I Am Tired of The National Anthem Controversy




I am really tired of this. What I am about to say may please some of you. It also may piss some of you off. To be honest, either way, I don’t give a $h!t. I am going to say it once, on my platform, and then I am done with it. Next week, it’s back to football.


I am absolutely sick of this controversy surrounding the National Anthem.


Last year the kickoff to the NFL season was on the 15th Anniversary of 9/11.  The biggest story in the NFL was whether San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was going to kneel on a day in which so many Americans died in terrorist attacks. On that day, I used this platform, which our Editor-in-Chiefs Laddie Morse has so graciously given me, to write an article on how I felt about that day and that protest. If you care to, you can read that article here.


This isn’t that article. This is me saying “enough is enough.”


To be clear, I still feel the same way I felt when I wrote that first article, just over a year ago. If you didn’t take the time to click the link and read it, I’m not offended, but I will fill you in on exactly how I felt.


I have served this country in uniform as a member of the United States Air Force for 21 and a half years. I have been to countries most people can’t pronounce and seen things most people can’t fathom. I have been shot at, and shed blood, sweat and tears for this nation. After all those years, I realize one thing.


I go to work every day, I put on my uniform every day, I do what I have done every day for the past 7,845 days in order to give each of you the right to do what ever you want in regards to the National Anthem. If you chose to stand, stand.  I will stand with you. If you choose to kneel, kneel. I don’t agree with you, but I support your right to do so, for whatever reason you are choosing to do it. Please don’t be disrespectful, nor disruptive to anyone else, and we don’t have a problem.


In the months since I wrote that first article, Kaepernick’s protest has gained speed. He started it to bring awareness to what he perceived as police brutality and racial inequality following the deaths of black males at the hands of law enforcement officers. Others joined in his protest. It found its way into Kansas City when Oakland, California native Marcus Peters joined in.


Over the past several weeks, I have seen some nasty comments on public boards regarding the Chiefs’ best defensive back. Some of you–I say you, speaking to the Chiefs fans at large, don’t take offense… want him benched, or worse… cut from the team. Some of the comments — I won’t include the collective you in this next statement — have called him racially charged names that I won’t repeat here and have suggested much worse fates that I thought were dead with the Confederate States of America more than 200 years ago.


Let me pause here and say I don’t agree with their protest. I think their view is slanted and based on half-truths and inaccurate facts. That’s beside the point. If they want to protest, it is the right I guarantee them every day by lacing up my boots and putting on my uniform.


Then, our president had to get involved. Let me be clear here, just so you know where I stand politically. I am a conservative who voted for Donald Trump. I don’t regret the decision. However, I don’t always agree with everything that he says.


That said, when he decided to get involved in the National Anthem debate this weekend, all “H-E-double hockey sticks” broke loose. During a rally in Alabama, Trump decided to push all his chips to the center of the table in regards to players kneeling during our nation’s anthem.


“Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a (expletive) off the field right now. Out. He’s fired. He’s fired!’” – President Donald J. Trump


If that wasn’t bad enough, Trump couldn’t quit, as he took to Twitter to follow up his assault on the NFL and its players who have chosen to use the Star Spangled Banner to voice their opinion.




In response to the president’s comments, many players around the NFL chose to protest in different ways. Some teams, like the Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks, remained in the locker room for the entire National Anthem, some players stood, some kneeled. Up until now, on the Chiefs only Peters chose to kneel, but today he had company on his sideline. Chris Jones, Chris Conley, Kareem Hunt, Travis Kelce and more decided to join him in his silent, peaceful protest.


Should we fire them all? Should we bench them? Isn’t this ridiculous?


In case you didn’t know, the three highest rated television shows last week were Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football. People aren’t going to stop watching. What is the answer?  Let me help!


If the media stopped reporting it, the players would stop doing it. Or at least we wouldn’t have to hear about it. If we forced everyone to stand, are we any better than North Korea? They make everyone stand there. Is that what we want?


The Kansas City Chiefs are the best team in football, but all anybody is going to talk about tomorrow is who sat, who stood and who didn’t come out of the locker room.  


And therein lies the problem. This season should be about the Chiefs. But it’s not. This article should be about the Chiefs, but it’s not. So, this is the last time I am going to say this. 


Shut up, stand up (or kneel, I really don’t care) but just play some football!  And while you’re at it, keep winning. Thanks for reading, and Go Chiefs!






(This is where I get back to football…I promise!)




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  • Merlin

    If neo-nazis marching in C-ville doesn’t offended you, but players kneeling for the national anthem does, you are part of the problem.

    • Jason Seibel

      To be quite honest I’m offended by all of it. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your outlook) the neo Nazis have the same rights to protest.

      • Merlin

        I never said they didn’t have the right to protest. Their presence and ideology is what I find offensive. They are un-American

        • Jason Seibel

          I agree 100%.

    • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

      They both offend me, but for completely different reasons.
      Neo-nazis offend me because they are ignorant racists and are part of a big problem that plagues our country and has seemed to gain steam over the last decade.
      Refusing to stand for our country’s anthem offends me because…….it’s almost like biting the hand that feeds you…….So so many have given their lives for the America we live in today and not standing to show them and our country’s flag some respect is a slap in the face IMO.

    • jimfromkcj

      Sorry Merlin, but you are full of it up to your Nose. the folks who were marching to the park where the statue that was the focus of the march were legal with permits. The black lives matter and anthifa were the aggressors who came to disrupt the march and turned it into a melee. The liberal mayor gave the police the order to stand down which made things worse. Were there some white supremists there? I am sure there were. But Trump was right on when he blamed the extremists on both sides.

      • KCMikeG

        Guess you missed the racist that drove his car into a crowd of people killing a woman…..

  • berttheclock

    Kudos to the owners who gave a million each to the Racist in Chief during his presidential campaign, but, yesterday, broke ranks with him to stand solidly with the players protesting. Snyder of the Redskins, Khan of the Jags, Kraft of the Pats, the owner of the Falcons were among those owners who stood very tall. One exception was the gutless and mindless Jerry Jones.

    Why blame the media for reporting this?????????????????????????????????????????????

    That reminds me of idiotic statements I have read at Chiefs’ blogs such as AP which have falsely claimed there is no racism in the country and the only reason anyone even mentions such is due the media.

    Jason, I served for 39 months. No, I was never shot at. But, I did serve in a unit which always had a firing battery on the border facing the Russian troops and we never really knew whether the so-called balloon was going to go up. Especially, during the aftermath of the Berlin wall going up and units from our area being sent up the autobahn through East Germany to West Berlin. Also, I was there during the very tense Cuban missile crisis. I support the rights of players and owners protesting the way people of color have been treated in this country for the past years by those wearing blue uniforms. Look across the vast nation and you will find police forces with very poorly trained officers who have been trained to shoot first and question later with local DAs looking the other way when the shootings have been challenged.

    This latest riff has been ratcheted up by a Con Man Racist, who has nothing better to do with his off hours and campaign rallies but to divide and incite. Meanwhile, he is using Twitter to provoke a nuclear war with another mad man. With so many problems facing this great nation, including health care, relief efforts to areas in this nation, including the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, the con artist can do nothing better than tweet nonsense about NFL and NBA players.

    You say you are a conservative, Jason. Fine. Well, I was born and raised in a very conservative Republican family and I was such until 1964 when, I realized the racist Southern Democrats were beginning to take over the once great Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln. Following that election year, many of them dropped their facade and switched to become Republicans. With that move, they made sure Lincoln would never be allowed to enter any Republican national event, but, that both Jefferson Davis and Nathan Bedford Forest would be warmly welcomed. As far as I am concerned, I never really left the Republican Party. They left me and I have been a very proud liberal Democrat ever since.

    Racists of any stripe are garbage! Especially, when one is a gutless draft dodging over stuffed piece of dirt currently residing in the White House.

    • Jason Seibel

      Easy Bert. Just curious…did you feel the same about Bill Clinton who was also a draft dodger, also a con man and a sexual predator as well?

      • berttheclock

        Baseless about Trump? Trump bragged about “grabbing by their ^&%$$$” and was proud of it. Trump and his father before him were racists who did not want to ever rent to any person of color in NYC. Trump has stated he has never been interested in even talking with blacks unless they are famous. He is, still using this attack on professional athletes because the majority of them playing in both the NBA and NFL are black. You talk about the media talking about this. They are talking about this far more due to the tweeting of Trump and his off campaign rally attacks in Huntsville, Alabama. He had gone there to supposedly work up support for a US Senatorial candidate, but, went off script and called out the NFL owners to get rid of any player who protested. Why would not the media report that.

        No, I did not supporrt the transgressions of Bill Clinton. However, I believe his going to Europe to evade serving was a bit different than Trumps usage of getting medical deferments five different times, then, bragging later on about how he had always wanted to have a Purple Heart.

        • jimfromkcj

          bert, I can only say you led a sheltered life if what Trump said offends you. You should get around some of the crafts I have worked around and heard the talk that goes on, especially if most of them are black. You don’t have a candy ass lawyer or college professor who never did an honest days work in their life in the White House. You have a guy who has had to deal and be around some of the roughest men you can imagine and some of their roughness has stuck to him. That is why we deplorables who have had to do the work with our hands are laughing our butts off when he calls groups out that we have thought the same thing for years, but didn’t have the forum to express it. Let the NFL follow the rules they already have and this would never have happened. They have been giving in to black bullying and blackmail because they place money ahead of honor.

          • KCMikeG

            The guys in the crafts aren’t the President of the US. I expect far more from the POTUS and so should you. Or you could keep lowering the bar in who you are comparing him to for acceptable standards of behavior.

