player-personnel wise. If there is one more thing to think about? The Chiefs are playing at the Giants. I am not so sure this is a bad thing.


David Bell – Avery, ID
[NSLU: No Stone Left Unturned]





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  • berttheclock

    Quick note to both TM1946 and Ransom. Yesterday, you were discussing the head coaches who served under Andy Reid. At first, only Harbaugh and Pederson were mentioned. Then, Ransom added Ron Rivera. However, consider this. Sean McDermott, the HC of the Bills went to the Eagles in 1999 and stayed with them as an assistant in several different areas until 2010. Also, Todd Bowles, the HC of the Jets was a secondary coach for Reid in 2012, but, moved up to be his DC after Castillo left.

    However, look at the coaching tree by Marty. Mike McCarthy of the Packers worked under him in KC. Bruce Arians was his RB coach. Bill Cowher was his top assistant and after he became a HC both Mike Mularky, now with the Titans and Mike Tomlin, current HC of the Steelers worked under him as well. Plus, Tony Dungy worked under Marty.

    • ladner morse

      Marty’s ex-coaches produced a few SB winners. I wonder if that felt like justice to Marty since he never did?

      • berttheclock

        I refer to these NFL coaching trees as akin to the biblical begat’s from the Old Testament.

        • ladner morse

          Produces too many Cain’s… not enough Abels.

    • berttheclock

      Actually, you could add Brad Childress to the list of coaches who served under Reid who later moved up into the head coaching ranks.

  • berttheclock

    David, excellent thread, but, I do have one minor quibble. Did not know MetLife Stadium had been moved to KCMO.

    • ladner morse

      If you wish upon a………

    • as noted…forgot to go edit it to (not)… I did make that comment at the end. Brain fart. knew I had to change it.

      • berttheclock

        Well, I for one say just keep MetLife where it is. The only improvement to Arrowhead would be to install a sliding roof.

  • berttheclock

    Even if I have the slightest worry about this ending up being a trap game, I will be at Dee’s Bar sitting next to Ron, my buddy, who is a chemist from both Garnett, Kansas and K-State. He is the eternal optimist and there have been many times when in the 2nd half I would start to worry about the Fat Lady ending up singing for the Chiefs and he would just say “Never fear” and in the final seconds, she would begin to croon.

    You see I am not of the half full or half empty type, but, more of the what may have the bartender put into the glass to allow him to reap more profits. Wiki says in the old Western Saloons, bar owners would often use such as turpentine, ammonia, gunpowder or cayenne to turn quality into rotgut whiskey. Then, they would rename the drink with names of the variety of Tangle Foot, Forty Rod, Tarantula Juice, Taos Lightning, Red Eye or Coffins Varnish. For years in both KCMO and KCK, one could not even name a bar a saloon. Of course, my dearly departed Mother who was a Carrie Nation fan only referred to any bar in Argentine as a “Beer Joint”.

    I just don’t want any water downed version of the Chiefs today by their head bar tender, Andy Reid. Andy, please, for today and the rest of the season, no “Coffins Varnish”. Just a great deal of quality Glenlivet Chiefs.

    • ladner morse

      In honor of NY going down today… order some…
      Hudson Baby Bourbon
      Straight up. No chaser.

  • berttheclock

    The current weather at MetLife Stadium, (er, Arrowhead East) is 53 degrees and cloudy. Supposed to move up to 59 and sunny, but, windy.

    • ladner morse

      Nearly perfect football weather then eh?

      • berttheclock

        Did you know that their rookie kicker, Aldrick Rosas, has missed at least one FG in his games this year. The powers to be opted to not keep Mike Nugent, who has moved onto the Cowboys. Coughlin used to keep the vets and let other teams pick up his rookies. So, Reese and McAdoo must have decided to change the pattern.

        • ladner morse

          Have to wonder if Coughlin feels justified that McAdoo-ll-doo is going to get washed out after the way things went down upon his departure from NY?

          • berttheclock

            Did you read my comment yesterday about what Larry Csonka said about Arnsparger coming into the locker room and asking the players what they thought was the problem? McAdoo, last week, decided to do the same thing. Csonka, who had played under Shula when Arnsparger was the DC, decided to join the Giants after Arnsparger became their HC. He was shocked about the question. He said that under Shula, Shula never asked any player, but, stood there and told one and all their own faults.

