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Let’s catch up on some recent events around the National Football League.




NFL Top 100 in Question

The last of the top players, as voted on by players in the NFL, has been released and the top five look like this:


  • 5. DE Khalil Mack
  • 4. WR Antonio Brown
  • 3. WR Julio Jones
  • 2. OLB Von Miller
  • 1. QB Tom Brady


For your information, the reigning NFL MVP ended up being ranked at #10: Matt Ryan. It hardly seems justifiable that there are nine other players better than the man named as the leagues most valuable player. While that’s hardly worth protesting over — because I don’t find much value in the list making process like these — I do take issue with Rob Gronkowski being ranked at #23 when the Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce was #26 but clearly the superior tight end in 2016. Gronk played half the season and you would think he’d have been able to produce at least a half a year’s worth of top shelf production. Nope, he only had 25 catches in those 8 games…. and he’s better than Mr. Travis All-World Kelce? Kelce had 85 snags with 1,125 reception yards. So much for an accurate take on the league’s top players.




Perceptions of Andy Reid

Andy Reid may well go down as one of the greatest coaches to never win a Super Bowl. He’s been to a Super Bowl while with the Philadelphia Eagles twelve years ago losing by 3 points but “close” only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. After all, Bud Grant and Marv Levy took more than a few teams to the Super Bowl and never won. The way fans think about coaches like Pete Carroll or Mike McCarthy or Sean Payton is totally different than the way fans think about Reid. Once you’ve won it all… you kind of get a pass in the judgement department because fans know you CAN win it all and your name is already legend in those cities.


After a couple of seasons of and 7-and-9, Philadelphia fans are looking back at the days of Andy in a different light:





Perhaps it will take a few years post-Reid before some fans come to appreciate the winning ways of Andy Reid. Brett Favre was recently on the Rich Eisen Show and talked about the possibility of coaching for Andy Reid:








When ex-GM John Dorsey was fired recently, Andy Reid took some heat for possibly being the reason he was axed. However, it looks like the idea that Reid is running the show as far as the new GM search is concerned is non-sense.







The Kansas City Chiefs need a strong general manager. One who is as strong as we perceived John Dorsey to be. It’s obvious that the major difference will be that the new GM will be well versed in the cap. Which brings me to this……..




The Dead Cap King

So, guess which team is the Dead Cap King as of this date? They play in the AFC West… and no… it’s not the Kansas City Chiefs… nor the Vegas Raiders… and not the Denver Broncos…. you got it… the one and lonely Los Angeles Chargers with $21.84M in monies paid out to players that no longer play for them. That’s a hefty sum approaching nearly 2 Million Buck-a-roos per month. Here’ the list from





With the top ten teams in the league combined totaling $148.65 Million in Dead Money, it may not seem like the Kansas City Chiefs have that big of a problem sitting at #12 in the league with $8.59M in Dead money but they still haven’t signed their first round pick Patrick Mahomes II yet. Mahomes is projected to make around $16.4M over the next four seasons so you can expect someone on the team to get cut. I don’t see how they can make the numbers fit otherwise.






Fake News Would Be Good News

The NFL continues to lead the list of criminal story headlines. Take a look at some of these from just Wednesday:



  • Dak Prescott accused of fake autographs
  • Derek Loville gets 15 months for drug trafficking
  • Former Cowboys OL Torrin Tucker arrested in Tampa
  • Steelers CB Artie Burns was arrested overnight in Florida for driving with a suspended license
  • Cowboys LB Damien Wilson arrested on felony assault charges



I’m wondering if there’s a study out there that compares the frequency or percentage of the players in the NFL who break the law vs. your common citizen. Maybe it’s because of all the media coverage that makes it appear to be much much more with the player in the NFL. We’ve got so many guys in the league that are terrific about giving back and carrying their own non-profit cause forward once their careers are over so it’s too bad a few (seems like a lot more than a few) guys ruin the overall optics for the rest.




Season Long Game Pass for $200

The Kansas City Chiefs have initiated a new program, a Season Long Game Pass for $200 and fans can see every game during the 2017 season with the purchase. The Chiefs press release states:


“The limited number of seats available through the Bud Light Game Day Pass will be in select locations in the upper level of Arrowhead Stadium. Bud Light Game Day Passes are non-transferable and must be used by the purchaser.”


The Chiefs also said that the traditional ticket packages for $380 are still available and those tickets are for a specific seat and allow the ticket holder the opportunity to re-sell the tickets if desired. For more information >>>  GO HERE.




Weigh in below. I’d love to hear what you think.







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  • freshmeat62

    I wonder if Clark’s itchy trigger finger is why we haven’t seen anyone hired yet?

    • ladner morse

      Right… who, besides a mercenary, wants to work for a man holding a gun with smoke still coming from the barrel?

      • Laurels and limitations

        there are only 32 NFL General Manager spots in the entire world. The GM position is the pinnacle of the food chain of each team save for the owners. Clark could fire multiple GMs and the line of applicants would not shorten.

      • Maybe it’s time to get some respect for those contract service guys. hm.

        • Laurels and limitations

          they often have the means to utilize the best tactics and supplies/equipment. And have zero doubt that for as long as their has been war, there have been mercenaries.

    • Laurels and limitations

      I’d wager that the only thing that would scare off a prospect would be the time of the year. The team’s 90 personnel is already in place, almost, and any GM coming in would not be able to really put their finger print on the team until 2018.