          • jimfromkcj

            I like people who are straight talkers who are not trying to give me what they think I want to hear. What tees the democrats so much is that they have been preaching a lot of the same things that Trump did. The big difference is that they put all of their effort after being elected into pushing a socialist agenda and conveniently forgot all of their promices. Trump on the other hand is doing his damned best to pass the promocies he made to get elected. He has brought jobs from overseas, changed the executive orders tat Obama made to kill the coal industry, brought real unemployment down and has done an admirable job with the natural disasters. but most of all he has raised a family of decent people who aren’t in the news every week getting busted for illegal drugs and alcohol. He is everything that the Clintons and Obamas aren’t. If a democrats aren’t ashamed of who they elected, they are shamless

          • KCMikeG

            Just the some “straight talk” for you. The illegal drugs and alcohol was the Bush kids not Clinton or Obama. Whoops! Don Jr. meets with Russian spies to influence election. Great kid! What jobs have been “brought back” from overseas? He is still having his own products made overseas! The coal industry has been in decline for decades because technology is changing. Obama handed Trump an economy that was close to what economists consider full employment. The unemployment rate on Inauguration Day was 4.8%, and it has fallen since then, to 4.3% in July. Wow! A whole .5%! LOL! Finally – how does anything you posted address that you’re setting the bar for the POTUS by comparing him to guys working in the crafts?

      • Casey

        I agree with all your post and your article with the exception of one thing. Next week is not going to be all about football. The left believes what they are doing is justified and there is NO justification about disrespecting the flag.

        I seldom post in the comment section but I read ArrowheadOne almost daily and I might continue to do so occasionally but I’m am boycotting the NFL. The left has completely ruined football for my family and I and we are done supporting a league who will not take the correct stand on supporting our troops and America. I disagree with what they are protesting but that is a different argument. They are not proud to be American and I’m not proud that I have contributed to these guys salaries and the NFL.

        As of Sunday the Kansas City Chiefs have lost a very loyal fan. I will not ever watch another game and if things change and I am able to watch football again I’m going to support Jerry Jones. It’s time for good people to take a stand and this is the only way I know how.

        Thank you for serving this great country and God Bless!! I really wish you the best but this is my good bye to all chiefs friends and family.

    • Jason Seibel

      And I blame the media because instead of talking about football, this is all they can talk about. I thought I made that point pretty clear..

      • Tazmosis

        Agreed, Jason. This whole shitstorm is media driven. These people don’t even really know what they are protesting. I do recall Kaepernick wearing socks with pigs as cops. I do recall him wearing both a Che Guevara and Castro t shirts. Does he even know Guevara and Castro were murdering SOB’s and killed thousands? Castro imprisoned a whole island and it’s people for 60 years. If he wants to protest, he should move to Cuba.

    • randall beals

      typical ignorant liberal, anybody that disagrees with me must be a racist, so the does not deserve his free speech rights.

    • Tazmosis

      You do mean Obama, right?

  • Chiefly Bacon

    Good read Jason. Good thoughts.

    • Jason Seibel

      Thanks man!

  • ladner morse
    • Jason Seibel

      Like I said, I voted for Trump, and given the alternative I stand behind my decision. But I agree with my quarterback here. President Trump has more important things to worry about than this.

      • not if the intent is to divide the country. Not if it is a media creation that is used for the purpose to undermine public confidence in the Republic.

        • larry mckinney

          Jeez, Dai, a media creation? The press has always, and will always chase the story that most interests the public. It sells papers. It sells magazines. It creates clicks. It’s in its best business interest. If you don’t think this issue does not interest the public you are not paying attention. Ascribing intent to current press coverage is a myopic view. Clearly, to me, the President’s actions have inflamed this controversy. Despite that, I will not attempt to guess his motives. After all, he’s already been elected.

          • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

            So if this protest “creates clicks” for the media, would it be fair to presume they fan the fire?

          • larry mckinney

            No. They do not create the clicks. The reader or viewer creates the clicks.

          • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

            Minutes before the Raider/Skins game the media announced the upcoming Anthem…..then proceeded to pan the camera over those kneeling.
            The intent was to stir it up…… so with all due respect, I disagree, the media creates the clicks.

          • larry mckinney

            I disagree with you then. In the midst of all the previous reactions to the protest started by Kaepernick, joined by more and more other players in many other sports and venues, attacked with name-calling and venom by the President and in light of a vigorous response by the NFL, its owners and players who disagreed with the President’s view, the Press would be shirking its responsibility had they NOT shown the effects of the protest developments. Perhaps you feel that all controversy should end after our President spoke. That sounds kinda third-worldish.

          • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

            I think this controversy should have ended looooong before the President spoke. It helps nothing…..this protest only makes things worse and has incited hate……and I assure you, there is nothing third worldish in my thinking…….ever.
            Are you under the impression that this protest was going to dissolve had the President not put his opinion out there?

          • larry mckinney

            No, but his words certainly fanned the controversy, as the press dutifully reported.

          • larry mckinney

            It remains to be seen whether this protest makes things better or worse. I suspect that police behavior has been criminal in more than a couple of instances for a long time. It’s my opinion based on personal and secondhand experience related to me. At any rate, shining a light on the issue cannot hurt, and I feel for that we should all be grateful.

