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This is a Game about a Game – contribute please…

We are continuing discussions about what to do this spring — a lot of input in the various commentary has taken place. I know I have published my own view and what can be done in one offseason and draft. I will rewrite that essentially here. Laddie has posted his view in comments and his articles this past week. Too, I have stated the draft is often a crap shoot, so I always keep this in mind — this applies to GM’s and their scouting staff as well. For example:

Today, watching Kyle Lauletta from Richmond play, I felt like this 6’3″ QB was going to make an NFL Splash. I also liked several other players but OU’s Ogbonnia Okoronkwo has crept into my awareness this past week.


I would draft Kyle Lauletta in a later round. I think there might be 6 QBs drafted in round 1.  I am not negating any other quarterback. I also like Josh Allen so that gives you an idea of the two players that I think will handle the pro game just fine.


Seth Keyser wrote this week that he believed the Chiefs could resolve most or all of the exposures on defense in this off-season. I believe this as well and wrote an article this past week with how I thought it could be done. Below in my example, there is enough free cap space to cover hiring 2 or 3 quality players, cover the new arrivals and have space left for the season or any other quality acquisition. Yes, it’s true, you are going to have to place a bet for the table and maybe it’s black or red, but to play the game, you are betting on an outcome of the turning wheel. And keep in mind, the House takes it’s 25% vig of the top. Does that say anything about your chances?


In 2017’s draft, John Dorsey shot the moon and chose Patrick Mahomes as his first pick, trading spots in the draft to get the #10 pick. I suppose that at the same time, he struck gold twice: Mahomes and Hunt.




What I hope to have in commentary is your own view of team needs and what will happen with Alex Smith. So first off, start with AS/11. Is he gone or is he still the #1 QB in the kingdom? Go from there. I have taken the view that Smith will be traded. He was one of the top QBs in the NFL in 2017 and I want him to stay. But I think the die is cast and he will be traded due to cap, the draft of Mahomes and direction, unfortunately, that Andy Reid is leading the Chiefs. Indeed, Alex Smith wants to stay and lead the Chiefs. An interview of Smith last week can be detailed here in a Terez A. Paylor article in the Kansas City Star.


Another consideration: How do the players feel about Alex Smith? Here is a piece where Mitch Schwartz chimes in.




Jimfromkcj posted his own material and how he got there and so did ViM. I hope to see a thoughtful approach to this — so no rancor and vitriol.


Either of my friends can of course update and repost their view at their discretion.


Here’s Jimfromkc’s Example:

His trades and releases start with Al Smith:

I am left without Smith, Houston, Berry, Johnson, Hali, Ford and Harris. My starters could look like this:

LT Fisher;  LG Hernandes Draft Rd #2; OC Morse; RG Tardiff; RT Schwartz
QB Mahomes; RB Hunt; FB Sherman; WR Hill; WR Conley; TE Kelsey.


DE Bailey; DE Jones; DT Poe FA Falcons; DT Ngata FA Lions; LB Carter Draft Ga. RD#4; MLB Ragland; LB Kpassagnon; CB Peters; CB Jackson Draft LSU RD#3; S Allen FA Dolphins; S Sorenson.


This would begin a power blocking OL and a 43 defense I just used the picks that we have right now, and any other picks we might garner could be used to bolster the changes made. This lineup is not made to win now, but to win big in 2 or 3 years.

He posted at AA and copied that here saying: I firmly believe that it is the only way. For starters I would start the tear down of the present Chiefs:

Either trade for picks or find a team that would take over contracts for Houston and Berry. This would save a total of 33.6 million of cap money. Next I would trade Smith for picks which would add 20.6 mill savings. Next I would release Johnson, Hali, Ford and Harris which subtracting dead money would save 25,980,500 dollars. Now this would amount to around 72 million in cap money after deducting the cap hole we are in at the present. Plus whatever picks we might garner from the trades. We have turned the cap situation around and we still have the off line intact with RB’s and WR’s stll under contract. We also have money to add a couple of FA’s and I will have suggestions for Draft and FA’ency in the next week or so. How many are willing to accept 2 or 3 bad years if we can get the team started in the right direction.


Here’s ViM’s Example:

Houston is 29 years old, has missed a full season’s amount of games in last few years and has a HUGE payroll, a debilitating payroll as a matter of fact.
Ditto on Berry, I don’t care about the cause of Berry missing time, just that he has.

I’m not sure I wouldn’t trade either of those two if the opportunity arose, I just highly doubt it would. the players I would cut are simple:
Smith, Hali, DJ, Revis and Ford.


That clears up 31million dollars immediately and doesn’t create huge holes to fill in the meanwhile. I let Houston play out his contract for 2 more years then I move on, same with Berry. Nobody that we are going to bring in will outplay either of those two, imho. 31 – 5.7 dead money to pay out (most of that is Maclin & there are only 2 players now).


Here’s one look at my own trades and cuts and starting a format of whether or not Al Smith stays or goes. I have Smith traded as I start my summary. I am going to get a 2nd round pick most likely and multiple picks. Here I hope we get two current year picks. Even with 1 pick in the future and 1 for the current season, I am going to draft according to the following needs and/or BPA. Please use Spotrac or Overthecap and check your work. This is a game, it’s for fun but it is also serious in it’s nature of inquiry.


And Now… David’s example:

How I see things: The Chiefs need the following 3 resolved on defense. After that? a TE would be nice, an OG and we will need a #2 QB, somehow some way.


Needs/exposure positions: Starting quality CB, NT, OLB.  I will have an additional pick with a trade for Al Smith(at least). Also, I would like to trade back and get one more in the top 100. If I can Get th first 2 solved, that leaves my biggest exposure opposite Houston. You will note that I have Ron Parker in the list and he might be kept. Also, since the quality OLBs are going to be gone, I might give Ford a try it and prove it season. The only problem with this is, he has got to pass his March Physical. In which case, I am praying Tanoh Kpassagnon makes a huge step forward in his play in 2018. In fact, I am going to state that this should be in everyone’s thoughts.


Other considerations? I mentioned them but did not include ILB in that statement. There is a player for OU that I would like to draft. He is listed as an OLB but he would fit very will inside. Keep in mind the in house ILBs also. I think Ragland brought the thumper back to the Kingdom — and for a MIKE he is a very quick and capable player. Replacing Johnson is a very tough proposition. I fear though, he has seen his last days and will not ever play at the same level as he did prior to 2017, hence he is on my release list. Get him onward to coaching. I truly love DJ and I am sad that his injuries happened. It is where it is.


Transactions Log – released or traded
1. Released/Trade Alex Smith – (Saved: $17,000,000)
2. Released Derrick Johnson – (Saved: $8,000,000)
3. Released Tamba Hali – (Saved: $7,687,500)
4. Released Dee Ford – (Saved: $8,718,000)
5. Released Ron Parker – (Saved: $4,984,375)
6. Released Charcandrick West – (Saved: $1,703,125)
7. Released Demetrius Harris – (Saved: $2,000,000)


Enough verbage. Give this serious thought and as a group, see what conclusion have arisen.


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