Super Bowl LII – Eagles v Patriots: OPEN THREAD





The Philadelphia Eagles against the New England Patriots. IT-IS-ON!


The day has finally arrived. There’s nothing left to do now expect sit back and cheer your favorite team to victory. Oh wait, they’re sitting at home in Kansas City. Oh well… it should still be a good show. Personally I’m tired of watching the same team — the New England Patriots — win the final game of the year. So, I will be cheering for the Eagles but, not by default. My father also taught me to cheer for the underdog and since the Eagles also happen to be the underdogs in this game, it works out well… plus, some of their fans are called, “The Dogs” so it must be a sign from heaven.


Who will you be cheering for AND who do you predict will win Super Bowl LII? Although I’m cheering for the Eagles, I think the Patriots will win this one on a field goal in overtime: Pats 24, Eagles 21.


Let’s hear it. Who do you cheer for……. and who do you predict will win?



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