          • larry mckinney

            Finally, this protest has not incited hate. It has revealed it.

          • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

            Oh wow….ok.

          • mnelson52

            Look no further than the presidential election to see them push their own agendas while keeping controversy going to sell news. They all reported the news, but with the twist on it that met their own agenda. I had no problem seeing that CBS wanted Clinton and Fox wanted Trump. They reported the same news, but with their own and different twist to it.

          • Laurels and limitations

            this is factual. The media has been pandering over the playing of the National Anthem more than the upcoming contests. It is disgusting.

          • Extension and Amputation

            The media is working to amputate American History, American Ideals, The Constitution by using emotive news coverage with a constant enforcement against the traditions of what was the American Culture. The one that built the world to a large extent. Old white men as an example. Pull down the monuments. Old White men did this or that.

            What is missed? A miracle at Philadelphia for example. What is being torn apart is the logic and reason of the Renaissance and Reformation. or more appropriately, finally, the creation of freedom for the individual within the framework of Republic not a democracy. So I ask you, what is the intent of the protest? What is the intent of the coverage. It is not the rose that flowered 17 Sep 1787? That rose had thorns. It is the amputation of all that happened, all the progress since plato really, since the dialogs, since Socrates and Phaedrus. Logic out the window for emotive language, for emotion as a “reason”. It is BULLSHIT>

            CLEARLY? So okay. Let me go back 40 years. Like that. Communication. Media. BA Degree. Television and Radio Announcing. Communication Theory.

            Go back to Walter K. Tet. Media creation.

            Have you all learned nothing since 196The media is the message. Marshall McLuhan. It sells, it does what it does with intent. That means the media is the message. You are ignoring what the media does. You are ignoring “Persuasion”. Clearly, the media is the message with hour after hour coverage of x, y, z. For example. Harvey. How many hours did they form up, network after network and present the disaster. Go back to 2011. 5/22. Fox new on my doorstep in Joplin. No house. 2 online interviews. They and you don’t get it.

            You are trying to tell me that there is not intent behind the persuasion. You say clearly, the President is this or that. BULLSHIT> What is clear is the media latches on to it. It is left so it must be “right”. BLACKWHITE.
            What i inflamed? A jack off starts it. He is a 16m man. He buys into a message(which is false). He buy into the fact that Racism is one. He buys into the fact that the blacks are predominately the target of violence, unarmed and then murdered. The statistics from the FBI Uniform Crimes Stats prove that narrative wrong. So what is the protest? Why is no one, investigating the truth about this?

            My experience tells me one thing working the finance industry and the inner city and working with the VA: Racism clearly exists but more importantly, it exists uniformly in a rejection of the American successful culture. It is a complete breakdown of logic, reason, the scientific method for a by line that the media can promote. Because “Why”. You answer that.

            I don’t need to start here at this time. You do.

            We are now prepared to consider the specific types of extensions
            realized by the television, mobile phone, and computer. If we take
            McLuhan’s lead then all of these must be simultaneously considered
            as extensions with both positive and negative amputations of
            previous technologies.

            Four Questions Applied to Media

            We are concluding our considerations of Marshall McLuhan’s
            pertinence with an examination of ideas found in his last work,
            The Global Village, published in 1989, twenty-five years
            after his monumental Understanding Media: The Extensions of
            Man. In his early works McLuhan focused on the rapid change in
            the five centuries since the development of the printing press and
            movable type, and the especially rapid developments of the
            twentieth-century. McLuhan died in 1980 and was beginning to see
            the first fruits of the television generations as well as the
            fulfillment of some of his predictions. He was deeply concerned
            about man’s willful blindness to the downside of technology, yet
            McLuhan was not an irrational alarmist.

            In his later years, and partially as a response to his critics,
            McLuhan developed a scientific basis for his thought around what he
            termed the tetrad. The tetrad allowed McLuhan to
            apply four laws, framed as questions, to a wide spectrum of
            mankind’s endeavors, and thereby give us a new tool for looking at
            our culture.

            The first of these questions or laws is “What does it (the medium
            or technology) extend?” In the case of a car it would be the foot,
            in the case a phone it would be the voice. The second question is
            “What does it make obsolete?” Again, one might answer that the car
            makes walking obsolete, and the phone makes smoke signals and
            carrier pigeons unnecessary. The third question asks, “What is
            retrieved?” The sense of adventure or quest is retrieved with the
            car, and the sense of community returns with the spread of
            telephone service. One might consider the rise of the cross-country
            vacation that accompanied the spread of automobile ownership. The
            fourth question asks, “What does the technology reverse into if it
            is over-extended?” An over-extended automobile culture longs for
            the pedestrian lifestyle, and the over-extension of phone culture
            engenders a need for solitude.