  • berttheclock

    I was going to snark something concerning the so-called “non-involvement” by Andy Reid, but, decided to concentrate more on delving ever so much further into the sub ject of being passive-aggressive. Somewhere, I truly believe there is a ton of such within the soul of one Andy Reid.

  • Frank Rodela

    Regarding the Top 100 put out every year, you have to keep in mind that only the players get a vote for the show. The media that votes on awards like the MVP do not get a say in the process. Also, there is no rule regulating the time frame in which a player uses to vote. So while Kelce easily out played Gronk in 2016, Gronk is Gronk and the perception of Gronk is that Gronk is god. Kelce has rose to the top of the TE crop and may even be better than a healthy Gronk, but until he consistently plays as the best TE in the league, or until Gronk finally has an injury that claims his career, Gronk will be regarded as the best TE in the league based on name value alone.

    As far as Brady, if he plays a full 16 games plus the playoffs, and keeps winning rings, he will probably be number 1 on this list until the day he retires…maybe longer. I’m sure it is hard for the players to put anyone above Brady as he is regarded as, if not THE best ever, then one of the best players to ever suit up.

    • berttheclock

      This works much the same way as does upcoming players having to deal with officials, both in the NFL and the NBA.

  • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

    Do guys with attitude play a more passionate game?
    For so many years, the Chiefs were said to be a team of Choir boys……..incidentally, when Dorsey started bringing in guys with checkered pasts, it was those guys had turned out to be our most passionate players.

    • Laurels and limitations

      Reid handles the locker room so whereas Pioli wanted “team captains”, Dorsey was able to go for “team’s players”. I remember players yelling at Haley on the sideline during games, he had zero control over that locker room.

  • berttheclock

    One major reason why the Chargers have such a high amount of dead money is they owe both Orlando Franklin and King Dunlap a combined $11,550,000. Big signings to older players who ended up hurt. Plus, they owe Brandon Flowers $4 million.

    Want to be able to cut your dead money, then, hire a new GM who had experience working with the Green Bay Packers. In 2013, he came in to find over $55 M in dead money negatively affecting the Raiders. He began to clean house, both in large contracts and waited out the dead money. Now, that figure has been cut down to around 55 thousand and, recently, he was able to give huge new deals to both Carr and his road grading OG.

    • Laurels and limitations

      Well, Dorsey had quite a bit of experience working with the Packers, but he was horrible at contracts. I agree about Mckinzie though…he inherited one helluva mess when he first took the Oakland job and he brought them out of it just fine…for a while. We’ll see how he handles the Carr, Mack, Cooper, the rest of the o-line, etc contracts getting ready to mature.

      • berttheclock

        I was being facetious about the Packers’ experience. The other from there is Schneider with the Seahawks. He inherited a team with very little cap problems, had some great drafts his first few years and ended up with a relatively lower paid crew over all. Of course, those young stars started wanted to be paid, so stay tuned……………

        • Laurels and limitations

          I should have gathered that you were being tongue-in-cheek, lol….my bad. Drafting and developing your own guys is all fine and dandy- if a team wants to be successful that is exactly what they SHOULD do but sooner than later all contracts come to term and the piper must be paid. That, or the GM starts all over.

        • which happens in todays world, no matter what, no matter which GM, no matter which season.

  • drwillez37

    So we got Mauga back that’s awesome news that’d my man!!!

    • Laurels and limitations

      I like Mauga, but at this time he seems like more insurance than anything else. I’m ready to see the young guys get a full chance.

      • He is a cheap heavy duty, perennial run stopping big body for the ILB. That type of LB is what KC is lacking. I Had hoped that they would sign one of the more costly ILBs. Not to be. They young guys are all getting the shot and they all have speed. I like that a lot and that was Dorsey’s vision. So what ingredient is missing? That is what Mauga is about I would suppose. Oh. Cap nonsense? Look for a trade and certainly a cut. Oh. It might be a problem for the next guy but I figure that Dorsey worked the number down to the bare minimum and instead of being an idiot, knew what he was doing.

      • drwillez37

        We need insurance

        • Laurels and limitations

          lol, true that.

    • freshmeat62

      So who’s making these decisions? Reid? Or is little Clark going full Jerry Jones on us?

      • Frank Rodela

        That was my first thought

      • drwillez37

        Good question if I was Hunt I would definitely have my hands in everything to a point

  • Chiefly Bacon

    Don’t sleep on the safety Chiefs just signed. Steven Terrell has some serious speed. Obviously he has no chance of starting, but could work out a niche on STs if he can also play some nickle back.

    • berttheclock

      I suggest you go back and review his game against Atlanta. He was inserted to play in the Cover Three after the Seahawks lost Earl Thomas. Thomas has the savvy and speed to be able to come over to salvage plays on the outside. He was the reason Richard Sherman looked better than he really was on the field. Without Thomas, Terrell had neither the savvy nor the speed to be able to help out and Kyle Shanahan called plays to direct traffic towards him. He ended up giving up 2 TDs and missed a tackle on another play which turned into a TD.

      • Chiefly Bacon

        Note, I’m not advocating for him as a starter, but as a bottom of the roster guy, he has serious speed 4.34 and solid agility 6.84 3-Cone. Those traits translate well to STs as gunner, PR or KR.

  • Frank Rodela

    Looks like P Will Monday didn’t show enough to prove he had any chance of beating out Colquitt.

  • ladner morse

    Who the H is steering the ship right now? Glad Mauga gets another shot but just who is pulling the trigger?

    Hope Clark Hunt is not trying to do his best impression of Jerry Jones right now.