          • ladner morse

            Yes… and I thought then… but said nothing… that today’s athlete — more and more of which are millennials — won’t stand for being derided in such a way as Shula used to do. My oh my… how times have changed in the past 25 years.

    • ladner morse

      Wonder if there will be a KC contingency in the crowd today. Giants tickets should be a little easier to come by that Hamilton tickets.

      • berttheclock

        Did you read the comment from yesterday by Paul which said the Browns game has been dropped to six buck seats in many areas of the stadium? If this continues, perhaps, they will try to duplicate Trader Joe’s version of Two Buck Chuck.

        • berttheclock

          Of course, if you do go to the game, you might need a magnum of Two Buck.

        • ladner morse

          Six Bucks? That’s 1960 prices. Of course then you’d get to see Jim Brown… a good reason to stick around for six bucks… while there is no reason, even for $6, to stick around for a Browns game now.

          Question: can an organization kill itself by becoming so bad that no one wants to go to your games?

          • berttheclock

            Actually, I thought after their pre-season, they were going to win a few. Just shows once again, how pre-season games can fool you.

          • ladner morse

            And… how a rookie QB who shoots his mouth off while invoking the name of Brady, can also fool you.

            I didn’t like Kizer coming out of college. Then he seemed to play pretty good in his first reg season game and I thought, “Gee, maybe I was wrong about him.” Now, I know my first impression was right on.

          • berttheclock

            My complaint about him coming out of Notre Dame far too early was his lack of proper mechanics. He has, on occasion, shown some great zip on his passes, but, too often, he ends up trying to make something out of nothing and just flips the ball. He really needs a long spell with a top notch QB guru.

          • ladner morse

            Yes… while standing on the sidelines for a year or two. Make that at least two… for sure.

          • PaulFromNorthMo

            That happened to the Kings when they were in KC. I was at a Kings/Lakers game that was so lopsided, in the second half, Jabbar only played half court. He just stayed on the Lakers half of the court and the Kings only had 4 defenders to try to beat. It didn’t matter, the Lakers still won in a blowout.
            The same happened to the Royals not so long ago. Prior to their run the past few years, as little as 5-6 years ago, Kauffman would be mostly ¾ empty.
            I was at the Panthers game a few years ago, when Romeo was HC. That was the game right after the Belcher incident and Arrowhead was basically empty.

  • berttheclock

    Yesterday, I spoke with my friend who is a diehard Eagles’ fan. He said he was very happy with Pederson, especially, since, he has not fallen into the Andy Reid trap of trying to play “prevent offense”. That is the offensive version of prevent defense.

    Plus, as he is a friend of Acker, he said he really really really needs to add some more weight. I had told him I thought he had played well at safety in preseason, but, has had major problems trying to play corner against bigger wide outs.

    • ladner morse

      More like “pervert” offense… because it’s truly perverted.

      Acker plays CB like a Safety. Hope they figure that out.

    • I hope the experiment is done at corner.

  • ladner morse

    Excellent piece David. I had to read it again… even after editing it yesterday. Very nice!

    • berttheclock

      Yeah, and he wrote much of this while trying to steer his snow plow.

    • your choice on the cover photo was superb btw…

  • berttheclock

    Just read some threads over at the Giants’ fansided site. They have two concerns. First is how to stop Alex Smith, but, more importantly, how to try to stop Kelce. Their secondary has been torn asunder by quality TEs.

  • meant to go back and alter the item on playing at home(Not). I am not sure that being at home for important games is an advantage. 🙂

    • berttheclock

      That’s OK as we changed it to Arrowhead East.

    • PaulFromNorthMo

      Arrowhead was and still can be a very intimidating atmosphere. The biggest part of home field advantage is when the opposing offense is on the field. The current problem is Sutton’s defense allows the other team to take the crowd out of the game all too often.

  • so off topic, which means, the future:
    1. If the Chiefs sell Al Smith, they will need another QB.
    2. Draft needs are not extensive but crucially important. CB, OL, OLB, ILB. Like that. There are a couple of OLBs out there that might go in the 2nd round
    3. My mock with a trade back to get 1 more pick then one more.