            With the radio and television we have simultaneous access to events
            on the entire planet. However, television culture diminishes, or
            amputates, many of the close ties of family life based on oral
            communication. The simple act of turning on a television can reduce
            a room of people to silence. What is retrieved is the tribal or
            interrelated view of man. What it becomes or returns to is the
            global theater, where people are actors on a stage. One need only
            witness the event status of an airplane crash or weather

            On McLuhan’s gravestone are the words “The Truth Shall Make You
            Free.” We do not have to like or even agree with everything that
            McLuhan said, but we should nevertheless remember that his life was
            dedicated to showing men the truth about the world they live in,
            and the hidden consequences of the technologies he

            1969 interview in Playboy magazine originally titled “A Candid Conversation with the High Priest of Popcult and Metaphysician of Media,” pp. 53-74, in The Essential McLuhan, Eric McLuhan and Frank Zingrone (ed.), (New York: Basic Books, 1995), pp.233-69.

            Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man (Cambridge: The MIT Press, 1994), p.61

            Lewis H. Lapham in the introduction to the thirtieth anniversary edition of Understanding Media (Cambridge: The MIT Press, 1994), pp.xx-xi.

            See McLuhan’s work The Mechanical Bride: Folklore of Industrial Man
            (New York: Vanguard Press, 1951). This is an intensive examination of
            the effects of advertising and comics in producing new perceptions about
            what we should and do desire, as well as why we believe these things
            will bring us happiness.

            “The Mechanical Bride,” in The Essential McLuhan, Eric McLuhan and Frank Zingrone (ed.), (New York: Basic Books, 1995), p.21.

            “The Mechanical Bride,” in The Essential McLuhan, p.24.

            Ibid. p.25.

            The Essential McLuhan, p.217.

  • randall beals

    I agree Jason, sick of hearing about it and now the President doesn’t have a right to free speech. This Libtard mentality that anybody that disagrees with me is a Racist is just stupid and short sighted. Oh you might want to check your history dates on the civil war.

    • Chiefly Bacon

      As someone who leans conservative, I would encourage you to avoid the use of insults in your political dialogue. It’s not productive to your cause.

      • Jason Seibel

        On both sides of the aisle. This goes for calling people Libtards as well as insinuating that anybody who voted for a President Trump is a racist.

    • berttheclock

      Ah yes, the Civil War. You mean the war where Kansas sent troops to fight for the North against the South? However, years later in the State of Kansas, in the fifties and sixties, blacks and even native Americans from Haskell University were not able to be served in bars and restaurants of Lawrence, Kansas. The same Lawrence which rebels led by Quantill burned and murdered citizens due to their abolitionist views. The same great state which had fought to free the slaves, yet, had the case of Brown versus The Board of Education brought up to the US Supreme Court due to not allowing people of color to attend white schools in Topeka, Kansas, the state capitol. Yes, please, do tell us far more about that Civil War. Of course, revisionist in the South would love to keep trying to tell people the war had nothing to do with slavery. It had everything to do with slavery and the South was the first to fire upon the US flag at Ft Sumter. Those who fought for the Confederacy were traitors to the last man. Even years after the Civil War, Robert E. Lee did not believe any person of color should have the same rights as whites in the land. All were racists to the core. Not that did not extend to Northern Generals as well, as Sherman was an avowed racist. Racism has been a blight on this great nation and should be stamped out forthwit.

      Thank you for reading and responding to my “LIbtard” views.

      • Laurels and limitations

        I am now truly praying that no one, ever, uses your posts as a validated lesson in history. The only thing you got right was the spelling of “Kansas”.

    • larry mckinney

      Excuse me. When was the right of the President to speak freely abridged? Are you shocked that freedom of speech goes hand-in-hand with a freedom to judge the speaker, or the speech?

      • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

        I definitely would have preferred President Trump kept his opinion to himself on this. Kap brought politics to the NFL and now we are apparently stuck with it though. The media is loving it, and continue to throw gasoline on the fire any chance they get.

        • larry mckinney

          Of course the media is loving it. It sells papers. It’s the function of a free press to reflect interest in issues. Apparently, you would wish that the press would ignore this matter. Freedom dies in darkness.

          • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

            Big difference in ignore and incite.

          • larry mckinney

            Show me an instance where the press has incited this controversy.

          • larry mckinney

            And you’d best brush up on the definition of incite first.

          • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

            encourage or stir up.

            Just as I intended to use it….no need for brushing up.

          • larry mckinney

            Why did you edit the definition?

            Here’s the whole piece from the website you visited:



            To encourage or stir up (violent or unlawful behavior).
            “the offense of inciting racial hatred”
            synonyms: stir up, whip up, encourage, fan the flames of, stoke up, fuel, kindle, ignite, inflame, stimulate, instigate, provoke, excite, arouse, awaken, inspire, engender, trigger, spark off, ferment, foment; More
            urge or persuade (someone) to act in a violent or unlawful way.
            “he incited loyal subjects to rebellion”

            Tell us, please, why you deleted the piece about unlawful behavior? Is it because that more neatly fits your pre-conception? Do you feel Media coverage has been unlawful or violent?

