One Word Describes Chiefs New OC: Aggressive





As most everyone knows by now, the Kansas City Chiefs ex-Offensive Coordinator, Matt Nagy, is now the Head Coach of the Chicago Bears. So, the Chiefs decided to promote from within and have named their running back coach, Eric Bieniemy, to be their new OC. If you’ve ever watched Bieniemy coach at Training Camp or seen him along the sidelines during games, then you know he is animated, vocal and highly involved in his player’s performances. So, what kind of Offensive Coordinator will Eric Beiniemy make? One word describes the Chiefs new OC: Aggressive.


Here’s what HC Andy Reid had to say about hiring Eric Bieniemy to be the new OC:


“I’ve known Eric a long time, both as a player and a coach. He’s done a phenomenal job with our RBs and has been involved in every aspect of our offense over the last five years. He’s a great teacher and has earned this opportunity. I know he will do a good job.”




Eric Bieniemy is the type of energetic coach I’m hoping the Chiefs can find as a defensive coordinator (at some point). Having someone with his active and alert attention to make the offense go, can only mean a better offense. Bieniemy also brings a connection with all the players he’s working with. Since that will now include everyone on he offense, his style of coaching should help make the Chiefs offense a more cohesive unit. It sounds a bit funny but, this tweet is entirely true:





My initial concern with Bieniemy moving into the OC position has been that he’ll be familiar with Reid and consequently Reid’s familiarity with him will make Reid feel more comfortable over riding his calls. Now, I’m not expecting Bieniemy to begin to make offensive play calls on day one. In fact, it make take a year. But, whether or not it’s with Alex Smith or Patrick Mahomes, having an OC who is always amped up should match the energy of each of those players on the field and that can only be a good thing.


You could call Eric Bieniemy passionate but his influence on the field will be evidenced in aggression. When I think back about the last two playoff losses at home for the Chiefs, the second half was lacking aggression. If Bieniemy can help solve that ugly issue, then his promotion will be worth his weight in gold.


As far as transition goes, there should be no steps lost in the process. Change the name on his door and begin to meet with Andy Reid more about game design, and we’re off and running.


Eric Bieniemy was born in New Orleans and grew up in La Puente California where he was a track and football man for Bishop Amat High School. He was a High School All-American there in football gain 2,002 yards and was a big time national recruit landing at the University of Colorado. There he became the teams all-time leading rusher with 3,940 yards and 42 TDs. He also finished third in the 1990 Heisman voting.


Bieniemy was draft by the Chargers in 1991 and from then until the 1999 season played for the Chargers, Bengals and the Eagles. As a coach, Bieniemy has served as:


  • RB Coach for Colorado
  • RB Coach for UCLA
  • RB Coach for the Vikings
  • OC for Colorado
  • RB Coach for K.C.


Now, with Brad Childress retiring, Matt Nagy moving on to coach the Bears, and Eric Bieniemy changing positions, the offense has some coaching needs to address. It’s going to be very important to see who they get to act as a QB Coach. Whether Alex Smith is here again, or Patrick Mahomes comes in to take over the QB position, someone is going to need to fill that role because that is a role that Eric Bieniemy will not have had any experience at. Also, Andy Reid needs to focus more on coaching the whole team than serving in that capacity.


Welcome to a new job Eric Bieniemy. Best of luck!







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