    Round 2 Pick 24: Will Hernandez, OG, Texas-El Paso (A)
    Round 3 Pick 27 (PITT): Cameron Smith, ILB, Southern California (A-)
    Round 4 Pick 1 (CLE): Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado (A+)
    Round 6 Pick 24: Sean Chandler, FS, Temple (A)
    Round 6 Pick 29 (MINN): Jerry Tillery, DT, Notre Dame (A)

    Round 2 Pick 30 (N.E.): Will Hernandez, OG, Texas-El Paso (A)
    Round 3 Pick 24: Cameron Smith, ILB, Southern California (A-)
    Round 3 Pick 30 (N.E.): Brandon Facyson, CB, Virginia Tech (A)
    Round 4 Pick 24: Dorian ODaniel, OLB, Clemson (A-)
    Round 6 Pick 24: Trevor Daniel, P, Tennessee (A-)

    • berttheclock

      You do realize, of course, that I will sitting next to my K-State buddy who is a diehard Chiefs’ fan and goes back to the days where his favorite player was Aaron Brown, the nemesis of Kapp in SB IV. His suggestion has been to sell Mahomes II and keep Smith, plus, find a younger QB somewhere in the draft down the line.

      • essentially ended Kapp’s career. I agreed with the last one, last draft, wanted to get Peterman later in the draft. or not worry the wart at all.

        I am not an Al Smith detractor at all, though 2018 I think at least 4 QBs in round 1. Plus, there will be a F/A out there to hire(I don’t see a QB on the list that I can go for thus far). plus … er… Bray.

        If we had used our picks on defense and Hunt and an OL think about what would possibly have been done to resolve all the exposures we have. QB was not one of those.

    • PaulFromNorthMo

      I agree with your point #1. Point #2, I like having CB as the top draft need.
      It’s not that I disagree with you, but I feel as if the Chiefs, with Ehinger, Witzmann and trading for Erving, plus the other starting 4, OL is a very low priority.
      I would like to see a quality, pass catching TE drafted to complement Kelce.
      In my opinion, we need more help at OLB than we can possibly get in the draft, especially without a 1st round pick. So my belief is Veach really needs to word the FA market for LB help.
      BTW nice article.

      • I really didn’t mean order so much as priority exposures. I go with a TE. I think the goal is to build the trench guys up so no matter what, try to find a fit for the OL or DL each draft. If I had to think about priority, CB, OLB, ILB. Berry will be back at safety. Hopefully, cap money frees up…this lets Veach make a major acquisition for the exposures. Obviously, 2 seasons in a row where we cannot stop the run is a big one. Having opposing QB throw at anybody but Peters has to be solved. Berry’s run support is sorely missed. I think our ILBs are getting a bunch of experience with those on the roster now. One of them has to step up to be a solid Starter. Rggie Ragland, Ramik Wilson, Terrance Smith, Pierre-Louis. We still have DJ, but this may be his swan song season. An RR&RR show may be in the offing.

        I can’t say that our 2 and 3 TEs are awful. Not many teams have two top TEs so it is really not what I regard as a weakness. For example Harris avg ypc is 7.4 with 1 TD, 7/52. Not much in yards. But you have to be the target right. Dropped balls in 2017 are not as prominent. His targets are usually in the redzone with 2 TE set btw.

        • PaulFromNorthMo

          I am not a fan of Harris, his lack of hands shows up at the worst of times, yes he makes catches, but he drops way to many IMO.
          Ramik is a FA after this season and I’m thinking he won’t be brought back, he just doesn’t seem to catch the coaches eye.
          I think P-Lewis and Ragland are our future on the inside at this time, although that could easily change by early May. That, to me, places much more emphasis on the OLB’s. Unless Dadi shows something of a future value, we have Houston and …………..

  • berttheclock

    Pat and I are leaving early today for Dee’s Bar in Portland. As I am going to cook a pot roast, I need to stop in Portland to pick up some red wine (no sales tax in Oregon). I am long past the days of cooking where it would be “one for the pot, one for the chef”, but, it can make a pot roast ever so much better tasting.

  • berttheclock

    Well gang, once again, “Until that time, until that time”.

    or as an old signature song played by a local LA radio broadcaster at the end of his morning shows, “Walking out the door, with you on my mind, I’m walking out the door…………………………”

  • ladner morse