          • larry mckinney

            Still waiting for an example wherein the press has incited this controversy…

          • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

            I have already given you an example, but you do not listen. Prior to the Raiders/Skins game the media made a huge announcement about how the Anthem would be coming up shortly.
            No panning in on the standing crowd.
            No panning in on the American flag.
            Very little showing of the performer………nope, they panned in on the kneeling players the whole time.
            That’s fanning the flames Larry.

          • larry mckinney

            No, that’s reporting a development on a matter of vast interest to you, me, and a large segment of the football fan public. To do less would be subrogation.

            The camera incited no violence or illegality. Still waiting on your example…

          • larry mckinney

            Many criminal statues are written forbidding persons through action or words to incite violence or illegality. Merely the encouraging of such is a crime. However, no statute proscribes the action of a Girl Scout leader who incites her charges to sell more cookies. Get it? It’s venacular is erroneous. It isn’t illegal to sell more cookies, or to urge others to do so.

            Tired of this. Enjoy your position, such as it is.

            Let’s talk about our 3 and 0 Chiefs…

          • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

            Good idea….. I was already tired of this after the first post.

          • Laurels and limitations

            I was tired of this post after I read the title this morning. God I miss football.

          • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

            I did not include the part about unlawful behavior because that part did not apply to this particular event……what the players are doing is not unlawful and so far there has been no violence………but the media has definitely “fanned the flames” by constantly focusing on it rather than Football. They are to a degree instigating a rebellion……….uh, or incite.
            If you are trying to get one over on me Larry you might want to bring a friend.

          • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

            By the way…to “encourage or stir up” is the definition…..the part (violent or unlawful behavior) is an example.

          • you are putting up arguments which do not address the subject at hand. You know what he mean, Mr. McKinney. Or, we could, go to fallacies of debate and on and on. If you truly believe that the media is not complicit in promoting the protest, then we have no reason to discuss the problem, or, the actions of the players.

            You can do what you are doing and it will not add to the discourse, it will only further inflame it. The same a the press is doing. The ascendance of the top is nation wide in the media and they are the message but then you wish to deny that the media has anything to do with it.

            L&L is correct in his view of this site and purpose. I am joining him and working to hold back on comments by a few. There is a gent here whom I admire but I will never share his view. I prefer to stick to football from this point. Language is a tool when used in terms that are intended to fire up the arguments.

            I am done with this topic altogether.

            as you were, as you go.

  • Chiefly Bacon

    Politics should not be a place for unbridled passion. The complexities of governance demand the full range of human perspective. When we shut our ears and refuse to listen to those who disagree with us, on any side, we miss some truth about the state of the world, and of our nation. Politics is not good vs evil, it’s people vs people. It’s easy to view the other side as enemies, but many of them are our friends and neighbors. People we would absolutely listen to and care about regardless of our differences. Why should we treat strangers any differently?

  • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

    Great post Jason.
    Couldn’t agree more………I love the fact that in this country we have the right to stand or kneel….our prerogative, our rights. I just don’t agree with this type of protest though…has it helped? No……just more division that has bled over from the last decade because with so many ways to protest, NFL players picked the one way that would offend people of every color……….not standing and honoring our troops who sometimes give all and deserve some reverence.
    I too will celebrate the day that this gets resolved for several reasons…..the biggest being, I miss my sports talk HERE without the daily rants about our POTUS.

  • What controversy? I am done with it. This protest, if you will, is another “extraordinary popular delusion”. It is based on a a false narrative, a false belief. It is statistically false(FBI Uniform Crime Stats).

    • Laurels and limitations

      one of my past/favorite authors once wrote: “the truth is how you create it”.
      tangible truth right there.

  • freshmeat62

    All of this demonstrating isn’t going to do a bit of good. I’m not even sure at what is being protested anymore. It’s all gotten garbled. It sounds to me that what the protesters want is for HUMAN NATURE to change to everybody be perfect. That there be no idiot raciest , bullies, haters, or just bad people ever exist again. Ain’t gonna happen! Utopia, Shangrila, they don’t exist and they never will. All we can do is our best at working toward them.

    I have no problem w/ demonstrations, but I take offense of disrespecting the flag and the sacrifice made by others for that flag. I too wore a USAF uniform for 4 years, 1 of them in Thailand (5/68-5/69), w/ a couple of TDY’s to Tan Sun Nute (I’m sure I spelled that wrong). While I never did have to go into combat, we did have to occasionally (maybe once a month) do perimeter duty where we stood guard in a sandbag bunker w/ an M16. We did have a couple guys killed in a couple of incidents while I was there, not by the Cong but ‘bandits’…ah politics! We had B52’s at U-Tapao and I ate chow, went to the movies, and just b.s’ed w/ guys that went on those missions. There were B52’s shot down. It breaks my heart to think of those guys, and the disrespect shown them now.

    • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

      You know what really stinks (this is just my opinion)……I think had Kap not lost his starting spot to Gabbard, there would be no protest. I think it was nothing more than pouting. Like I said….just my opinion.

      • freshmeat62

        I remember thinking at the time, I thought he was probably looking for relevance.

  • ladner morse

    With the creation and evolution of running AO I’ve come to realize that none of us live our lives in a vacuum without conflict or the effects of a changing world around us. So, it is with respect for the myriad of feelings and experiences each of us has that I hope we can each express ourselves and be heard without being judged or hated.

    During my 39 years as an instructor I looked into the faces of children of many cultures who each came from families where they believed as deeply in their beliefs as I lived in mine. It was over those years of coming to love and respect these families that I learned to broaden my perspective and realize I am not so “right” all the time and others are not so “wrong.” For we all have our own experiences and dreams for a better world.

    Thank you all for making this site what is the best parts of our American dream. A place where we can share and listen… then listen and share. And in the end hopefully we hear… and maybe understand.

    • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

      As always Laddie……eloquently put.

    • Wrongway7

      I too, am tired of the “protest” but for me I look at it a little differently.
      If the national anthem was played at the start of my work and I decided to sit as a protest, my veteran boss would first ask me to stop then, if I kept doing it he would point out that I have the right to protest but on MY OWN TIME. After that he would give me the boot.
      My biggest problem with this is the fact that the players use the NFL as a platform because of it’s visibility. I have no problem with the right to protest per say, though I disagree with this particular venue.
      Most of the players would not bother to do this on their own time.
      Now, since it appears that the NFL and the owners have openly endorsed this, basically saying “we pay you thousands (in some cases millions) to work for us and we condone your behavior and will pay you whether you stand or not during the anthem.
      As owners this is their business to run as they see fit, though by openly condoning the “protest” which doesn’t seem to have a single rallying point, I believe that this has the potential to grow into larger and more diversifying issues as things move forward. Having already condoned the protest on my dime model, the owners and the NFL may live to regret the blanket decision.
      Finally, I am not a fan of Kapernick in any way, however, I have to at least give him a nod of respect in that he has continued his “protests” without the NFL platform, even going so far as to compare police with slave owner enforcers. In my opinion, it is these types of statements which contribute to him not having a job in the NFL. Well, that and the fact he was only a mediocre quarterback when he played.

  • drwillez37

    It’s just awful…politics just like religion has no place on the field in any sporting venue

  • berttheclock

    In 2012, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia, who was to the hard right, told CNN in an interview the following his thoughts concerning the ’89 and ’90 flag burning cases before the US Supreme Court.

    Justice Scalia said “If I were king, I would not allow people to go around burning the American flag. However, we have a first amendment which says that the right of free speech shall not be abridged and it is addressed in particular to speech critical of the government. That was the main kind of speech that tyrants would seek to suppress”.

    Scalia was many things, but, he never could have been considered to be a “Libtard”.

  • Laurels and limitations

    Just goes to show you what we all THINK we know….

    Oh, and screw James Harrison.

    • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

      He being a soldier, I’m sure he understands more than most what a slap in the face a protest of the Anthem is.

      • Laurels and limitations

        I think he knows more than anyone in that locker room concerning respecting what he does. Harrison having doubts about it, or even questioning V’s motives is absolute crap…bordering on Totalitarianism.

        See what I did there? I jumped WAY over to a very non-educated guess. In other words I was talking out of my ass.

        I have zero idea what Harrison REALLY meant by his statement, he might have vilified V, he might respect V. Stoopid media.

  • Laurels and limitations

    and another…KC’s Fisher..

    pic.twitter.com/e70PW81NeN— Eric Fisher (@Big_Fish79) September 25, 2017

    • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

      See…..that’s what fake news does.

  • Laurels and limitations

    This is how you show a unified protest!! You can have your views, you can have your stance, you can speak you voice but you can do it smartly.


    • Chiefs-Kings-A’s

      So much for all the fake news about Jerry Jones floating around this week.

      • Laurels and limitations

        finally, some real news concerning Jones, lol.

  • Roswell Incident

    I imagine African American players are tired of feeling like racial inequalities necessitate their bringing attention to them.

  • KCMikeG

    Thank you for your service and the roll it plays in giving each of us the right to do what ever we want during the National Anthem or any other exercise of our Freedom of Speech. I chose to stand with you. Should someone choose to kneel. I support your right to do so. Please don’t be disrespectful to anyone else and all is good.

  • David Perkins

    Black kills black = ignored. White kills white = normal course if criminal activity. Black cop kills white = leveling the playing field. White cop kills black = racism bigotry Nazism.
    Strange math.
    Blacks kill more blacks than whites kill blacks.
    What is the black athletic community doing to eliminate/mitigate/reduce this problem?
    Are Jordan and Lebron creating companies and hiring inner city dwellers? Are they funding inner city entrepreneurial activities?
    How many black athletes cut their careers short like Pat Tillman and served after 9/11?
    How many athletes cut their careers short and served?
    Racial inequality?
    How about an NFL that is 75%(?) Non-white?
    Or the predominantly black NBA?
    Kap starts this mess and in invisible since?
    Claims owners/GM/Coaches are racist.
    Maybe he just sucks as an NFL quarterback
    Protests draw attention but does help the cause (whatever it is supposed to be)
    Disrespecting anthem/flag/country makes no one say “let’s do something”
    Only creates anger as evidenced the past year.
    Players had all off season to solve problems, offer solutions etc.
    Now it is time to play ball.
    I watch football to escape the real world not have a misguided political statement based on wrong narrative and bad statistics thrown in my face!
    NFL is a sport for entertainment and a job.
    I don’t make political statements at work but my free time is my time and feel free to make political statements.
    I like do many others want athletes to spend their money on issues versus talking or kneeling about it.
    Jordan and Lebron can be leaders and examples for solutions instead of talking.
    The season is here so let’s play ball and stage protests and make statements in either January or February.

  • freshmeat62
  • Laurels and limitations

    Dude served honorably, he wasn’t some desk jockey, he was a combat veteran and he loves his country. And for showing so he is being persecuted, much akin to Tim Tebow showing his faith in God. See, the same people that say they themselves SHOULD practice their right to protest can’t stand that another person wants to show their respect for the National Anthem or even God and promote either or both. Protestors today don’t want dialogue or debate, they want all other voices blocked out and eradicated. If I was Villenueva, I would have flipped the press the bird and told everyone to kiss my America lovin’ ass.

    Steelers player Alejandro Villanueva says he 'made a mistake' standing for national anthem without his team. https://t.co/n1JGNtk4dx pic.twitter.com/B2G10EkL33— ABC News (@ABC) September 25, 2017

    • there is a film out there that is a “documentary” about why the respect for the flag occurred. It had to do with Key and Baltimore and the British attack. Let’s drop the topic and get back to football. I am not pleased about what is going on here. The Flag means unity. Our responses here tells me that we have lost the unity about America, about the flag, about the truth. It needs to play out. burn out. Or it will continue to accomplish what the media intends and they will ride that horse to lather and death. Fuck them. Fuck the American Left. This is all bullshit. If the number unarmed blacks and unarmed whites shot by police in any given year is less than .009%, and they are .003% apart, then where is the “argument. Where is the complaint. Why does it exist? Who is promoting it? Why?


      • Laurels and limitations

        lol, normally this kind of thing roles right off my back, but I knew this protest would eventually lead to exactly what happened here: Veterans having to defend their actions showing support for the flag, which to most veterans (and many, many others) is not-so-simply an extension of the United States of America in and of itself.

        • mnelson52

          In my opinion, the NFL should be about football, and not a political platform for individuals to push their own agendas. The NFL should not pay them to take that stand. If they are required to be their 6 hours on game day, and the Anthem on average is 2.5 minutes long, they should be docked 2.5 minutes per game. For those overpaid guys making a million per game, it would cost them about $7,000.00 per game to protest. That would save the NFL a lot of money. How many other jobs do you know of that will let their workers stand outside with a sign or something for 2.5 minutes a day with pay to protest. As far as that goes, how many even without pay could keep their jobs. They would say it is bad for moral and fire them. They have a right to protest, but not during the time their employer is paying them. I think we all have the right to protest but not during working hours. If you think the white cops are killing too many blacks without reason, when you get off work, go protest at the police station where it’s happening. That is your right.

      • freshmeat62

        If I could vote ‘^’ a hundred times, a thousand times I would. I am so sick of hearing of the few times, yes few times a cop in this country has defended himself against someone who he believes is trying to harm him. Compare all of the instances of the so called cops killing in the country over the last few ‘years’ to what happens in only KC in just 1 ‘week’. Just a week or so ago a black man was arrested and charged w/ the murder of 2 white men, and is the main suspect of 3 other murders. He says he “hates white people”. A couple days later a white woman died in an accident as she was getting away from a black man who had raped her. Every nite there is at least 1 and usually more stories of someone being shot and killed in the inner city…EVERY NITE! On the other hand the press loves to put out the banner headlines the few times a cop shoots a black person, always justifiable. I’m pretty sure we’re hearing about all that occur, or the press would be blowing it up trying to get a bigger headline than their competitor.

        I feel so sorry for the good people who live in those areas, and most are good people. They seem to feel helpless. They are going to have to take over their own neighborhoods. Clean them up themselves. They had a story on the news last nite of a Hispanic neighborhood that was crime ridden just a few years ago, where the people in that area got together and cleaned it up. Now instead of crime and overgrown lots, they have neighborhood gardens, and even a chicken coop, for the people of that area. That is what it’s going to take. Individual blocks/neighborhoods working together to clean them up and not allow bad elements to take over. Don’t count on me or outside help to do it, Heck I have enough to do just keeping my own place the way I want. Be responsible. Self discipline is so lacking any more.

        I have a story I was going to tell about an incident that happened to me and my family going thru St Louis this past summer, but I’ve said enough for now. Maybe another time. I’ll just say it was probably racial, and it scared the hell out of us.